Built-in wardrobes will always have a more finished result, which is especially useful when you don’t have a walk-in closet but have to use the bedroom space for both sleeping and storage space.

When you are especially tight on space, or when you want to use your bedroom for other functionalities like a home office or seating area, building your fitted wardrobe around the bed can be a great way of combining functionalities and saving precious floor space which can then be used for a dressing table, desk, or lounge chair.

Blue fitted wardrobes around the bed

This beautiful bedroom with historic details is painted white entirely, which makes the light blue fitted wardrobe around the bed stand out as the focal point and the main feature in the room.

The wardrobe is built with two main modules on each side of the bed, and hanging cabinets above the bed itself, resulting in a niche space for the bed which has been decorated with two simple black wall lamps.

The very top of the fitted wardrobe doesn’t reach all the way to the ceiling to not obstruct the view of the beautiful crown molding in this master bedroom.

via Kvarteret Makleri – This bedroom was included in a post about the most beautiful blue bedrooms as well.

Built-in wardrobes in a small bedroom

A small bedroom like this one can benefit so much from around-the-bed wardrobes as there is almost no other way around fitting both the bed and storage space on such a small surface.

In this tiny bedroom, the built-in wardrobes have been constructed above and beside the bed, leaving a space against the wall for a small bed. This result is clearly the work of a professional as there were some uneven wall surfaces to overcome as well.

The wardrobe modules have been painted in the same color as the walls for an integrated effect and the niche space for the bed is the perfect place for an art print in the same color.

via Innerstadsspecialisten – see the full home tour of this beautiful one-bedroom apartment in greige here.

Side and above the bed wardrobes in a hotel-style bedroom

Since this bedroom is long and narrow, it would have been difficult to fit large wardrobes to fit all the clothes away from the bed. This bespoke solution with double-door wardrobes on each side of the bed connected with upper cabinets above the bed combines both functionalities in an optimal way.

The niche space created by the wardrobes is filled with beautiful black wall lamps that are attached to the sides of the main wardrobe modules. The overall look of this bedroom has a hotel look and feel because of the niche space, TV on the wall, and the tone-on-tone color palette.

A built-in wardrobe solution around the bed, niche space for the bed with a headboard and wall lights, tv on the wall

via Wrede – see a full home tour of this beautiful luxurious Swedish apartment here

Storage space on both sides of the bed for an integrated effect

While some of the wardrobe solutions in this list require a carpenter, you can achieve a very integrated effect with wardrobes on each side of the bed as well just like in this example.

This will create a niche space in between them that can be filled with wall sconces, a headboard, and artwork for an impressive effect in the bedroom.

via Innerstadspecialisten – see a full home tour of this beautiful apartment with light grey walls here

Built-in wardrobe around bed with an integrated headboard

The two main wardrobes on each side of the bed in this warm grey bedroom have been connected by a lowered ceiling in the middle over the bed.

The back wall in the niche has been covered with wood wall panels that add a beautiful natural touch to the look that is complementing the hardwood floors.

A custom wardrobe built around the bed, with wood wall panels behind the bed as a headboard, warm grey walls, warm grey cabinets

via Svenskfast

A vintage white fitted wardrobe combined with beige walls

This fully customized wardrobe above the bed has been there for a while judging from its traditional style. The white paint on the wardrobes matches the door and window frames and contrasts nicely with the beige paint color with red undertones.

Wall lamps have been attached on each side of the wardrobes and an art print in the middle adds the perfect decor to this gorgeous bedroom. The wall panels that connect the wardrobes to the wall make sure there are no gaps and they are utilized with wall hooks on each side.

A white built-in wardrobe above the  bed with a niche, beige walls, wall lamps

via Alvhem – see a full tour of this warm yet fresh bedroom here

Dark fitted wardrobes on each side of the bed create a niche

The two wardrobes on either side of the bed in this bedroom have been connected by a wood board on the very top, which gives them a seamless and integrated look. The floating shelf in the niche space is perfect to store books and to display a single piece of art.

The dark grey color on the wardrobes and the even darker grey on the wall give this space a modern look that is contrasted by the crisp white linen bedsheets.

A dark grey built-in wardrobe with a bed niche, floating shelf, black wall lamps, dark grey wall, dark grey cabinet doors

Styling by Pella Hedeby, photography by Ragnar Omarsson for Elle Decoration

Tone-on-tone bespoke fitted wardrobes with built-in nightstands

The bespoke wardrobes around the bed in this asymmetric bedroom are built wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling which gives them a very integrated look that has been enhanced even more by matching the wall color to the color on the wardrobes.

This bespoke solution has built-in shelves inside the bedroom niche, which serve as a nightstand on either side.

via Picky Living

Plain doors and over bed wardrobes combined into a full storage wall

These bespoke wardrobes have been built around both the bed and the doorway, transforming the entire wall up to the ceiling into a storage space with a ladder rail that can be used to reach the upper cabinets.

The light base color palette in the room has been enhanced by a dark accent wall in the niche space behind the bed, highlighting the beautiful custom work. Overhead lighting has even been integrated into the upper wardrobe modules above the bed, which function as reading lights.

via Historiska Hem – see a full tour of this warm home with a pop of blue here

Fitted wardrobes with an integrated desk

This wardrobe solution in mustard yellow consists of two main wardrobe modules on each side of the bed, connected with indented upper modules for an interesting look.

The niche space behind the bed has been filled with a custom fabric headboard filling the gap between the wardrobes exactly and giving the bed a luxurious look and feel.

The space in between the window and the wardrobe is filled with a desk combined with floating shelves, which is an easy way to integrate a small home office.

via Stadshem

Light grey fitted wardrobes beside and above the bed to optimize limited space

This simple light grey wardrobe is a simple U-shape design that can be done the DIY way out of Ikea kitchen modules. Combine tall modules with wall-hung cupboards above the bed and instead of just two tall wardrobes, you create a full row of storage for things you use less often like summer clothes or luggage pieces.

Styled by Studio Cuvier for Alvhem

Two wardrobes on each side of the bed for a bespoke effect

I you want to create a beautiful niche space, you can place two tall wardrobe modules on each side of the bed. For a look that is more finished, you can create a custom headboard in the same color as the wall and this will allow you to use the ledge as a nightstand.

Attach two wall lamps to the sides of both wardrobes and you create a beautiful niche bedroom space with integrated storage.

Two tall wardrobes on each side of the bed, creating a niche space for the bed with a custom headboard, wall lamps attached to the wardrobes

via Historiska Hem – see a full home tour of this beautiful duplex apartment with spiral stairs here

A fully fitted wardrobe along the entire wall finished off with wallpaper

This custom-fitted wardrobe solution is impressive and provides a large amount of storage space in this room. The wall above the bed has been covered with a beautiful pattern wallpaper, highlighting this spot in such a lovely way.

A custom built wardrobe around the bed with light grey cabinet doors, a pattern wallpaper inside the niche behind the bed

via Alvhem – see this full bedroom with classy storage space here

Custom built-ins with plain doors in an attic room

A slightly awkward space with sloped ceilings will always benefit from a custom wardrobe solution so you can integrate the modules seamlessly with the ceiling.

This bespoke solution includes ample storage opportunity, floating shelves above the bed, and the fitted wardrobes even continue over into lower storage modules on the side of the room.

A custom built wardrobe around the bed underneath sloped ceilings, clean white plain cabinet doors, open shelving, wood beams

via Historiska Hem – see the full home tour of this characterful apartment here

Dark blue built-in wardrobes create a cozy bed niche with bookshelves

This seamless and bespoke solution in dark blue has built-in shelves on either side of the bed, which is such an elegant way of offering small storage space next to the bed. These shelf modules however also create a slight gap between the tall fitted wardrobes and the bed so it’s easier to open the doors.

The wall behind the bed has been painted in the same dark blue color as the built-in wardrobes and the blue wall lamps finish this inspiring solution off perfectly.

Photography by Stefan Bergkvist, first seen on the Nordic Design blog – see the full home tour here

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