A painted ceiling can have such an impressive effect and can transform the whole room. You can paint your ceiling boldly or select a more subdued paint color for a modest effect.

When decorating, you should consider your ceilings as a fifth wall. You can opt for a white ceiling to make the space appear higher or paint the ceiling in the same color as the walls for a smooth and cohesive effect. Alternatively, you can use bold or dark colors to draw attention to your ceilings and feature them as a focal point in your space.

A darker color will typically make the ceiling appear lower. For this reason, interior designers usually advise against picking a very dark ceiling paint color when your ceilings aren’t that high.

In the list below, you can find my favorite picks of the most inspiring living rooms, bedrooms, and kitchen spaces, all with a painted ceiling.

Painted ceiling ideas for the living and dining room

A black ceiling in a living room with an eclectic decor

The eclectic interior design in this majestic living room features a beautiful gallery wall and black-painted ceilings. Apart from the painted ceiling, the living room has quite a light color palette, which makes the room feel light and airy.

A majestic living room with light grey walls, a gallery wall, and a black ceiling

via Entrance Makleri

Paint your ceiling to highlight ceiling moldings

Painting your ceiling can be a great way to highlight ceiling moldings, just like in the interior design below. The light brown ceiling color is paired with natural elements and neutral tones in the decor. As the cherry on top, the oversized light fixtures pop out against the backdrop of the painted ceiling.

The New Works showroom living room setting, fabric pendants, grey sofa, white sofa, travertin coffee table, beige curtains, light grey area rug, beige daybed, brown ceiling

via New Works

A modern living space with a black ceiling

The beautiful interior design of this historic living room with a modern twist is powered by the striking contrast between the light grey walls and the black ceiling. This contrast can be found back in the black and white sofa that decorates the middle of the space.

A majestic living room with light grey walls and a black ceiling

via Valvet

A low ceiling in a dark grey for a moody effect

Sometimes it’s fine to go against common interior rules and go for a bold and unique look. While darker ceiling colors will typically make your ceiling appear lower, in this small attic apartment, the dark color spread on the walls and ceiling has a unique effect on the space.

A lighter paint color might have made this room feel bigger, however, the design wouldn’t be as characterful.

A small attic living room with grey walls, grey ceilings and a contrasting white sofa

Styled by Nouvel Interior, photographed by Alen Cordic, for sale via Entrance Makleri

An asymmetrical floor plan and a brown ceiling

The asymmetrical floor plan of this gorgeous historic living room is accentuated by adding a matt brown paint color to the ceiling.

An asymmetrical living room with a brown ceiling color

via Ferm Living

Painted living room and dining room ceiling

The same shade of grey paint is used to paint the ceiling and four walls in this spacious living and dining room. The wall color is a few shades lighter than the color selected for the ceiling and trim. This creates a beautiful tonal effect from which the white living room couch and area rug stand out powerfully.

A living room with greige walls and a dark grey ceiling color

Photographed by Maria Sahlander for Bjurfors

An attic living room completely painted in grey

When you have sloped ceilings, it’s always a bit tricky to know where the walls stop and the ceiling starts. By painting both the ceiling and walls in the same color, you achieve a cohesive effect from which the interior decor pieces stand out.

an attic apartment with a light grey wall and ceiling color

via Entrance Makleri

An eclectic space with a butter-yellow ceiling

The beige tones on the wainscoting in this dining room are paired with an off-white wall color and a subtle buttery yellow paint on the ceiling. Painting ceilings in a light yet complementary color will make them stand out in a subtle way that will make your space unique.

A beige living room with curvy furniture, gallery wall, patchwork curtains, buttery yellow ceiling color

via Ferm Living and hotel Villa Copenhagen

Painted ceiling ideas for the bedroom

Swap out a white ceiling for a darker color for a unique effect

A dark ceiling color paired with white wall paint will make the ceiling come down visually, making the room appear less high. In this white room, the dark blue ceiling creates a visual depth that gives the interior design of the space a unique and personal effect.

A dark blue ceiling color in a bedroom with white walls

via Bjurfors

A fun space with a pink ceiling

The bold pink ceiling in this bedroom creates a unique effect and makes the room feel playful and personal. The grouped paper light fixtures guide the eye upward, drawing even more attention to the bright color of the ceiling.

A bold pink ceiling color paired with an arrangement of light fixtures

Styled by Åsa Copparstad, photographed by Frederic Boucari, for Historiska Hem

A blue bedroom ceiling like a blue sky

The white paint on the walls in this cozy bedroom is paired with a sky-blue painted ceiling, which gives the impression of a sky above the bed. The rest of the bedroom decor is selected in a neutral color palette, to make the ceiling paint stand out powerfully.

A white bedroom with a light blue ceiling

Styled by Linnéa H. Manaberi and Annica Clarmell, photographed by Henrik Linden for Alvhem

Bringing the eye upward in a small and narrow bedroom

A high ceiling in a narrow room like the one in the example below can sometimes make the space appear even more narrow. By selecting a green-grey painted ceiling for this small bedroom, the ceiling comes down visually and the floor plan of the bedroom looks more balanced.

The green and blue accents in the artwork and accessories bring out the green undertones in the ceiling paint.

A grey ceiling paint color with blue undertones in a small and narrow bedroom with green and blue accents

photographed by Henrik Linden, sold at Alvhem

A painted ceiling and trim in an all-white bedroom

Apart from the bed and the ceiling, this bedroom is almost entirely white. White walls are paired with white flooring and an impressive white bedroom wardrobe. The fifth wall, however, is painted in a bold blue paint color that has a huge impact on the interior design of the bedroom.

By painting the trim in the same blue color the ceiling comes down visually.

A bedroom with white walls and a blue ceiling

Styled by Anna Van Keppel, photographed by Mia Borgerlin for Historiska Hem

Painted ceiling ideas for the kitchen

A black ceiling color makes the ceiling beams stand out

Painting a space in such a dark paint color takes a bit of courage. If you take the bold route though, you might as well go all the way and add painted ceilings to the mix as well.

The interior design of this black kitchen is moody and bold while drawing attention to the light beige limestone flooring and the authentic wood beams.

A kitchen with a black ceiling and wall color and exposed wood beams

via DeVol Kitchens

A classic kitchen space with a yellow ceiling

For this kitchen space, the interior designer painted the walls yellow, and with it also planned out a yellow ceiling. The matt finish of the paint will hide imperfections, which is especially useful in older buildings. The warm yellow paint color gives this interior with dark floors a golden glow and the darker colors provide the space with contrast.

A yellow wall color matched with a yellow paint color on the ceiling

via DeVol Kitchens

An olive green shaker kitchen with a matched paint color on the walls and ceiling

A gorgeous tone-one-tone look is achieved in this classic shaker kitchen with olive green kitchen cabinets, brass hardware, and an impressive white marble on the sink, counter, and backsplash.

By painting your ceiling and walls in the same color as your kitchen cabinets, you achieve a cohesive look. If you select a contrasting countertop color, it will magically pop out of the painted backdrop for an impressive effect in the space.

an olive green kitchen matched with an olive green wall and ceiling paint color

via DeVol Kitchens

All the attention is drawn to the kitchen island

The bold color choice of green on the ceiling and walls in this historic kitchen puts the classic wood kitchen island with white countertops at the center of attention.

A green wall and ceiling color, which puts the kitchen island at the center of attention

via DeVol Kitchens

A soft look with a warm beige color contrasted by a black kitchen

Painting the ceiling and the walls in the same color can unify the entire space. The matt warm beige paint color chosen for the walls and ceiling in this historic kitchen is also applied to the crown molding, wainscoting, and historic window and door frames.

A kitchen dining area with a ceiling painted in the same warm beige color as the wall and the window frames

The antique wood dining table and the black kitchen with the white marble countertop stand out against this one color that unifies the look of this gorgeous kitchen.

A black kitchen with white marble countertops and a ceiling painted in the same warm beige color as the wall

via DeVol Kitchens

A dark grey wall and ceiling paint color for a dramatic effect

The dark grey color of the walls and ceiling in this kitchen space gives the room a dramatic aesthetic that highlights the natural light coming in through those large windows.

The natural wood kitchen cabinets and the beige stone of the historic fireplace add a warm element to make this dark interior cozy and inviting.

A natural wood kitchen with grey painted walls and ceilings

via DeVol Kitchens

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