Outdoor lighting is a great way to make your terrace, garden and backyard look brighter and more comfortable during the month of Ramadan. This decoration will attract anyone’s interest, both your guests and people who just pass by in front of your house, so you can also spread the joy of Ramadan to everyone.

This decoration is really budget friendly, most importantly you don’t need to spend a lot of money to beautify your outdoor space during Ramadan. In fact, you can make most of them yourself with a little creativity.

Towards the end of Ramadan, we wish you happiness and peace of mind. If you are interested in ending Ramadan with joy, here are some ideas for Ramadan lighting with an exotic appearance that will liven up your outdoor space. Let’s check it out!

1. Outdoor Ramadan candles that make any atmosphere warm and cozy.


2. Decorate your outdoor stairs with various unique Ramadan lamp ornaments.


3. Hang Moroccan lanterns on trees that give off Ramadan vibes just by looking at them.


4. Create a beautiful canopy of fairy lights on the bright Ramadan ceiling at night.


5. Solar lights can also be an alternative for beautiful Ramadan lighting.


6. Hang a Ramadan wreath outside, and decorate it with lights to liven up the atmosphere.


7. This colorful Moroccan lantern is a great decoration on an outdoor coffee table.


8. You can also stick lots of Moroccan lanterns on the walls for an alluring Ramadan look.


9. The moment of breaking the fast feels even more enjoyable with various outdoor lighting ideas.


10. Decorative hanging lanterns that become a unique piece of Ramadan lighting wherever you place them.


11. String lights with rows of bulbs are the most popular Ramadan lighting idea of all time.


12. Light up your garden path or outdoor walkway to the mosque with beautiful mason jar lights.


13. Apart from Moroccan lamps, another alternative is to use Turkish lamps which are no less aesthetic as Ramadan lighting.


14. The outdoor patio is everyone’s favorite area during Ramadan evenings. So, adding different Ramadan lighting ideas is worth considering.


15. Ramadan pendant lights look more beautiful using hanging dried flowers.


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