Brick is a durable, versatile material that adds a rustic component to any space. If you’re considering a kitchen remodel, installing a brick backsplash is a great way to give your cooking space a warm, cozy aesthetic. Not only is brick very versatile, but it also adds tons of rustic charm.

If you need some design inspiration, have a look at the list below, with amazing brick backsplash ideas that will add a rustic touch to your kitchen.

Use Brick to Create a Bold Feature Wall

In this kitchen, the brick covers the entire surface of the back wall. Instead of just using some brick to create a small backsplash, this design incorporates it all over the wall’s surface. The warm tones of the brick pair beautifully with the deep green color of the cabinets and the black quartz countertops.

Note how a few wooden floating shelves are added to the brick wall, adding visual interest and breaking up the wall while also giving this kitchen a ton of rustic charm. If you have empty wall space behind your stove and sink, this all-over brick design could be a better option.

Note that the red brick backsplash behind the stove is protected by a stainless steel cover to avoid stains while cooking.

A beautiful exposed brick wall as a backsplash of a green kitchen with black countertops

via Lundin

White-washed Brick Brings Farmhouse Appeal

Instead of installing standard red brick, this homeowner chose to paint the brick white. This design works well in a white kitchen, small kitchens, or in kitchens where you might prefer a clean, modern aesthetic. It also goes nicely with the white cabinet color, wood countertops, and stainless steel appliances.

Since this kitchen doesn’t have any upper cabinets, painting the brick white was a smart choice. Notice how the lower half features a white subway tile kitchen backsplash. The combination of textures and matching colors creates a subtle, sleek two-toned look.

A white kitchen with a tile backsplash and a white-painted exposed brick wal;

Styled by Linnéa H. Manaberi, photographed by Anders Bergstedt for Alvhem

Mix and Match Brick with Other Materials

Similar to the previous kitchen, this design incorporates brick and tile together, but it does so on two different walls. One side of the kitchen features a red brick backsplash behind the oven, while the other has a white subway tile backsplash behind the sink.

The mixture of these two materials helps to separate the space and gives it added depth and dimension. It also melds two kitchen styles together, since the brick creates more of a rustic look, while the tile adds more of a modern feel. The white cabinets help to make the space feel airy and open.

A red brick backsplash adds warmth to a white kitchen with wood countertops

via Kvarteret Makleri

Use Dark Accents with Painted White Brick

This kitchen also features whitewashed brick for the backsplash, but it adds darker features for an elevated design. Black quartz countertops, a black oven, and a black hood range pop against the solid brick backsplash and wall. Installing white cabinets with black countertops carries the juxtaposition of the two stark colors through the entire design.

Potted plants in terra cotta vessels and wood cutting boards are strategically placed to give it an earthy, cozy vibe. This designer also chose to add wood floating shelves but they’re painted white to match the color of the brick behind them.

A white kitchen with black countertops and a white-painted brick wall

Styled by Grey Deco, photographed by Frederik Karlsson for Alvhem

Keep an Original Solid Brick Backsplash for a Country Kitchen Feel

You can tell that all the brick in this room is original, which adds to its rustic, country-inspired look and feel. The brick remains in its natural state without any stain or paint added. Wood floating shelves and towel racks are also left in their raw, original form.

Blending natural wood and brick gives this room a warm, farmhouse-inspired aura. Black cabinets on the bottom pair beautifully with the butcher block countertops. Everything works harmoniously together here to give this kitchen a cozy, rustic look.

A classic black kitchen with yellow brick walls and butcher block countertops

via DeVol Kitchens

Blend Classic and Modern Materials

Stainless steel appliances, white cabinets, and gray countertops work well with the unique red brick backsplash in this kitchen. The home has an open floor plan that carries into the living room, where modern pieces of wall art create a chic, contemporary gallery wall.

Note how this red brick backsplash design is only in the kitchen, and the rest of the home has more traditional walls. The use of modern lighting highlights the contemporary elements in the space. If you don’t want to add whole pieces of brick to recreate this design, you can always install brick veneer.

A white kitchen with grey countertops and an exposed brick wall, stainless steel appliances

via Entrance Makleri

Expose Only a Section of Brick for a Unique Look

Not all brick backsplashes have to cover the entire wall. In this home, white subway tiles make up most of the wall and backsplash, but a small section of original brick has been exposed. A small shelf was added to the brick area so wine bottles, spices, and flower vases could easily be placed on the shelf for a decorative touch.

Dark gray cabinets and marbled granite countertops give this kitchen a splash of modern appeal. The stainless steel hood fan also brings it a contemporary element. This design proves that you can have your dream kitchen without sacrificing on personal style.

A grey kitchen with white marble countertops, a tile backsplash and exposed brick above the backsplash

via Historiska Hem

Distressed Brick Creates an Eye-Catching Feature

Bricks cover the entire wall of this kitchen from the floor to the ceiling. The distressed look helps to make them appear worn and weathered, adding a rustic element to the space. A dark blue island and white flat panel cabinets give the room a bold, two-toned look.

Light wood floors work well with the color of the brick in this space. While the kitchen features a combination of old and new, everything just makes sense. The absence of upper cabinets also helps to highlight the brick while making the kitchen look and feel larger.

A distressed brick wall in a modern two-tone kitchen

via Reform CPH

Original Brick Adds Rustic Appeal

You can tell this home is old based on the ceiling and the brick. The homeowner chose to leave the brick backsplash alone, but they added modern elements to make the space their own.

Light gray cabinets and a gray wood wall shelf look great against the black countertops. The designer installed brush brass hardware for a metallic pop. A white enamel farmhouse sink really ties the theme together cohesively.

a light grey kitchen with black countertops and an original brick wall

via DeVol Kitchens

Incorporate Playful Components

Here, the all-white brick backsplash and wall look nice alongside the subtle gray color of the cabinets and counters. However, the designer chose to use accents to bring different colors into the space. Pops of red, green, and pink give this kitchen a playful personality.

Placing various items on a countertop can instantly give any kitchen a unique touch. It’s also a lot easier to switch things out this way rather than doing a complete remodel. The glass globe light fixture also gives this kitchen a fun element.

A light grey kitchen with a white-painted brick backsplash

Styling by Åsa Copparstad , photographed by Emily Laye for Historiska Hem

The Brick Peeks Out for a Subtle Touch of Farmhouse Charm

This kitchen has a modern design, but the subtle pops of brick bring it a warm, cozy touch. Note how the kitchen has floor-to-ceiling cabinets but the red brick backsplash and small section of brick wall adds rustic texture. The color of the brick plays nicely with the dark brown wood countertops.

Long black metal cabinet handles also give this kitchen a modern touch. Stainless steel appliances bring it an updated element, while the light brown wood floors tie the rustic vibe together with modern functionality.

A floor-to-ceiling white kitchen with a small strip of red brick backsplash

via Alvhem

Stained Brick Creates Cohesiveness

This brick backsplash appears to be stained a dark honey color. The tone of the brick goes beautifully with the brass pendant light and cabinet hardware for a cohesive look.

Gray cabinets bring this kitchen a subtle modern touch. The white marble or granite countertops also elevate the space, while skylights bring this kitchen a plethora of natural light.

Yellow brick walls in a light grey shaker kitchen with white marble countertops

via DeVol Kitchens

Play with Shapes on Top of your Red Brick Backsplash

The bricks and tiles work together in this kitchen to create a visual grid. Black grout also highlights the individual subway tiles.

Note that a metal wire pot rack on the wall also echoes the kitchen’s grid-like design. The L-shaped layout allowed the designer to mix a classic red brick backsplash with an updated tile one on the opposite wall.

A simple white kitchen with a wood countertop and an exposed red brick backsplash

via Stadshem

Go Bold with Dramatic Color

This design took the idea of a traditional brick backsplash and made it fresh and modern. The brick is painted in a rich navy blue color, while the white wood ceiling helps make everything pop.

Gray wood herringbone floors give this kitchen a sense of sophistication. A simple glass globe pendant light above a black metal table and chairs add to the modern look.

A blue painted brick backsplash in a stainless steel kitchen with a black dining table

Try Stone Instead of Brick

The use of large stone in this kitchen takes the concept of a brick backsplash to a new level. Individual shapes of the stone add to its rustic vibe.

Dark brown cabinets and tan solid surface countertops create a sense of warmth. The addition of farmhouse pendant lights and wood shelving with black brackets bring the space a plethora of rustic charm.

A large brick backsplash in a modern kitchen with dark wood cabinets and a concrete countertop

via DeVol Kitchens

Use Brick to Highlight Other Features

This stunning kitchen features a large skylight and a gorgeous glass-framed door that leads to the outdoor area. Well-made dark gray cabinets bring this kitchen tons of functionality and storage.

Since the back wall is made entirely of light brick, it allows the cabinetry, finishes, and lighting to be the star of the show. Using brick in this manner is a great way to highlight the features of your kitchen you like the most.

A classic black kitchen with a yellow brick backsplash

via DeVol Kitchens

Make Brick the Star and pair it with Stainless Steel Appliances

This interior design highlights the value of brick walls by making them the star of the show. Note how the brick goes all the way across the wall and on support columns.

Aside from the brick, every other element in this kitchen has a modern look and feel to it. From the white glass globe pendants to the black wall shelving and light gray cabinets, it has a warm, rustic charm while also allowing the modern design to shine through.

A minimal off-white kitchen with an impressive red brick backsplash and a stainless steel hood

Styled by Emma Fisher, photographed by Frederik Karlsson for Alvhem

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