Granite kitchen countertop ideas come in many different forms. The natural beauty, exceptional durability, and heat-resistant properties along with the wide array of granite colors and custom finishes available make this one of the most popular countertop materials used in modern kitchen designs.

From butterfly beige granite countertops to emerald pearl, current countertop trends make granite countertops the star of the show.

In the list below, you’ll find the most inspiring granite kitchen countertop ideas out there so that you can find the inspiration you need to create your dream kitchen.

Create a Modern Light Grey and White Kitchen Space

These grey granite kitchen countertops are the perfect complement to grey cabinets, white walls, and light wood floors. The pattern in the granite creates the illusion of a textured surface, which ties in with the texture of the white tile accent wall.

Both of these elements contrast against the smoothness of the cabinetry in a way that is visually pleasing.

A shaker kitchen with light grey kitchen cabinets, tile backsplash, gold hardware, grey granite countertops

Styled by Emma Fischer and Linnéa H. Manaberi, photographed by Henrik Linden for Alvhem

Combine Off-White and Medium-Dark Brown Wood

The muted whites in this kitchen design serve as a truly neutral backdrop for the warmth of the wood dining table, creating visual interest that pulls you into the center of the room.

The blend of black, grey, and white in the granite countertop brings everything in the backdrop together to create a complete look. The textural effect of the countertop transforms the minimal white cabinet fronts in this kitchen design.

A white kitchen with grey granite countertops and a wood dining table

via Funkiskok

Choose a Bold Black Granite and Soft Neutral Tones

For a unique, bold take on kitchen decor, try black granite countertops paired with cabinets that have a highly durable matte finish in black as well.

The granite countertop partially blends into the cabinets themselves, while the black sink, fixtures, and accessories help to maintain the intensity. Pair this with other materials, such as light-toned wood, for the most extreme contrast.

Black granite countertops on top of a black kitchen paired with black hardware against light wood walls

via Nordiska Kök

Pair White Granite Countertops With Dark Grey

Blending light and dark hues is a common and popular theme in interior design, and it’s easy to see why. This is a simple look that works extremely well, with the white granite countertop with a shorter backsplash adding just the right amount of lightness to the dark grey kitchen cabinets.

A dark grey kitchen with granite countertops and stainless steel hardware in a loft apartment with grey walls

via Alexander White

Match Grey Granite and Natural Stone With Dark Brown Wood

Natural stone floors are a popular choice for high-traffic areas, such as busy kitchens. You can highlight the classic shade and pattern of natural stones by adding a granite countertop in the same shade.

The neutral grey tone of the limestone flooring in this kitchen pairs nicely with the dark wood kitchen cabinets and the subtle green tone on the granite countertop.

A dark wood kitchen paired with green granite countertops

via Nordiska Kök

Design a Classic White Kitchen With Grey Countertops

Granite kitchen countertop ideas don’t have to be bold or reinvent the wheel. Simple white cabinets and grey granite countertops are a classic design choice for a reason. This staple in kitchen design combines current countertop trends with timeless elements to create a kitchen that won’t soon go out of style.

The white kitchen cabinets blend in with the wall color of the kitchen space, which makes the grey granite countertop stand out beautifully. The chrome hardware adds a modern metallic aesthetic to finish things off.

An off-white shaker kitchen with grey granite countertops

via Innerstadsspecialisten

Use Dark Hues in the Walls and Cabinets With a Lighter Countertop

For a look that pulls inspiration from natural sources, pair dark-toned walls and cabinets with a granite countertop in a lighter shade. Touches of greenery and natural wood kitchen cabinets provide a slightly rustic feel to complete the style.

Note that the countertop meets the kitchen window, for an integrated effect in the space.

A green granite countertop paired with dark oak kitchen cabinets

via Himlekok

Pair Bright White With True Dark Grey

Granite countertops that match the coloring of the wall and floor are an excellent choice when you have cabinets in a high-contrast color.

The design here wouldn’t quite work with a brown marble or beige countertop. Additionally, most countertops stop at the top edge of the cabinetry. The granite countertops here, however, continue down the side of the cabinetry to the floor for a modern touch.

A grey granite countertop paired with dark grey kitchen cabinets and black hardware

via Alvhem

Combine Natural Wood and Black Marble With Light Toned Granite

Similar to the stone floors we explored previously, limestone flooring is a popular choice for a kitchen space. The granite countertops in this example, are picked out a few shades lighter than the flooring, softening the contrast with the white kitchen walls.

The natural grain in the wood kitchen pairs nicely with the texture of the granite countertops on both the island and the kitchen element against the wall.

Grey granite countertops in combination with grey marble flooring and wood cabinets

via Kvanum

Create an Accent Wall With Your Countertop Material

Granite countertops are often chosen for their stunning appearance, so why not use them as an accent elsewhere? This is one of the granite kitchen countertop ideas on the list, as the granite backsplash provides an extra pop to the kitchen.

The minimalist cabinet styles and unique open shelving allow the countertops to be the star of the show. The light grey kitchen wall color provides the space with a soft look. This wall color complements both the wood cabinets and the granite material in a lovely way.

A black metal glass partition in between the bedroom and a kitchen with wood cabinet fronts and grey granite countertops

via Alvhem

Design a Monochromatic Space With Grey Cabinetry and Black Granite Countertops

If monochromatic spaces are more appealing to you, embrace a completely grey style with black accents. The trendy vertical shiplap backsplash provides just the right amount of texture and the industrial design of the fixtures pairs well with the dark granite countertops.

For a subtle pop, use blue pearl granite countertops instead of solid black. This granite pattern brings vibrant, yet understated color that’s sure to wow everyone.

a black granite countertop in a light grey shaker kitchen

via Nordiska Kök

Embrace Bold, Dramatic Dark Hues and a Matching Countertop

Similar to the previous idea, this design focuses on a single-color family. However, this design is much more intense and mysterious, perfect for anyone wanting a truly one-of-a-kind style.

Another unique touch would be to use emerald pearl granite which has an iridescent quality for a fun pop in the countertops, especially when placed alongside the matte black sink. This in combination with the impressive tile backsplash would make for a powerful wow factor in the space.

a dark granite countertop and a dark grey kitchen with an eye-catching wall tile

via Kvanum

Combine Off-White, Natural Wood, and Marbled Granite

Granite countertops with striking veins that are near marble-like are a unique way to add character to any kitchen. You can intensify the effect with a tall backsplash and smooth, plain furnishings.

A brown granite may work well with this specific color palette, though the black granite countertops are particularly striking in combination with the black sink. This mix of colors, textures, and patterns creates a high-end feel that won’t soon go out of style.

a black granite countertop in a dark brown kitchen with off-white walls

via Nordiska Kök

Showcase Your Personality With Blue Kitchen Cabinets, Gold Fixtures, and Dark Granite Countertops

If fun, creative kitchens with personality are more your style, this design is for you. This contemporary look with a touch of vintage style is more uncommon than some of the other ideas we’ve shared here.

The gray hues of the granite are echoed in the stainless steel appliances. The appliances have polished gold handles that match the hardware on the cabinets and the pendant lights. Finally, the blue-green cabinetry pairs perfectly with these colors as well as the flooring and white walls.

a blue-green kitchen with gold hardware and a granite countertop

via Picky Living

Go All Out With All Over Granite Kitchen Countertops

This beautiful and distinct design features a stunning kitchen island covered on all sides by dark grey granite. This granite countertop doubles as a dining table, making it a great choice for anyone also looking to incorporate creative tabletop ideas into their home.

The addition of two styles of cabinetry with smooth face doors and open shelving creates another layer of individuality in an understated way.

A white kitchen with a granite kitchen island and granite countertops

via Nordiska Kök

Work with Granite Countertops to accentuate a Corner Layout Kitchen

The grey granite countertops in this corner layout kitchen finish the look of the simple shaker kitchen cabinets off so nicely. The grey stands out against the white subway tile backsplash and the white kitchen cabinets and the texture adds a unique element to the space.

A simple shaker kitchen with a textured grey granite countertop

via Alvhem

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