It doesn’t matter how old you are, be it children, teenagers to adults all like things related to handicrafts. However, sometimes we get tired of trying the same creativity especially if something we create is often useless. Then how about remaking something from used goods or items that are often considered trash? Used cardboard boxes are often an eyesore and fill up our warehouses, so today I wanted to try to turn them into some really useful furniture.

Cardboards were lying on the floor, and they were often seen piled up in several corners of the house. Whether it’s second hand from an online shopping site or maybe some gift boxes, you may often wonder what to do with all this pile of cardboard? I’ve also been thinking lately about how old cardboard boxes can turn into so many amazing boxes. So, you want to know how this old cardboard box can be pragmatic? In the following I have collected 15 easy DIY cardboard crafts for your furniture in a practical way. Please check out your favorite DIY projects and do them in just a few minutes!

1. Every office or workspace needs a cupboard to store all work matters, and this cardboard cupboard is my first choice for decorating.


2. Need extra wardrobe? This is an open closet where you can hang and store some fashion essentials.


3. Arrange a cardboard box as an area to store any objects on the wall. Arrange in such a way to get a nice decoration.


4. This reading nook is very cozy with a comfortable and sturdy cardboard chair. Equipped with an open cardboard bookcase as well as an area to store a reading lamp.


5. Practical and easy to move display cabinet. Here you can display various works of art and favorite books.


6. This trendy round coffee table is made of cardboard. It could be an alternative to save money when you invest it in a sofa.


7. A cardboard desk is the solution for a home office. In addition to its sturdy design, the height of the table can also be adjusted.


8. Not only as a cupboard for storing various items and even plants. This cardboard wardrobe also works great as a room divider.


9. Unique cardboard stool design that looks very sturdy. The key is in the layered cardboard arrangement.


10. This cardboard shoe cabinet will solve the problem of having too many shoes in your home. Place it in a hallway or entryway for extra storage.


11. Here is a really creative table lamp made of multiple layers of cardboard.


12. Have pets at home? Used cardboard boxes are also ideal for turning into a pet house or indoor playground.


13. Beautiful cardboard chandelier with interesting shapes and colors.


14. Some types of cardboard are thick enough to turn into a bed. Add a hidden storage area underneath to overcome confined areas.


15. This cardboard bedside table will be loved by children. Complete with cardboard paintings and various other accessories.


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