Including a TV gallery wall in your living room or bedroom has become more popular in the last few years, especially after Samsung introduced its frame TV which lends itself perfectly to be integrated into a gallery wall.

You can create a gallery wall around any type of TV, however, whether it’s a mounted TV or one that stands on top of a media cabinet or entertainment center. Work with a selection of art pieces and prints in a similar color as your interior, or go bold and work with a color palette that makes your TV gallery wall stand out in the space.

If you are unsure about how to hang and arrange a gallery wall, you can try the positions out with paper templates as this will give you a good impression of the final result on your blank wall.

A wall-to-wall gallery around the TV

This large TV is attached to the wall with a wall mount on top of floating shelves for an elegant effect. To avoid having a big black box that distracts from the living room interior, the gallery wall around the TV makes it blend in with the other decor.

The pairing of the art prints, the oak and black frames, and the decor objects on top of the floating shelves make this TV wall blend in with the living room in an excellent way.

A TV gallery wall in a living room with griege walls and floating shelves

photographed by Krister Engström, styled by Livindeco, for sale via Kvarteret Mäkleri

A gallery wall that spreads from the sofa area over to the dining table

This impressive gallery includes an elegant TV with an oak frame and is paired with a variety of differently framed art prints that go all the wang up to the ceiling and down to the floor.

The gallery also connects the sofa area with the dining table and the red bench stands out in this otherwise rather modest color palette.

  • A gallery wall including a TV on top of a red bench
  • A gallery wall including a TV on top of a red bench
  • A gallery wall including a TV on top of a red bench

Photographed by Boukari for Historiska Hem

An elegant photo and art print set up around the TV next to a fireplace

The beige living room walls make the white fireplace in this living space stand out in such a lovely way. The black and white art prints and photo prints surrounding the TV add a beautiful contrast to this setting and add a stronger look to the white floor, white fireplace, and the white Ikea Besta cabinet used as storage in this space.

The black elements also come back in the table lamp and simple decor objects and the green Monstera plant next to the cabinet adds a fresh green touch to the setting.

A TV gallery wall tight next to a white fireplace with black and white art prints on top of a white Ikea Besta cabinet

Styled by Emma Fischer and Annica Clarmell, photographed by Alen Cordic, for sale via Nya Kvadrat

An impressive gallery wall for watching TV in style

The TV used in this beautiful gallery wall looks like a framed artwork with its’ oak border. The art prints, photos, and other frames are spread over two walls in this living area, making the TV barely noticeable in this impressive setup.

  • An impressive TV gallery wall spread over two walls, including a Samsung frame TV with an oak frame
  • An impressive TV gallery wall spread over two walls, including a Samsung frame TV with an oak frame

via Entrance Makleri

A less prominent area behind a sofa is great for a gallery with TV

In this living space, the area behind the sofa is used for the TV, which is a less prominent spot, yet you can still comfortably watch your favorite movies from the other sofa by the window.

The artwork right next to the TV is larger than the TV itself, which allows it to take a more prominent space and take away the attention from the black screen right next to it.

A TV integrated with a gallery wall

via Entrance Makleri

A Samsung Frame TV integrated into a colorful gallery wall

The colorful mixture of gold frames, photos, and art prints matches perfectly with the color palette in this interior. The Frame TV blends in with the rest of this colorful setting and the fact that the gallery covers almost the entire wall makes it even more impressive.

A colorful living room interior with a gallery wall including the TV

Photographed by Ozolappa, styled by Yngfalk for Historiska Hem

A combination of frames and candle wall sconces around the TV

This beautiful living room with cool grey walls includes a small area for a rather big TV, so the two art frames can only find a place to hang above the TV. On either side, the wall is decorated with brass candle wall sconces for a cozy effect.

The natural rattan doors of the cabinet pair nicely with the hardwood floor, while the beige table lamp adds a cozy light at night along with the candles.

A TV surrounded by art prints and candle wall sconces

Styled by Emma Fischer and Annica Clarmell, photographed by Henrik Linden for Alvhem

A gallery wall with a TV underneath the stairs

The area underneath the stairs is covered with wallpaper and turned into a beautiful spot to watch TV. The dark paint color on top of the white staircase makes this area stand out even more. I like the idea of accentuating the TV corner rather than hiding it away and the usage of this bold pattern wallpaper does just that.

The vintage cabinet underneath the TV wall is painted in a dusty blue color, which completes the color palette of this eclectic setup with vintage elements in a characterful way.

A TV underneath a white staircase with wallpaper and art prints

Styled by Linnéa H. Manaberi for Kvarteret Makleri

A gallery wall with a TV right above the living room wainscoting

This beautiful two-tone living room has white wainscoting on the bottom that pairs nicely with the white-soaped hardwood flooring used throughout the space. The TV is hung on the area above the wainscoting, which is painted in a subtle greige wall color and paired with a beautiful art frame combination to decorate this corner.

The gallery including the TV fits inside of the moldings on the wall, which clearly define and accentuate this area of the interior.

The color of the cabinets underneath the TV matches the color on the wall for an integrated effect and the portable lamp will add a cozy atmospheric light next to the TV at night.

A TV gallery wall on top of living room wainscoting

via Alicia Edelman

A playful arrangement around a small TV

A mixture of black, white, and gold frames surrounds a small TV which is mounted on top of a simple cabinet. The dark wall color makes the gallery wall stand out, making it a highlight in this living room space.

Other than photos, prints, and frames, this gallery includes two mirrors that create variety in shape and material textures.

A living kitchen with green-grey walls in the sofa area and a TV gallery wall

Styled by Lindholm, photographed by Johanson for Historiska Hem

A tall gallery wall in a living room with high ceilings

This spacious living room has a high ceiling, allowing for the gallery wall around the TV to spread over a larger surface height-wise. The TV is placed on a stand on an arrangement of white Ikea Besta cabinets which stand out against the subtle light grey walls.

The art frames fill the area around the TV, resulting in a beautiful setting that fits well within the space.

A TV gallery wall going up onto the high living room walls

via Entrance Makleri

A simple black-and-white setup in a monochromatic living room

The walls in this living room with light grey walls are kept quite bare, which is also reflected in the way the TV is integrated into the interior. The white space around the TV is filled with a single art print hanging next to it.

I love the way the black screen with a white frame is contrasted by a white print with a black frame right next to it. This fits perfectly with the monochrome setting in the decoration.

A TV paired with a single art print in a monochromatic living room

Styled by Linnéa H. Manaberi, photographed by Anders Bergstedt , for Alvhem

Consider the television as a beautiful piece of furniture to decorate

The beautiful greige wall color in this living room makes the mounted TV and media console stand out just like a piece of furniture. The large wall-to-wall cabinet is painted in the same color as the wall and this is a great spot to integrate artwork and decor objects to complement the television set.

The black from the TV comes back in the black coffee table, the black hardware on the cabinets, and in the small decor objects, allowing it to fit in with the color palette.

A greige living room with a TV in the middle

Styled Amanda Axelssson by for Bjurfors

A single print hanging next to the TV on a small wall space

When creating a television set up on a rather small wall just like in the living room below, you might not have enough space to create an entire gallery wall around it. This TV wall is finished off with a single picture frame, a black table lamp, and a careful selection of decor items that soak up the natural light coming in through those large curved windows.

Pairing a TV with just a single piece of art on the wall works great in smaller spaces like a family room, or when you want to integrate a smaller bedroom TV without turning it into a full-blown gallery wall. You can even pair the television set with a family photo to add a bit more personality to the setting.

A TV paired with a wood bench and a single art print

via Alvhem

An older TV model works just as well in a gallery setting

While the Samsung TV might be your first choice when thinking about a gallery wall around the TV, you can use any type of model. In the example below, you can find a more dated model, which blends in nicely with a selection of art prints and black-and-white photos.

The arrangement of Ikea Besta cabinets is a great idea for storing books and electronics and when you want to fully integrate your television into your gallery, make sure to hang a piece of art on top of it as well, to cover all areas around the tv.

A TV gallery wall on top of an Ikea Besta cabinet

via Entrance Makleri

Multiple gallery walls and an integrated TV

This living room gallery wall spreads out over three living room walls for an impressive effect in the space. In between all these oak and white frames, arranged in a beautiful layout, the TV is hung up, eliminating the need for a TV stand and blending in just like a piece of art.

Since the gallery wall includes many dark tones, the black screen blends in rather well while you are not watching TV.

This type of integration will work best if you can hide away the cables into the wall, for a seamless integration into your gallery wall.

A majestic living room with dark grey ceilings and a gallery wall spread over three of the living room walls including a TV

via Entrance Makleri

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