Creating a comfortable study space has always been a struggle for those of you who want to get maximum results. We’ve been looking for lots of easy tips and ideas on creating a study space that’s not only fun, but also visually aesthetically pleasing. However, not everyone has the resources to suddenly invest in a proper home study or work environment with new furniture and state-of-the-art computer equipment. Moreover, if you are a student or student who is living in a dorm room and far from your parents.

With this in mind, we want to help you get your dream study room. Instead of just focusing on decorations and small rooms, here we’re going to turn an empty wall into a fun study space. Starting from using sticky notes, posters, washi tape, or other materials? You are free to be creative to create storage areas, works of art, to small things that you think are important. Check out 15 of his inspirations below!

1. Make a banner out of string to display your photos or homework notes right on the table.


2. Chalkboard not only gives a cool look to the wall, but also helps you organize schedules or create works of art.


3. Cork board gives a unique impression on one of your work walls. Here you can paste anything very easily.


4. This storage box looks stylish with a neat arrangement of the walls of your study room.


5. Display your favorite posters or graphics on the study room wall that add personality.


6. Not only refreshing the study room, this green wall gives a natural look that adds enthusiasm to learning.


7. Nice combination of wood shelving and wire wall for a small study room that needs a lot of storage space.


8. Decorate your study room wall with string lights for a relaxing impression.


9. Create a wall gallery in an orderly style right behind the desk. You can display family photos or travel photos that always inspire.


10. A large frame is very practical for putting together your various photos and notes on the study desk.


11. Sticky notes are still the best solution as part of your work or study room.


12. A pegboard with lots of holes is very practical as a storage wall. Choose a white pegboard for a minimalist study room.


13. Wire walls are always a stylish way to go for a study room wall. Its large size allows you to stick or display anything you want.


14. It only takes a few minutes, you can stick any artwork, photos, and notes on the study wall using washi tape.


15. Polaroid photos will make your study wall look unique and aesthetic.


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