Adding a blue couch to your living room is a simple way to show off your personality and have a little fun. The cool undertones in blue furniture tend to pair well with warmer interior tones for an interesting play between warm and cold.

Blue couches come in countless different shades and styles, allowing you to experiment with a wide range of living room designs. But with so many color schemes and blue hues to play around with, it can be hard to know where to start.

If you are thinking about introducing a blue element to your home, take a look at the inspiring blue couch living room ideas to help you find the interior design style that best fits your home decor.

Unite Bright Whites and Dark Accents With a Navy Sofa

For a calming space that’s also warm and inviting, pair your grey and white walls with dark brown and black accent colors and a dark blue couch.

This living room design is perfect for anyone looking for a space that balances a formal feel with something more cozy and comfortable. Adding pops of dark wood helps to bring warmth while throw pillows add a welcoming feeling.

A blue sofa in a living room with white wainscoting, light grey walls and warm tones

Styled by Grey Deco, photographed by Fredrik J Karlsson for Alvhem

A Navy Blue Sofa to Balance Light Walls and Dark Floors

If your living room has light-colored walls and a dark wood floor, a navy blue sofa is a fantastic way to bring a sense of balance. This sage green living room design places the blue couch center stage and showcases clean lines throughout the rest of the decor.

Adding a couple of throw pillows in complementary colors can help to further tie together the space.

Sage green living room walls combined with a dark blue velvet sofa

Styled by Bon Interior, photographed by Mariah Salander for Bjurfors

Pair Whites and Tans With a Light Gray-Blue Couch

Embrace coastal spaces by featuring a light blue sofa with a slightly gray hue. This shade of blue pairs wonderfully with a bright white room that has darker, sandy tans as a prominent base tone. A plush area rug and wicker furniture with subtle touches of greenery blend everything together.

A modern coastal living room with a mixture of blue and tan tones and a blue couch

via Lundin

Lean into Dark Furniture With a Pop of Dark Blue

To truly showcase a navy blue sofa without overpowering other elements in the room, try pairing it with neutral yet bold colors. Light-colored flooring, neutral walls, and a bright white ceiling make an excellent base for darker colors to pop out form.

For a unique color palette, however, embrace a dark color scheme overall. The dark shades found in the decor of this living room allow the sofa to be a statement piece without taking away attention from the other living room furniture.

A dark velvet blue couch stands out in a living room with grey walls

via Historiska Hem

Blend Natural Woods and Shades of Grey With a Rich Blue Couch

Nothing creates visual interest quite like a royal blue velvet sofa surrounded by natural woods and multiple shades of grey. This style of living room decor takes a bold sofa and makes it seem right at home in any size room. Many interior designers use this palette to create a beautiful living room that is as simple as it is welcoming.

A living room with light grey walls and darker grey wainscoting, light soaped wooden floors and grey mouldings combined with a black HAY loop stand dining table, Ferm Living Herman dining chairs , white open shelving on the wall and bar chart with an arched mirror above it

Styled by Grey Deco, photographed by Frederik J Karlsson for Alvhem

Create a Calming Space Through Neutral Tones and a Light Blue Sofa

Our living rooms should be a place that we can enjoy and use to unwind. Light blue sofas paired with a light neutral base color and dark walls are a great way to achieve a tranquil environment.

The dark grey walls in this living room make the light blue couch stand out subtly, while the lighter furniture elements complement this look perfectly.

A light blue sofa in a living room with a light palette and grey walls for a tranquil effect

via Alvhem

Use Dark Tones to Create a Focal Point Around a Dusty Blue Couch

Living room sofas are a natural focal point but aren’t always treated as such. Channel your inner interior designer by using dark shades in your space to create a unique style that puts your couch front and center.

One of the best ways to do this is with a sofa in a light shade of blue which provides a dramatic yet understated contrast in the living room.

A living room with dark grey walls and an eye-catching blue sofa

Styled by Bon Interior, photographed by Maria Sahlander, for sale via Bjurfors

Blend Modernity and Classical Decor Through Bold Blue Sofas

For a stunning, almost maximalist living room design, strive to blend both modern and classic design choices. This elegant, historic interior has a tone-on-tone color scheme that allows these navy blue couches to pop.

By combining these contrasting living room ideas, you can easily create a style that is unique to your home decor and showcases your personality.

Traditional wainscoting in a majestic interior with grey walls and blue velvet couches

Styled by Mia Laaksonen, photographed by Henrik Linden for Alvhem

Embrace an Open and Airy Space With a Low-Backed Blue Couch

If you’re looking to maximize the sense of space in your living room, a low-backed blue sofa is an obvious choice. This particular living room style pairs an off-white area rug with dark wood furniture to tie together the high ceilings and dark floor in a way that lets the blue sofa stand apart from the rest of the decor.

It does this without taking too much attention away from the light, airy feeling that permeates the space.

A modern space with a dusty blue sectional couch and off-white fabrics paired with dark toned woods

via H&M Home

Bring Attention to Your Navy Blue Couch With Tans and Beige

Blue couch living room ideas don’t have to center around a bold color blue. In fact, a navy blue sofa that borders on black can be simply styled for a relaxed, light feel.

If you have a living room that is generally very monotone, a dark blue couch can bring a touch of cool contrast to the space without compromising the overall aesthetic. A great option for those of you who want to achieve a subtle aesthetic.

A dark navy sofa in a historic living room with off-white walls and beige and tan tones

via Stadshem

Make Your Space Inviting With a Sky Blue Sofa and Soft Accents

Design a cozy, plush living room that is inviting to guests by adding a sky-blue couch and other soft elements to the space.

Neutral tones and off-white accents work together to create an overall complementary palette that draws you in. Furthermore, the couch itself appears soft and inviting, with no harsh angles or fabric.

A sky-blue couch in a light grey living room with a white fluffy area rug

Styled by Grey Deco for Alvhem

Fuse Industrial and Comfort With a Black and White Scheme and a Midnight Blue Couch

In a pure take on monochrome styling, this living room perfectly blends industrial interior design and comfort through clean lines, bright white, and intense black accents paired with a velvet sofa in deep, midnight blue.

This is a subtle way to incorporate a blue sofa in your living room as it avoids drawing too much attention. This color sofa isn’t often used, adding another layer of interest to the room.

An industrial style living room with black accents and a midnight blue couch

via Historiska Hem

Embrace True Neutral Colors by Adding a Pop of Deep Blue

This light, breezy living room perfectly shows off the blue sofa by adding hints of burnt orange throughout the neutral colors in the space. Everything here is clean and crisp, with the blue sofa providing a gentle touch of contrast. The addition of plants here and there breathes even more life into the room.

An off-white historic living room with a deep blue couch and tints of burnt orange

via Alvhem

Combine Broad Spectrum Neutrals With a Midnight Blue Two-Seater

If the classic design of neutrals isn’t your thing, widening the spectrum of colors to include deep blacks may be the answer. This design style works beautifully with a splash of midnight blue as well.

If you’re limited on space or dislike the look of a blue sofa, opt for a two-seater, also called a loveseat. This will help you maximize your space while still providing comfort.

A velvet blue love seat stands out in a living room with off-white walls and a natural color palette

via Stadshem

Pair White and Light Wood Tones With a Modern Couch in Worn Blue

As we’ve seen previously, a monotone living room can be the ideal environment for experimenting with color. A worn blue sofa in this space provides just the right amount of color while the more modern style of the sofa refreshes historic architecture.

Some subtle, light wood touches add more warmth and prevent any one tone from feeling too heavy.

A historic living room with white walls and a worn blue couch

via Alvhem

Tackle a Blue Velvet Sofa With a Dark Industrial Feel

Perhaps you’ve found a blue sofa you love, but don’t quite know how to design the room around it. A contrasting style may be the answer. A dark space with sharp lines can complement a velvety blue sofa wonderfully.

The stark contrast in style here isn’t as jarring as you would expect. Instead, they pair remarkably well, almost as if they were always meant to be.

A blue velvet couch in a contrasting modern interior with grey walls

designed by Maria Kangärde for Rag 12 

Breathe Life into Beige and Browns With a Dark Blue Sofa

A dark beige and mid-toned brown space can quickly become dull and lifeless. One easy way to combat this is with a blue sofa that also falls on the darker end of the spectrum.

This allows the living room to keep its overall aesthetic but prevents it from crossing the line into boring. It adds a point of interest for your eyes to land, while the space as a whole maintains balance.

A loft living room with a dark velvet blue couch

Styled by Linnéa Salmén for Bemz Design

Enhance a Dark, Earthy Space by Adding a Nearly Black Couch and Blue Throw Pillows

If you’ve created a darker room with earthy elements, a blue sofa that is borderline black can add just the right amount of contrast. Simply add in some plump throw pillows in varying hues of blue and a couple of brass accents and you have a cozy living space that everyone will love.

A dark blue couch paired with blue throw pillows in a living room with grey walls and natural tones

via Wrede

Leverage Grays and Peachy-Tans to Make a Denim Blue Sofa Stand Out

Blue and orange tones are considered to be complementary colors, though some find the combination grating. However, you can leverage color theory and design a beautiful living room by pairing opposite ends of the tone spectrum.

A blue sofa in a dark tone combined with light, peachy tones can make a room pop, while grey walls and other accents can bring everything together.

A blue couch paired with peachy tones in a living room with grey walls

Styled by Mabel Market for Nya Kvadrat

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