If you’re lucky enough to have a roof as an additional outdoor area, try adding some more fun stuff to it. Not only as a bird’s nest or a place to collect rainwater, the roof can also be transformed into a pleasant urban oasis. The rooftop dining area offers a special dining experience with a view, it’s a unique way of how you enjoy life in the city center.

The rooftop dining area proves that you don’t have to have a large area to have fun. Here are lots of creative ways to turn an abandoned rooftop into a favorite gathering place, you can also add some decorative elements that will give you comfort when enjoying a meal outdoors. Check out some of the following rooftop dining area ideas that are truly inviting for everyone.

1. Garden Chic Style


This beautiful garden offers unlimited views of the entire area. Using pallet walls with transparent glass railings. The combination of rustic furniture with the arrangement of plant pots also looks integrated with the wooden floor.

2. Trellis Fence Garden


A trellis fence is a great way to add privacy to your rooftop dining area. To make it look lush, add vines to protect the view from the outside. This is an easy solution for those of you with a lower roof than the surrounding buildings.

3. Infinity Garden View


Not only does it feel amazing, you will enjoy the sensation of eating above the clouds because it is on the highest roof building. Being surrounded by many plants makes you forget that you are at the highest place.

4. Add Rooftop Party


The roof is a solution for those of you who have limited land. Here not only as a dining area, but you can also invite all your friends and family to add a fun little party. It can be a festive weekend in the midst of a hectic activity.

5. Outdoor Living and Dining Space


Enjoy relaxing time outdoors as you welcome guests over your favorite drink. Decorated with wooden fences and vertical plants, while the beach views create a pleasant holiday feel.

6. Rustic Accents


The rustic style and look is always popular and never goes out of style. You can add these accents to the dining furniture and some decorative embellishments. Classic flower vases, watering cans and string lights will complete it.

7. Modern Design


Want a luxurious dinner atmosphere in the rooftop room? Add a modern design to your rooftop dining area. From furniture to decorations, here is the best place to receive a relation or co-worker.

8. Romantic Vibes


The rooftop dining area can also be really romantic. From patterned tile floors to lots of wreaths, this is what you need to surprise your couple.

9. Nature Inspired


Create a relaxing and refreshing atmosphere to your rooftop dining area. With vertical garden walls, ornamental plants and natural wood floors.

10. Add Wall Privacy


Walls are a classic and effective way to give you more privacy. For the rooftop dining area, the use of pallet walls will protect the small roof space, on the other hand a trellis fence also closes the view without making you feel cramped.

11. Floral Fence


A flower fence adds privacy in a beautiful way. Not only makes the dining atmosphere feel more pleasant, this fence can filter out air pollution around it. Use the idea of container plants with wood as a planting medium.

12. Outdoor Terrace Garden


Some roofs are even designed as private terraces or balconies. In addition to decorating it with various types of plants, you can add a cozy dining area. This is a favorite place to unwind after a hard day’s work.

13. Like a Holiday


This dining area has an inviting tropical feel. If you never have time for a holiday, then turn a rooftop space into a vacation vibe. Place rattan furniture and some tropical plants that inspire the spirit.

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