Love is everywhere as many people welcome Valentine’s Day, which is probably a cherished moment every year. From DIY flower bouquets to beautifully decorated mason jars, I wanted to share some easy Valentine’s crafts that I know you won’t be able to resist.

Whether you want to surprise your partner, or get out the craft supplies and try making something romantic. You’ll find some fun inspiration that will make your home ready for Valentine’s Day.

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, I’ve put together some DIY Valentine’s Day crafts that anyone can do at home. Here are some easy ways to make your Valentine’s Day even more memorable without having to spend a lot of money. Get inspired!

1. Colorful yarn heart garland


This colorful yarn craft is sure to brighten up any mantle or decor. I also love the soft neutral color combination, it looks absolutely beautiful.

2. Crayon Hearts


This is one DIY Valentine craft that is a must try, recycled crayon hearts that will dazzle the eyes. You can also buy new colored crayons to get a wider variety of colors.

3. Floral heart wall art


I am mesmerized by the look of these beautiful heart flowers. One of the Valentine’s Day decorations that you must have in one of your rooms.

4. Valentine’s day branch tree


One of the easiest and cheapest Valentine’s crafts to make is this amazing branch tree. A good reason to bring some tree branches into your house.

5. Wall mounted heart art


Anyone can make this simple craft. You only need colorful paper, scissors and glue to get Valentine’s decorations that will beautify any wall decoration.

6. Easy DIY heart garland


A simple heart garland can actually have an extraordinary impact. Choose a gold color palette that contrasts with white vintage style cabinets, you will have a room that is calm and filled with love.

7. Simple heart wall art


A heart wall art that contrasts with the room is more than enough to give off a love vibe on your Valentine’s Day.

8. Love alphabet frame


This alphabet frame hides your expression of love for your loved one. Make a display or give as a gift on your most special day.

9. Valentine canvas art


Why stop at one piece of wall art, when you can have an entire canvas art craft? It is absolutely perfect through its texture and pattern.

10. Heart jars


It’s beautiful and will also light up your Valentine’s night. This is another fun touch of love on a jar painted with affection.

11. Chunky knit heart wreath


Beautiful heart wreath with simple crochet. Place them at the front door as a welcome sign to loved ones.

12. Heart shaped string art


This beautiful simple craft is great for those of you who like to get creative, or to let your kids make some heart string art during the holidays.

13. Valentine’s day cards


Still want to involve your little one in collecting their affection? Try making a simple Valentine’s day card with a little creativity. It could be a piece of paper with a balloon heart as a sweetener.

14. Heart garland


Anyone will definitely love this heart garland. You can make it in just a few minutes or you can also buy it at the nearest accessories shop.

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