17 Stylish Girl Bedroom Design With Pink Color

Girl bedroom always looks cheerful and colorful, they could have made bedroom design with a style of their own, especially about color that suits their lives. Pink is color required for girls bedroom decor, these colors depict young and feminine style, you can mix pink color with various favorite colors in bedroom, such as pink and white bedroom, bedroom pink and black and more color mix another interesting. The sweet pink color is synonymous with a chic and sweet impression.

Because of its sweet impression, many people think that pink looks childish and immature. But with just a little creativity, you can apply pink for a beautiful look, especially for the room of a girl who is starting to grow up. The key is to set the pink color gently and arrange your room with a minimalist look. We are here to give you girls bedroom ideas with pink color, may give you fresh inspiration in creating dream bedroom design, so do not miss to watch!


Pink bedroom for girls

The color pink is a favorite of many people, especially women and girls. As we know, pink is a romantic, soft, comfortable and warm color. So, it’s no wonder why many people who like the feminine style want to create a beautiful and sweet pink room design. The color pink itself consists of various types of colors, and of course makes it easier for you to mix with various other color choices. Pink can be the right color to decorate a room. In fact, you don’t need to worry that this color will look tacky because you can mix and match the furniture with wall paint, decorations and accessories in your pink bedroom.


Minimalist pink bedroom

Pink can still create a minimalist impression in a room, including the bedroom. You can choose a calmer type of pink, such as dusty pink, which gives a feminine and mature impression to the bedroom. To make your feminine look stand out even more, combine dusty pink with a neutral color scheme such as white or gray. The minimalist pink room concept is very suitable for small bedrooms.


Cheerful pink bedroom

You can also create a cheerful pink bedroom without leaving a mature impression. Choose a soft pink color as the main color scheme then combine it with cream and accessories on the walls or carpet. Here, you can also play with motifs or patterns on the fabric to make the room look brighter. So that it doesn’t seem monotonous, try to focus the motif on only one part, such as the bed or one part of the wall.


Modern pink bedroom

If you like modern bedroom designs, pink is also good as part of the bedroom decoration. The use of pink on the walls and some furniture will look elegant with a touch of black. The combination of black and pink in the bedroom also creates a fashionable and trendy impression. Add modern nuanced furniture, such as a study table, black nightstand, or hanging lamp. This modern pink room idea is very suitable for use in urban house or apartment concept residences.


Elegant pink bedroom

Are you sure a pink room can’t look elegant? On the contrary, the pink composition combined with the velvet material on the mattress and curtains can show a graceful and elegant side. To make it look more mature, you can also add black or gray to the mattress and carpet. A touch of cool tones and masculine colors will make the bedroom look more balanced.

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