Storage space is a hot commodity in any kitchen, and installing floor-to-ceiling cabinets can do wonders for this important part of your home. Moreover, a kitchen that fills an entire wall has an impressive design effect on the room, especially if you are working with high ceilings.

Whether you’re pondering a full kitchen remodel or you’re looking for new ways to add more room for spices, pots, pans, and cooking tools, check out this list of the most inspiring floor-to-ceiling kitchen cabinet ideas to help you get started.

Use Glass Doors to Showcase Special Items

This kitchen features a pair of wall cabinets with glass doors on either side of the center cabinet area. While some of the upper cabinets have solid doors, the clear glass lets you showcase some of your most collectible items, your favorite set of China, or a collection of coffee mugs.

The intricate crown molding makes the transition from the grey cabinets to the ceiling so elegant. It also finishes the space and adds a historic touch. The gray backsplash created by the wall color matches perfectly with the cabinet color and creates a cohesive effect in the space.

A light grey kitchen with light grey walls, cabinets that go up to the ceiling and intricate crown molding

Styled by Mia Laaksonen, photographed by Henrik Linden for Alvhem

Design a Synergistic Space

To create a cohesive aesthetic, choose cabinetry in the same color or finish throughout the entire kitchen. As you can see in this kitchen, the creamy white cabinets extend from the lower section up to the very top.

This design trick not only gives the kitchen a beautiful, coordinated look but also draws the eye up, creating the illusion of a larger space. Note how the cabinet that goes from floor to ceiling on the left can also serve as a roomy hidden pantry.

An off-white kitchen that fills the entire walls space for an impressive effect

via Nordiska Kök

Use Open Cabinets to Break Up a Space

Your floor-to-ceiling cabinets don’t have to be in the same design across the entire wall. This kitchen features one large open wine cabinet next to the kitchen island, which helps to create a visual “break.”

Adding an open cabinet section or floating shelves creates a wonderful area to display your favorite cookbooks, a beautiful piece of serveware, or a few small sculptures that add a whimsical element to the kitchen.

A majestic off-white kitchen with floor-to-ceiling cabinets, LED lighting and a walnut wood wine cabinet

via Sjöman Frisk

Leave Part of the Wall Open and free of upper cabinets

The kitchen cabinets don’t necessarily need to take up the whole wall, even when it’s floor-to-ceiling cabinetry. Consider leaving a section of the wall open to highlight some fun architectural details. Add a mosaic tile backsplash or a rustic shiplap wall to give this part of the kitchen a pop of personality.

Not only will this give your kitchen a unique look, but it also ensures you have extra prep space. Note how this kitchen intentionally left the area above the sink and the cooktop devoid of any tall cabinets so there’s nothing but extra room to prep and cook.

A pine wood kitchen with an impressive wall cabinet that goes up to the ceiling

Styled by Thomas Lingsell, photographed by Per Orchidéen for Historiska Hem

Create Visual Contrast with Color

Using color is a perfect way to create a gorgeous contrast in this space. In the kitchen you see here, the white countertops extend across and toward the kitchen island, while the beautiful sage green cabinet color gives it a two-toned look.

You can also add contrast through small details like hardware, a farmhouse sink and light fixtures. For example, this kitchen uses shimmering brass hardware on the cabinets and the stainless steel appliances.

Note how part of the walls use the same material as the countertop for the backsplash, and the rest are painted in sage green to match the cabinets.

A sage green corner kitchen layout with white marble countertops and wall cabinets that reach the ceiling

via Kulladal

Eliminate Dead Space

This kitchen has plenty of large cabinets on the top and bottom throughout, ensuring that there is absolutely no wasted space. The corner by the wall can be used as a coffee station, while the center sink is perfect for doing dishes and food prep.

No square inch of this kitchen is wasted, which means there’s ample space to store and organize everything from plates and silverware to small appliances.

A sage green kitchen with a combination of wood and stainless steel countertops against a white tile backsplash and cabinets that continue up to the ceiling

via Kulladal

Keep Lighting in Focus

A large window in this open kitchen provides tons of natural light for cooking and eating. Not only does this make the kitchen look brighter, but it also keeps it from feeling too dark and dramatic. The integrated appliances also add a sophisticated element to this modern kitchen.

The refrigerator is neatly tucked behind the matching cabinet doors to lend the space a sleek and elevated look. Note how the dining area is part of the kitchen, and a ceiling pendant light helps to signify the difference between the two rooms, even without walls.

The upper cabinets are placed so high that a ladder can be used on top of the steel ladder rail that is applied in between both wall cabinet rows.

An impressive grey kitchen with a wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling kitchen module and an integrated ladder rail

Styled by Emma FischerLinnéa H. Manaberi, and Annica Clarmell, photographed by Anders Bergstedt for Alvhem

Make the Most of a Corner Area

The design of this contemporary corner kitchen highlights the large cabinets, but it also gives the corner area a completely different look. A window above the sink and a glass door leading to the outside bring in natural light.

At the opposite corner, open shelves provide a great space for display or open storage. This not only gives the kitchen an interesting look but also adds more functionality to smaller interiors.

A pink corner layout kitchen with floor-to-ceiling wall cabinets

via &Schufl

High-End Materials Lend a Luxe Look

While floor-to-ceiling cabinets give you tons of storage, the finishes you choose tie it all together. Solid surface materials like granite or marble add an upscale element to any cooking space. Note how this kitchen features the same stone across the wall behind the sink to serve as a backsplash.

Solid wood cabinets and a high-quality floor will add inspiration to any kitchen, regardless of the size or layout. Focus on the materials when choosing counters, floors, and cabinets to ensure that you’ve created your dream kitchen.

An elegant kitchen with wall-to-wall wood cabinets and an impressive marble finish with wall cabinets that continue up to the ceiling

via Nordiska Kök

Maximize as Much Storage as Possible

Although this looks like a small space, the floor-to-ceiling cabinet design to the left offers tons of extra storage. This extra-tall cabinet serves as a pantry while keeping important essentials close to the prep and cook area.

Even smaller kitchens can benefit when tall ceiling kitchen cabinets and roomy lower cabinets are installed. Use every available wall area to make sure that your kitchen is never devoid of storage space.

Light grey kitchen cabinets that go up to the ceiling for an impressive an integrated effect

via Entrance Makleri

Designing Multi-Purpose Rooms with floor-to-ceiling cabinets

Since this home has an open floor plan, it’s important to integrate as much closed storage in the kitchen area as possible. Note how the kitchen has a wall oven instead of a larger separate oven that could interfere with available floor space.

Installing central tall units gives you a place for more than just kitchen items. They can also be used to hide extra throw pillows and blankets, books, and other things you might use in the rest of this studio apartment.

A studio space with a wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling kitchen that serves as storage space for the entire apartment

via Bjurfors

Keep it Neutral

Warm plywood makes this kitchen a cozy yet functional space. The tall floor-to-ceiling cabinet on one side gives the homeowner the added storage they need to avoid making the space feel cluttered. Using light or neutral colors and materials can make even the smallest kitchen look and feel larger overall.

A plywood kitchen with wall cabinets that go up to the ceiling

via Historiska Hem

Add Modern Elements

This small studio apartment features a blue shaker kitchen with floor-to-ceiling cabinets finished off with a trim below the ceiling. This provides the apartment with lots of storage space, while the blue adds a modern character to the design of the studio space.

A blue shaker kitchen with cabinets that go from floor to ceiling to offer ample storage oportunity in this studio space

via Entrance Makleri

Make Everything Work Together

This open, modern kitchen integrates every element so it works well for casual meals and entertaining. From the plethora of floor-to-ceiling cabinets to the white-painted hardwood floors, this kitchen gives you ample room to cook, chat, and enjoy meals all in one space.

By placing wall cabinets on top of one of the kitchen modules only, the space remains light and airy, even though it integrates so much storage space.

A kitchen with white walls, white plank floors and a light grey kitchen with floor-to-ceiling cabinets

via Alvhem

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