Dark grey kitchen cabinets are neutral and timeless, yet they allow you to add a sophisticated and modern element to your kitchen design. Grey cabinets can work in any size kitchen, and depending on the other kitchen materials they can have a subtle or eye-catching effect in the space.

Both dark and light grey kitchen cabinets are a great choice when you want a timeless kitchen design, yet the contrast of dark grey cabinets makes them much more unique than basic white cabinets.

If you are thinking about introducing dark grey cabinets to your kitchen remodel, have a look at the inspiring examples in the list below. You will find inspiration on how to pair your grey cabinets with other kitchen materials to achieve a unique yet balanced look.

Floor to Ceiling grey cabinets paired with a Grey Tile Backsplash

This beautiful floor-to-ceiling kitchen with dark grey cabinets features lighter-toned herringbone flooring that provides the design with a beautiful contrast.

The grey cabinets are paired with a countertop in the same material and a beautiful grey tile backsplash in a lighter grey color complements the kitchen design perfectly. The black dining table paired with the contemporary pendant light adds darker tones to the moody setting.

A modern kitchen with dark grey cabinets, a dark grey countertop and grey tiles on the backsplash

via Ballingslōv

A Modest look with Bottom Cabinets only

Dark grey kitchen cabinets can add great contrast to a space, yet they can sometimes look a bit heavy, especially when you have a big kitchen.

To keep the look light and airy, you can opt for dark grey shaker cabinets just like in the example below, however, leave the upper part of the kitchen layout free of cabinets. By adding a white subway tile backsplash and open shelving to the upper section of this kitchen design, it remains light and balanced.

Instead of adding white upper cabinets, a white open shelf like in the example will keep the layout of the kitchen even lighter. The stainless steel appliances add a beautiful metallic touch to the palette, enhanced by the brass hardware on the grey kitchen cabinets.

A dark grey shaker kitchen with gold hardware and cabinets on the bottom only

Styled by Grey Deco, photographed by Fredrik J Karlsson for Alvhem

Dark Grey Kitchen Cabinets contrast with a White Marble Countertop

The minimal charcoal grey cabinets in this kitchen are paired with crisp white countertops for a beautiful contrast with a color-blocking effect that is enhanced by the white marble backsplash in between the lower and upper cabinets.

To finish this contrasting look off, a brass sink, brass faucet, and brass hardware add a beautiful metallic elegance to the kitchen design.

The natural light in this dark grey kitchen bounces off the matt finish cabinets in a very subtle way, yet it highlights the metallic reflection on the brass materials.

A matt dark grey kitchen with crisp white marble countertops and brass hardware

via Ballingslōv

Shaker Cabinets and Light Wood Floors

Light grey kitchen cabinets have a very subtle effect on a kitchen design, while dark grey cabinets will have a bold effect because of the contrast they add to a space. Go for something in the middle, like in the example below, where medium grey shaker cabinets are paired with a light wood floor and white marble countertops for an elegant effect.

The contrast between the cabinetry and the off-white wall color behind it is powerful, yet not overpowering, which results in a softer look overall. The natural elements in the decor both on the dining table and the kitchen counter complete this look perfectly.

A medium grey shaker kitchen with white marble countertops and soft wood tones

Styled by Emma FisherAnnica Clarmell, and Anna Granberg, photographed by Peter Pousard for Alvhem

Mix Black and Dark Grey for a Moody effect

If you want to go for a moody look, pair dark grey kitchen cabinets with black hardware, a black countertop, and grey walls. This dark tone-on-tone look creates an impressive aesthetic and looks very impressive in this space. Black countertops paired with black hardware tend to add a modern aesthetic to a kitchen design and this is no different in this stylish example.

Instead of adding wall cabinets above the counter, a black wall shelf provides storage space without making the layout too cramped.

A dark grey kitchen with a black countertop and black open shelving against grey walls

Styled by Nouvel Interior, photographed by Alen Cordic, for sale via Entrance Makleri

Go Floor to Ceiling for an impressive effect

While you should refrain from both upper and lower cabinets in a darker color in a low-lit space, to keep the look from being too heavy, it’s a different thing when you have an abundance of daylight coming in just like in the example below.

The impressive floor-to-ceiling kitchen layout made of grey kitchen cabinets creates a full wall of grey, which reflects the daylight coming from the window beautifully.

A floor-to-ceiling dark grey kitchen with a beige limestone countertop and an abundance of natural light

Styled by Emma FischerLinnéa H. Manaberi, and Annica Clarmell, photographed by Anders Bergstedt for Alvhem

Use gold hardware to add an Elegant Touch

This kitchen with grey walls and dark grey kitchen cabinets is finished off with white quartz countertops and beautiful gold elements that add a delicate and elegant touch to the space. The gold hardware and faucet stand out against the matt grey of the kitchen cabinetry for a striking visual effect.

On the backside of the grey kitchen island, gold frames have been added to the open compartments to finish off the look perfectly.

A dark grey kitchen with grey walls, white quartz countertops and gold hardware

via Ballingslōv

A dark Grey Kitchen Island for a loft aesthetic

Strong vertical lines accentuate the high ceilings of this loft apartment and the grey kitchen cabinets blend in seamlessly with the grey walls of this unique space.

The stainless steel backsplash and countertop materials complement the dark grey of the flat panel cabinets perfectly and provide the design with a modern industrial look that fits the loft aesthetic of the apartment very well.

A loft apartment with a dark grey kitchen with a stainless steel countertop and backsplash

via NY VY

Achieve a Tone-on-tone look with grey paint on the walls

The simple lines and uncluttered feel in this kitchen give it a simple and minimalistic appearance. The dark grey flat panel cabinets blend in with the dark grey walls behind them, making the white marble countertops stand out powerfully.

The stainless steel appliances add a cool finish and the entire kitchen layout seems to just pop out of the light wood floor underneath it.

A minimal and modern kitchen with dark grey cabinetry against dark grey walls with a white marble countertop popping out

via Behrer

Balance the Look with Soft Wood tones

The contrast between the grey kitchen cabinets and the white tile backsplash in this kitchen is softened out by the use of natural wood tones in the herringbone flooring and the dining chairs.

The walls are painted a few shades lighter than the kitchen cabinets and the grey pendant lights above the dining table blend in with the grey cabinets in the background.

A grey kitchen with white tiles on the backsplash and soft wood tones

via Brspec

Grey kitchen cabinets paired with a grey marble backsplash and countertop

The dark grey cabinets in this modern kitchen have subtle blue undertones, providing them with a cool look. The kitchen is finished off with a grey marble backsplash and countertop that complement the grey of the cabinets perfectly.

The stove hood is built-in in a white cabinet that blends in with the white wall color. As the finishing touch, the soft wood tones in the accessories add a natural element to the kitchen design.

A modern kitchen with dark grey cabinets, chrome hardware and a grey marble countertop

via Historiska Hem

A beautiful contrast between grey cabinets and white countertops

White countertops and the white backsplash create a strong contrast with the simple dark grey cabinetry in this corner layout kitchen. Upper cabinets are applied to one of the kitchen walls, while the area on top of the sink holds two beautiful white and gold pendant lights.

The white walls, white tile backsplash, and white-soaped hardwood flooring turn this kitchen into a white and grey-toned space with a striking contrast. White countertops create a clean aesthetic that is even more apparent when paired with a darker cabinet color.

A contrasting kitchen with dark grey cabinetry, a white countertop and white tile backsplash

via Stadshem

Use Contrast to accentuate an Assymetric Layout

Rather than trying to hide an uncommon layout, you can accentuate it to make the space unique. The dark grey shaker cabinets in this kitchen with an assymetric floor plan are finished off with cabinet molding below the ceiling, highlighting the contrast against the white walls.

The light hardwood flooring and the lighter countertops make the darker grey shaker-style doors stand out powerfully. The grey shaker cabinets are finished off with black and chrome hardware, which pairs wonderfully with the stainless steel appliances in the kitchen design.

A dark grey shaker kitchen with white walls, stainless steel appliances and beige limestone countertops

via Entrance Makleri

Metallic Accents for a Modern Industrial Touch

If you want to provide your kitchen remodel with a modern industrial appearance, pair your dark grey cabinets with stainless steel appliances and hardware. The exposed wood beams in this kitchen design soften the modern look and they add a beautiful warmth to the space.

The exposed wood beams are such a focal point in this kitchen. The monotone color palette of the flooring, cabinets, and appliances is made to blend in with each other, highlighting the beams even better.

A dark grey kitchen with stainless steel appliances and exposed wood beams

via Wrede

Dark grey cabinets paired with stainless steel for a modern look

This minimal kitchen with dark grey cabinets doesn’t have any knobs or pulls, highlighting the clean and minimal aesthetic of the kitchen design.

The stainless steel countertop and backsplash add a reflective quality to this modern kitchen with flat panel cabinets. The kitchen goes over into a home office spot on the right side, which is a nice and functional addition.

A kitchen with dark grey cabinets and a stainless steel backsplash and countertop

Styled by Annaleena and photographed by Jesper Florbrant for ESNY

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