16 Black and white bedroom ideas for a powerful contrast

Black and white bedrooms are a highly versatile design choice, able to satisfy both modern and classic styles and anything in between. This quintessential color combo is a staple for interior design due to its naturally appealing bold contrast.

If you want to achieve this contrasting, modern look for your bedroom, have a look at the black-and-white bedroom ideas in the list below to help you feel inspired when it comes time for your next bedroom redesign.

A White Bedroom With Black and Grey Accents

A straightforward approach to a black-and-white space, this example takes a white bedroom scheme and adds small areas of black to keep the space light. With the help of a couple of touches of grey, as well as some bronze pillows, this room is able to achieve a sense of balance while using pure, intense tones.

The choice of using small, subtle decor completes the style, while the white linen pendant lamp matches the crisp white linen on the bedding and the headboard in this black and white bedroom.

A historic bedroom space with white walls and black accents

via Bjurfors

A Black Bed Frame With Grey Sheets and White Walls

This black and white bedroom embraces the unique shape of the space by placing the bed perpendicular to the dormer windows.

The striking black bed frame pops when placed against the stark white walls and light-colored carpet. Light, off-white bedding and minimal decor paired with the elegant bench seat and exposed beams work well to create an overall style that is both sleek and inviting.

A modern attic bedroom with white walls and a black bed

via Alicia Edelman

Black and White Bedding With Monochromatic Artwork

For a modern, cozy feel, pair a black bed with white sheets and textured blankets, framed art in a gallery wall above the bed, plant life, and soft curtains.

This black and white bedroom is full of natural light, and when combined with the classic black and white photos arranged in a way that’s reminiscent of a gallery wall, the result is a timeless, welcoming air. The mismatched pillows provide a fun, eclectic touch to the bedroom.

A black and white bedroom design with a gallery wall on a ledge above the bed

via Entrance Makleri

Minimal Touches of Black to Create Space in a Small Room

When designing smaller white bedrooms, the occasional pop of black can help produce a sense of depth, creating an illusion of space. This bedroom achieves this by designing around the large window and allowing in maximum sunlight while making white the predominant color.

All of this together with the elegant black chair, lamps, and doorway creates visual layers that lead you deeper into the room and prevent it from becoming boring. The black doorway is much like a black accent wall, though more subtle.

A small white bedroom with black accents and grey textiles

via Alvhem

Abstract Art and Pops of Black Against a Neutral Palette

Black and white bedroom ideas don’t always have to exclude other colors. This bedroom places a white bed with delicate linens in a mostly neutral, tan palette to appeal to a slightly different aesthetic.

This design is ideal for showcasing abstract artwork in particular as there are no other elements fighting for attention. Additional furniture and decor in solid black tones play well with the bold lines of this specific sketch, pulling everything together for a calming, ageless look.

The bedroom of the Vipp pencil case design hotel, with lots of artworks

via Vipp

Predominately Grey Tones With Plush Fabrics

A fresh take on typical black-and-white bedroom ideas, this bedroom focuses heavily on shades of grey. In doing so, black and white are reserved for accent colors, making the white pillows appear more bright and the black light fixture more bold.

The thick blankets on the bed create an instant feeling of warmth and the mix of all of these tones in the accent rug brings a bit of softness to this bedroom.

A cozy bedroom design with a black, white and grey palette

Styling by Lotta Agaton and photography by Kristofer Johnsson

Minimalist Ideals Paired With Cozy Blankets

Minimalism is a hallmark of modern interior design, and bedrooms are no exception. This white bed with dark grey pillows and black accents is the perfect representation of these ideals, walking the line between form and function.

Without proper forethought, black and white bedrooms can easily become spartan and off-putting. Adding a subtle texture or pattern, or a thick comforter as this bedroom has, can help to balance the cool nature of these colors.

a minimal bedroom design with a black and white palette

Photographed by Maria Sahlander for Bjurfors

Beige and White Tones With Subtle Black Touches

For an exciting take on white interiors, experiment with a blend of white and beige and touches of black and grey. This bedroom turns the expectations for black and white bedrooms on its head, using a subtly geometric rug, neutral walls, and black metal accents to produce a completely one-of-a-kind look.

The gentle texture of the bedding and patterns in the rug, crown molding, and doors give this house a classic air that’s sure to last a lifetime.

A black, white and grey bedroom design with black wall lamps

Photographed by Maria Sahlander for Bjurfors

Black, White, and Tan Bedding in a White and Tan Room

As we’ve seen previously, black and white bedrooms thrive when shades of tan and brown are added to the mix. This white bedding with black and tan pillows, tan top sheet, and black blanket provides a chic, modern air that will fit right in in both the country and city. This is an extremely versatile color palette that is sure to leave your inner designer feeling inspired.

a black and white bedroom design with tan bedding

via Stadshem

A Navy Blue, White, and Grey Bed in a Black and White Bedroom

Similar to some of the other black-and-white bedroom ideas we’ve been taking a look at, this room pulls in other complementary colors through the bedding.

The grey bed frame paired with the navy blue and crisp white sheets helps to showcase a hint of personality without the need for an intense change of pace. To further personalize this design, feature an accent wall, pop of gold, or geometric shapes.

A monochrome bedroom with a blue blanket and grey fabric bed

Via Bjurfors

A Fully Monochromatic Space With Black and White Tones

When life is busy and stressful, it’s important to have a space to relax and unwind. This white color palette with pointed pops of black serves this function well, sparing you from any unnecessary, overwhelming elements.

While other black-and-white bedroom ideas may showcase dramatic black walls or exciting patterns, this monochromatic space allows those with overwrought minds to clear their thoughts and achieve meaningful rest.

A black and white bedroom design with grey tones in the bedding

via Entrance

Dark Colors in a Bright White Bedroom

Solid white walls and airy curtains are the perfect backdrop for experimenting with dark colors. The dark bedding in this specific bedroom creates a dramatic focal point that not only draws your attention but also draws you in.

The bright white paint makes this bedroom feel refreshing while preventing the bedding from appearing flat and boring.

A black and white bedroom space with white flooring and brass details

Styled by Lotta Agaton and photography by Kristofer Johnsson for Residence

Abstract Artwork and Statement Pieces With Wood Accents

When it comes to black-and-white bedroom ideas, statement pieces, and framed artwork are almost always a part of the discussion. If you want your decor to get the attention it deserves, placing it in a black-and-white room is a simple solution that’s easy to achieve.

This gallery wall, unique light fixture, and quaint wooden side tables are each allowed to display their stunning characteristics without the bedroom becoming overbearing.

A black and white bedroom with vintage bedside tables

photography by Jonas Berg, via Stadshem

Unique, Geometric Flooring in a Fresh and Modern Bedroom

Lots of glass and an uncommonly shaped wall can create a challenge when it comes to interior design. However, black and white bedrooms can easily thrive, highlighting and working with these elements instead of overpowering them.

To take the design to the next level, play with a flooring option that has a chic pattern to truly make the bedroom your own.

A black, white and grey bedroom design

via Bosthlm

Natural Wood and a White Color Palette With Bold Areas of Black

Natural wood flooring in a black and white bedroom will never go out of style. This combined with the shades of white and black bedspread produces a perfect balance of intensity and neutrality, letting you customize certain areas of the bedroom more than perhaps a strictly black and white bedroom would allow. Add a few plants to pull in that natural air even more.

A black and white bedroom color palette in a turn-of-the-century apartment

Styled by Greydeco and photographed by Janne Olander, for Stadshem

Crisp White Linens and Chic Black Décor

Our final black and white bedroom uses a picture ledge to produce an effect similar to that of an accent wall without the need for extra paint, making it much more achievable than some other ideas. The ethereal white bedding and ultra-modern lighting create subtle visual interest while the geometric patterned rug ties all of the elements together for a cohesive black and white bedroom style.

A monochrome bedroom with white bedding and a black and white gallery wall on a picture ledge

Photography by Kristofer Johnsson, styled by Anna Mårselius via Hitta Hem

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