Olive green cabinets are a timeless color choice that works both in modern as well as in classic kitchen designs. This natural yet sophisticated color can be paired with a wide variety of materials and colors in your kitchen.

You can opt for light olive tones for a subtle effect, or go for dark green kitchen cabinets to add a dramatic touch to the space. White countertops will add a more minimal appearance, while wood tones will add a rustic touch.

In the list below, I have gathered my favorite kitchen ideas with olive green kitchen cabinets for you to take inspiration from for your next remodel.

Match your wall color to your green kitchen cabinets for a tone-on-tone look

The olive green cabinets in this gorgeous farmhouse kitchen are matched by the paint color used on the walls. Even the ceilings are painted in the same olive green color, resulting in an impressive and inviting space.

From the backdrop of the olive green, the white marble countertop, marble sink, and marble backsplash pop out powerfully. Lastly, the black and white checkerboard marble flooring finishes off the look nicely.

An olive green kitchen paired with the same color on the walls and ceilings, finished with white marble

via DeVol Kitchens

Add a modern touch of glam with brass fixtures and hardware

The dark olive green kitchen cabinets in this impressive corner kitchen layout pair nicely with the hardwood flooring in this kitchen. The olive tone on the cabinets is paired with a beige limestone countertop and backsplash. As the cherry on top, the kitchen design is finished with brass hardware and a brass faucet for a subtle glam effect that adds depth. The brass also comes back on the trim underneath the cabinets.

an olive green corner kitchen with beige limestone countertops, finished with brass elements for a glamorous look

via Picky Living

Go floor-to-ceiling for an impressive and space-saving effect

The olive green shaker cabinets in this studio home are built floor-to-ceiling for an impressive effect in the space and lots of storage opportunities. The matte finish on the green cabinetry is paired with a delicate beige limestone countertop. Finally, the chrome hardware adds a modern element to the kitchen cabinetry.

A floor-to-ceiling olive green kitchen with beige limestone countertops and minimal chrome hardware

via Entrance Makleri

Balance olive green cabinets with white upper glass cabinets

This two-tone kitchen features subtle olive cabinetry on the bottom finished off with a grey limestone countertop. The upper cabinets are white to provide the kitchen with an overall lighter appearance.

The natural elements in the kitchen accessories and the cabinet inlay balance out this white, grey, and olive green color palette.

A two-tone kitchen pairing white and olive green cabinets with a grey limestone countertop

via Nordiska Kök

Stainless steel appliances add a modern metallic touch

The pale olive green cabinets in this farmhouse kitchen design are balanced out by the stainless steel countertop and the white subway tile backsplash, which provide a subtle industrial touch to the beautiful setting.

This perfect shade stands out against all the white surfaces in the space. Meanwhile, the stainless steel appliances add a modern element.

A sage green kitchen with wood and stainless steel countertops

Photographed by Lisa Wikstrand, styled by Helen Sturesson for Kulladal

Pair a pale shade of olive green with contrasting black countertops

This modern farmhouse kitchen gets a lot of natural light through the large window, which is reflected beautifully onto the pale olive green cabinets with a warm undertone.

To add a bit of contrast, the olive green tone is paired with black countertops for a contrasting effect. Lastly, the soft wood tones in the dining table and chairs provide a warm glow to the olive color of the cabinets.

An olive green farmhouse kitchen with warm undertones paired with black countertops

via Stadshem

Pick an olive green with blue undertones for a cooler effect in the room

The cabinets in this room are painted in a shade of green-grey with blue undertones, resulting in a cooler aesthetic. The green cabinetry is paired with subtle chrome hardware, a farmhouse sink, stainless steel appliances, and chrome hardware.

To finish the upper part of the layout, a vintage white glass cabinet is added, resulting in a light and unique look.

green kitchen cabinets with blue undertones, white vintage glass cabinet above the counter

via Picky Living

Use olive green to add depth to a minimal kitchen design

White kitchen cabinets are often preferred in a minimal and modern kitchen. If you are looking to add a bit more depth, olive green cabinets are a great option to fit within a minimal aesthetic.

In the example below the olive green tone of the cabinetry pops out of the white walls and hardwood flooring, while ensuring the clean look remains. To finish the room off, the black pendant lights above the counter add an elegant contrast.

A minimal kitchen design with olive green kitchen cabinets

via Reform CPH

Dark green kitchen cabinets in a two-tone look pairs the best of both worlds

The olive green on the bottom cabinets is complemented by a beige terrazzo countertop and white and wood cabinets on the upper part of the layout.

The upper cabinets rest on top of the lower cabinets directly and the ribbed glass of the cabinet doors adds a lovely texture to the white frames.

A two-tone kitchen pairing white and green cabinetry and a beige terrazzo countertop

via Himlekök

Go for olive green to add a modern touch to a farmhouse kitchen

A classic kitchen design can be made to appear more modern by selecting a fresh color palette. The green tone on these classic shaker cabinets provides a subtle modern look to this classic setting.

The white backsplash with shiplap panelling accentuates the impressive height of the kitchen, while also allowing the olive green kitchen cabinets and dark elements to stand out.

A farmhouse kitchen with a white shiplap backsplash and green cabinetry

via Kitchens and Beyond

Complement dark olive tones with warm elements

You can find complementary colors in the countertop materials and the leather details throughout the olive kitchen in the example below. The leather details on the rail and bench seat cushion, paired with the beige limestone countertop provide a warm aesthetic to this space.

Instead of leather, you can also work with copper hardware to add a warm tone to your olive-green cabinets.

an olive green kitchen paired with warm leather details

via Ballingslōv

Apply the olive green palette to your kitchen island as well

The olive green cabinets in this kitchen are paired with an olive green kitchen island. Both kitchen modules are fitted with white marble countertops, which softens the transition between the dark olive color of the cabinets and the light grey kitchen wall color.

Muted olive green kitchen cabinets paired with white marble countertops and a kitchen island

Styled by Linnéa H. Manaberi and Emma Fischer, photographed by Fredrik J Karlsson for Alvhem

Olive green as a complementary element in a family room

The olive green kitchen module stands out against the light grey walls of this living kitchen, without overpowering the look of the space. The white marble countertops and the white subway tiles on the backsplash lighten the dark tones of the green cabinetry.

An olive green kitchen with marble countertops, subway tile backsplash and chrome hardware

Styled by Grey Deco, photographed by Fredrik J Karlsson, for sale via Alvhem

Pair your olive green cabinets with dark wood countertops

The olive green cabinets on this corner layout kitchen are paired with dark butcher block countertops for a subtly rustic effect. Both the wood tones and the olive green pop out against the backdrop created by the white hardwood flooring and the white shiplap backsplash.

To finish things off, a white dining table and chairs are placed in front of the kitchen window. The dining set blends in with the walls and flooring and doesn’t take any attention away from the olive green in the background.

A sage green kitchen with dark wood countertops and horizontal shiplap on the walls

Styled by Linnéa H. Manaberi, photographed by Anders Bergstedt for Alvhem

Add a playful element to bring the olive green cabinets to life

This kitchen design pairs olive green cabinets with an elaborate hexagon tile backsplash and leather cabinet pulls for a unique and modern aesthetic in the space. The grown-up color choice of the cabinets is paired with a playful element in the tiles, which results in a striking balance.

A kitchen with olive green cabinets, cognac leather handles, stainless steel countertops, green and pink polygon tiles

via Historiska Hem

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