Gallery walls have been a popular interior design choice for years. We typically see a gallery wall collection in spaces often used for entertaining such as living and dining rooms. However, you don’t have to limit this decorating technique to those spaces. Gallery walls are the perfect way of displaying pictures and art in bedrooms as well.

If you need inspiration for creating the perfect gallery wall arrangement in your bedroom, check out the ideas below.

A Wide Gallery Wall With Textured Prints

For a fun, eye-catching design, you can place art pieces with various patterns in a more spaced-out arrangement to cover a whole wall with visual texture. Choose paintings and sketches in a color palette that blends well with your existing decor for a sophisticated look with minimal effort.

A bedroom with a light and neutral color palette that comes back in the gallery wall above the bed

via Alvhem

A Symmetrical Gallery Wall as the Centerpiece

This gallery wall provides a bold, geometric look with matching frames placed in a simple grid. The insect prints flow well with the overall style of the space by not only using shades that already exist in the room, but also bringing an earthy, natural feel that ties into the plant life, gentle greens, and soft wood tones.

A sage green bedroom with a symmetrical gallery wall above the bed

Styled by Bon Interior, photographed by Mariah Salander for Bjurfors

An Abstract Gallery Wall With a Mix of Frames

Break away from the standard grid by arranging more abstract artwork in a slightly uneven way. This type of gallery wall pulls your eyes directly to it and draws attention to the prints themselves. In the process, it also showcases your creativity and strengthens the theme of the bedroom.

The light tones in the gallery wall stand out against the dark blue wall color in the bedroom.

A bedroom with dark blue walls and a gallery wall

Styled by Gabriella Fabien for Entrance Makleri

A Single Large Piece With Half and Quarter Size Pieces

Another slightly asymmetrical gallery wall, this design creates balance by using art that is half the size of the largest piece in addition to art that is half the size of those pieces. This collection provides a sense of stability by using negative space to fill the difference in sizes in a way that creates visual interest.

A glass partition to close off the bedroom from the rest of the studio apartment with a simple gallery wall

via Alvhem

Three Frames in Nested Sizes

For a classic gallery wall on a smaller scale, choose photos or prints in sizes that act as stepping stones. This is arguably one of the most popular ways to display your collection. Gallery walls following this pattern are an easy way to create a more subtle arrangement of your hanging art.

A bedroom with grey walls, a pholc wall lamp, gallery wall, linnen bedding, bedskirt, plant in the window

via Entrance Makleri

Frames Placed on a Ledge Instead of Hung on the Wall

This is a fresh take on gallery walls perfect for a bedroom without much wall space or where hanging photos is otherwise not an option. By staggering the mix of black and white frames in this way, you can display each picture in a smaller area without minimizing their impact. This design also works well on a standalone shelf or other surface raised off the floor.

A ledge behind the bed with art frames leaning against the wall

via Entrance Makleri

Square Artwork in an Off-Center Arrangement

As we’ve seen so far, many gallery walls use art that is in a rectangular frame. However, you can create a gallery wall around a more square shape to match your own style. Simply hang your artwork in an off-center design that is often seen with rectangular framed art for a subtly unique take.

A dark grey bedroom with yellow tones in the textiles and art prints

Styled by Linnéa H. Manaberi, photographed by Fredrik J Karlsson for Alvhem

Large Pieces Placed Perpendicular to Each Other

If you have two large prints you’d like to showcase alone, gallery walls are not out of the question. The black frames and white matting here contrast just enough to make the art stand out while the perpendicular placement allows the frames to fill the space.

Grey bedroom walls accentuate an impressive ceiling pattern abd a nice selection of art prints

via Entrance Makleri

Three Close-Set Square Frames With Wide Mats

If you prefer symmetry and have a collection of small art to hang, try a simple, evenly-spaced row of squares. The matching tones in the borders and the art itself flow well with the coloring of the furniture, walls, and linens in this bedroom. The addition of the wide matting allows for a bit more contrast, creating a bolder effect.

A set of three frames above the bed in a minimal bedroom design

via Historiska Hem

Large, Abstract Prints in Neutral Tones

This bedroom features a high ceiling which lends itself well to creating a gallery wall with large artwork. This monochromatic room is complemented perfectly by large, abstract prints on an otherwise blank wall, filling the space without pulling away from the rest of the room.

A beige bedroom with beige textiles and a beige gallery wall

via Historiska Hem

Bold Artwork in a Small Space

This narrow room allows for a perfect gallery wall composed of a collection of bold art. This mix of shapes and contrasting colors creates an inspired style that allows you to match the bedding to the main tones in the art for a cohesive look.

A small light grey bedroom with a gallery wall reflected in a round mirror

Styled by Nouvel Interior, photographed by Walti Hösli for Entrance Makleri

Black, White, and Sepia Toned Prints in a Gallery Wall Arrangement against a Green Background

The high-contrast walls in this bedroom complement the wide range of neutral tones in the furniture, making it the ideal backdrop for a gallery wall with a matching color palette. Pair art with a similar theme to maintain the overall style.

A dark green bedroom with a gallery wall in soft tones

via Stadshem

A Black and White Mix of Photography and Sketches

Hang your collection of large artwork in a pseudo grid and work your way outward to create a stunning gallery wall that doubles as an accent wall. The incorporation of the lamp on each side of the bed allows functionality without cluttering the sage-green bedroom walls.

An impressive black and white gallery wall on top of a sage green bedroom wall

via 55 Kvadrat

A Grouping of Three With Separate, Offset Art

If you have an even number of pieces in similar sizes that you can’t quite find the right placement for, experiment with offsetting one piece to one side of the wall. This works best in an area that feels otherwise empty due to the location of furniture.

A bedroom with beige tones and off-white walls finished off with a simple gallery wall

Styled by Grey Deco, photographed by Frederik J Karlsson for Alvhem

A Full Wall Art Collection as a Focal Point

This gallery wall pulls in elements of a few different gallery wall ideas we’ve looked at previously to create a fresh take. The mix of matted and not-matted artwork, photos, and paintings, that all match the existing decor come together in a stunning gallery wall functioning as the main focal point of the bedroom.

A white bedroom with a natural decor and a beautiful gallery wall above the bed

via Stadshem

A Wide Range of Frame and Mat Sizes Showcasing Photography

In a similar vein to the previous styling, this gallery wall combines a range of picture sizes, frame colors, and subject matter. The spacing between the artwork also differs, creating a sense of freedom and self-expression that is echoed in the pictures themselves.

A studio apartment with a gallery wall above the bed

via Fantastic Frank

Black and White Artwork in a Dark, Bold Room

Finally, this gallery wall consisting of black and white art is made all the more pronounced by the bold, dark wall and bedding. Not only does the darkness found in the artwork echo that of the decor and the dark grey bedroom walls, the white spaces connect to the brightness of the window area, tying the bedroom together in a natural way.

A bedroom with dark grey walls and a black and white gallery wall

via Historiska Hem

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