Some rugs are a true work of art. Rather than just using them on the floor they seem more appropriate to be used as wall hangings. Using a beautiful rug as wall art can do wonders for your home decor, as it will add texture and color variation to your space.

Since most rugs are made of natural materials, they tend to add a warm effect and provide the room with a cozy appearance. Just like ticker curtains and other fabrics, they tend to absorb sound and get rid of any echo in your space.

Since rugs are not often picked as wall decor, they tend to add a more unique character to your walls. They are an easy pick to make a statement. Whether you choose to go bold or subtle, hanging rugs will surely create a wow effect in your space. In the list below, you can find my favorite rug wall art ideas for you to get inspired by.

Hanging rugs to complement the interior color in your living room

The light grey wall color in this turn-of-the-century living room is paired with a modest color in the furnishings while an eye-catching wall rug hangs proudly on display. The olive green tone in the rug comes back in the fresh green plants spread throughout the room.

A spacious living room with light grey walls and a gorgeous rug wall art piece

Styled by Grey Deco, photographed by Fredrik J Karlsson for sale via Alvhem

In the light grey living room below, a heavy-weight wool rug fills the wall space above the sofa and adds a cozy atmosphere to the room. The black lines in the rug pattern add a wonderful contrast to the setting.

A living room with light grey walls, beige wall hanging, black leather lounge chair, light textiles

Styled by Grey Deco, photographed by Jonas Berg for Stadshem

The warm red tones in the wall hanging in this warm beige living room catch the eye once you step into this living room. Putting a long rug will accentuate the ceiling height and make the room height even more impressive.

Red tones in a wall hanging against warm beige living room walls

via Ferm Living

Olive, grey, and beige tones in the wall rug stand out against a sage green living room wall color in a gorgeous historic living room. The rug fits within the boundaries of the wainscoting for an elegant effect.

Olive tones in a beautiful wall hanging against green-grey walls

via Ferm Living

The textured wool rug in this living room has loops so the rug is hanging on a wood stick as an easy wall-hanging system.

A spacious living room with a textural rug wall hanging

via Ferm Living

DIY your wall hanging with a small rug wrapped around a wood bar paired with string for a custom and budget-friendly solution that looks custom.

a DIY wall rug on hung over a wood bar against sage green walls

Styled by Emma Fisher and Annica Clarmell, photographed by Jens Eliasson for Bjurfors

Fill free space next to a doorway with a smaller rug to make it more special. Even though there is no need to fill every single wall space, adding a few art pieces will make your home look more finished and personal.

Rug wall art next to a doorway in a contemporary living room

via Ferm Living

The small studio living room in the example below has simple white walls with the rug above the sofa as the only wall decor. This makes the rug art even more special and it becomes a true focal point in the space.

Rug wall art as the focal point in a neutral living room

via Kvarteret Makleri

A striking balance has been achieved in the example below with a hanging rug on one side of the window and a cupboard with a table lamp on the other.

A majestic living room with a beautiful wall rug

via Ferm Living

Rug wall hangings add an original touch to a dining room

The warm wood tones of the dining table and chairs in this kitchen dining area are complemented by the gorgeous rug art with brown, yellow, and orange tones.

An impressive hanging rug in a cozy kitchen dining area

styled by Anna van Keppel, photographed by Elin Sylwan for Historiska Hem

Hang a graphic black and white rug to accentuate the contrasting materials in your interior. The cotton rug in the dining room below fills the empty wall space next to the black wall shelf and matches the black elements in the decor.

A black and white fabric wall art piece in a contrasting dining room space

via Ferm Living

The assymetric rug art matches this gorgeous interior with off-white walls perfectly. The doorway and fireplace frame the art perfectly and the subtle black elements in the rug add a bit of contrast to the natural color palette.

Rug wall art in a cozy dining room with an oak dining table and chairs and a cozy fireplace

Photographed by Ozolappa, styled by Lingsell for Historiska Hem

Match your rugs to the color palette of the space to achieve a comforting and balanced look. Both the floor rug and the wall hanging in this dining room are selected in a natural brown tone, matching the building materials of this beautiful arched room.

A spacious dining room with a brown rug on the wall

via Ferm Living

Adding a textural touch with rug wall hangings in a bedroom interior

The layering of the different fabrics on the bed, paired with the tick fabric headboard, the rug, and the patchwork curtains creates such a beautiful layering in this bedroom. The wall hanging adds warmth to the beige wall color and finishes the bedroom look off perfectly.

A beige bedroom with patchwork curtains, beige textiles, black accents and rug wall art

via Ferm Living and Design Hotel Villa Copenhagen

The unique Beni Ourain rug stands out against a darker sage green wall color, which makes the beige wool texture pop out powerfully in this bedroom.

A sage green bedroom with beige bedding, rug on the wall

via Stadshem

A unique and contemporary wall hanging adds a beautiful texture to a modern bedroom with concrete flooring and a natural color palette enhanced with rustic wood tones.

A rug art piece on the wall of a contemporary bedroom

Design by Studiotoff for Danish design brand Vipp

A polka dot rug on a wood bar decorates the space above a beige fabric headboard. The beige tones also come back in the textiles on the bed, the curtains, and the fabric pendant light.

A bedroom with a natural color palette and a hanging wall rug

styled by Emma Fisher and Annica Clarmell, photographed by Henrik Linden, for Alvhem

A home office with a textural rug on the wall

Wall hangings are a great way to add a bit of personality to your home office spot. Other than adding a gorgeous pattern and texture, the rug will also absorb unwanted sounds from online meetings when you are working in a shared space.

A home office with a textured wall hanging

via Ferm Living

Rug wall art to add a playful touch to a kid’s bedroom

In the example below, a kid’s bedroom is decorated with a heavy rug in the shape of a polar bear, adding a playful touch to a gorgeous bedroom setting.

A polar bear rug wall art in a cozy kid's room

via Ferm Living

A quilted blanket is hung up above the bed in a kid’s room. The pear print adds a graphic touch to the space, complementing the apple rattan basket next to the bed.

A kid's room with a quilted pear blanket as wall art

via Ferm Living

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