Murals are a form of art that you can apply on a blank wall. Unlike the case with wallpaper that just sticks, murals emphasize your creativity in creating different shapes or images. Mural comes from the Latin word “Murus” which means wall. So, in a broad sense, mural is drawing or painting on a wall or other permanent media.

If you now know the meaning of mural, then how do you apply it to any room at home? Actually there are no rules on how you should make a mural, and maybe only your imagination will limit it. You just need to add your favorite colors and images.

With paint, brushes, and masking tape you’re more than ready to create your own version of the masterpiece. Here are some DIY handmade mural inspirations that will make your weekend more enjoyable. Let’s see!

1. Create a room with a feminine and refreshing feel with the idea of a floral mural.


2. The arch shape always attracts attention, this mural design is suitable as a background for your wall cabinet.


3. The 70’s feel can be seen from the graffiti and the shape of this mural wall. It is timeless and still popular today.


4. This wave-shaped wall mural consists of several layers of beautiful colors.


5. Your bathroom will look more cheerful with a mix of wall murals with an abstract theme.


6. Not to forget the bathroom also looks adorable with various murals in the form of paintings of animals and fruits.


7. Terrazzo mural wall is a unique idea because it consists of different shapes and colors.


8. Sometimes simple images like lines and curves look beautiful if you apply them in the right way.


9. Your little one will be happy with a rainbow motif mural wall above the bed. Make them always have sweet dreams.


10. The living room is probably the best area to make a statement. This colorful wall mural will attract the attention of every guest who comes.


11. Your workspace will be more inspiring with wall murals. Create a rainbow mural as part of your desk décor.


12. Colorless wall murals are perfect for a minimalist-style room. To avoid feeling monotonous, choose a vibrant theme like plants or botany.


13. Want to add a bohemian style to your kids room? The easiest solution is to make a wall mural as part of your décor.


14. Not only used indoors, you can also create a fun wall mural outdoors such as a patio or around a garden.


15. If you’re creative enough, you can create pastel colors as a wall mural. Besides looking beautiful, this mural wall idea is suitable for those of you who like a feminine style room.


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