White or off-white cabinets are the safest choice for your kitchen remodel, as they will never go out of style and can be paired with any countertop and hardware material. When it comes to picking out hardware pulls or knobs, you can go for a metallic look like brass/gold or chrome, however, you can also opt to add a bit more contrast and go for black hardware on your white cabinets.

In the list below, I picked out my favorite spaces with white kitchen cabinets with black hardware that add a powerful contrast to any kitchen design. Whether you pair black cabinet hardware with shaker-style doors, white wood cabinets, or plain and minimal cabinetry.

A simple white kitchen finished with black leather pulls and a black floating shelf

The door and drawer pulls in this minimal white kitchen are made out of black leather strips, which adds a bit of a playful touch to the clean lines of the cabinets.

The light wood flooring paired with the white walls and the white kitchen makes for a white canvas that is contrasted by the black hardware and the black wall shelf above the kitchen counter.

The white marble countertops and backsplash add a beautiful texture to the setting and the three black wall lamps complete the kitchen design perfectly.

Ikea Veddinge white cabinets with black cabinet pulls, black open shelving, black wall lamps, white marble countertops and backsplash, vintage dining table

Photography by Jonas Berg via Stadshem

Black hardware, white cabinets, and subtle warm wood tones

The off-white kitchen cabinets in this kitchen space with warm wood hardwood flooring are finished with a white marble countertop and stainless steel appliances for a modern appearance in the kitchen design.

The sleek black hardware on the cabinet doors adds a subtle contrast to the setting and the wood wall shelving adds a beautiful warmth to the space that comes back in the wood color palette of the accessories and in the open shelving underneath the counter.

An off-white kitchen with wood shelving and black hardware

Styled by Anna Van Keppel, photographed by Mia Borgelin, via Historiska Hem

Cream-white cabinets and small black knobs for a minimal effect

The petite knobs pop out of the minimal appearance of the cream-white kitchen cabinets, white walls, and the white marble countertop. The black hardware is matched by a black faucet, black wall lamps, and a black gas stove which enhances the contrasting effect even more.

Minimal white kitchen, black faucet, black cabinet pulls, white marble countertops, marble kitchen island

via Wrede

White kitchen cabinets with black hardware and a black countertop

This spacious corner kitchen layout with white cabinets and black countertops is finished off with chrome and black hardware for an elegant look that comes back on the white upper cabinets as well. The chrome faucet matches perfectly with the black and chrome finish on the cabinet handles.

A white shaker kitchen with black stone countertop and black hardware

via Kvänum

Shaker-style cabinetry and a white subway tile backsplash

This beautiful turn-of-the-century space has off-white walls that make the white shaker cabinets and the white crown molding underneath the ceiling stand out in an excellent way.

The farmhouse kitchen cabinets with black hardware are paired with white glass upper cabinetry on one side. These glass upper cabinets lighten the layout of the kitchen a little bit and the white subway tile backsplash connects to the upper section with the lower one.

The rustic vibe of the stainless steel range hood stands out on the kitchen wall next to the window and I like that the white subway tiles are extended a little higher underneath it. The black countertops and black hardware add a beautiful contrast to the shaker-style cabinets.

An elegant white shaker kitchen with a black countertop, white subway tile backsplash and elegant black and chrome hardware

Styled by Grey Deco, photographed by Fredrik J Karlsson for sale via Alvhem

White tiles with black grout paired with black cabinet knobs

The clean and elegant white kitchen cabinets are paired with a grey countertop and an impressive white tile backsplash with a black grout finishes off the wall space next to the window from which an abundance of natural light flows into the space.

The black knobs contrast with the white cabinets and their shape complements the straight lines of the grout in the backsplash in a beautiful way.

A white kitchen with a grey stone countertop, black faucet, black hardware knobs

via Funkiskök

A white kitchen with a white countertop and black accents that pop out

The clean white kitchen cabinets with black hardware have such an elegant effect in this rather awkward kitchen layout that has a chimney wall in the corner.

The subtle white subway tile backsplash covers the entire wall behind the kitchen and paired with the white countertop, it gives the kitchen a fully white appearance from which the black appliances, black range hood, and subtle black handles stand out in a powerful and expressive way.

A simple white kitchen with black hardware handles, white subway tile backsplash, black range hood

via Stadshem

White shaker cabinets paired with a grey stone countertop and black hardware

These gorgeous farmhouse white kitchen cabinets with grey countertops and dark hardware pair wonderfully with the dark wood flooring in this historic kitchen space.

The shaker door style is complemented by a beautiful white porcelain farmhouse sink and a brass faucet and the backsplash is finished with a glossy white subway tile for a beautiful farmhouse-style space with contrasting elements.

A classic white shaker kitchen with a white subway tile backsplash and black hardware

via Kitchen and Beyond

Black bin pulls and a black countertop in a tiny kitchen

In this tiny white kitchen, the small kitchen module is fitted inside of a small niche space within the wall, with white tiles with black grout covering the entire wall surface for an impressive effect in the space. The white cabinets are contrasted by a black oven, black range hood, black countertop, and black pulls.

The white and wood open shelving on both walls is hung up instead of upper cabinets and ensures enough storage possibilities without the layout getting too heavy in such a small space.

A tiny white kitchen with black countertop, black hardware, black hood, white subway tiles with black grout, open shelving

via Historiska Hem

Modern white kitchen cabinets finished off with round black hardware

The clean and minimal off-white cabinetry in this kitchen space with wood flooring blends in with the white walls behind it. The wood frames around the white cabinets add a clean and elegant visual element to the setting, which is contrasted by the black hardware knobs on the doors and drawers.

A kitchen with off-white cabinet fronts and black cabinet knobs

via Entrance Makleri

Minimal white kitchen cabinets with black hardware and a tick white countertop

The matte black hardware in this fully white kitchen is shaped like a T, which adds a beautiful design element to the clean lines of the tick white quartz countertop, and the white cabinets. The wood range hood is painted white as well, which makes it blend in with the white walls in the background.

The white cabinets with black hardware are finished off with a steel rail on top of the entire countertop space, which is a great spot for hanging pots, pans, and utensils.

A white small kitchen with lots of storage extending into the hallway and black hardware

via Historiska Hem

Petite knobs pop out of a white contemporary kitchen

The modern white kitchen modules built inside of a niche space feature white cabinets with black hardware, a black faucet, and an exquisite stone countertop that comes back in the small backsplash.

The round black pulls stand out on the crisp white cabinet color, which is complemented by the beige sandstone flooring used in the space.

A contemporary white kitchen with small round black hardware and a black faucet

via Nordiska Kök

White cabinetry paired with wood floating shelves and black hardware

The simple white Ikea kitchen cabinet in this corner kitchen layout is finished with a grey countertop and a stainless steel stove and hood. The white subway tile backsplash on the wall reaches almost the ceiling and the steel and black hardware adds a contrasting touch to the clean white cabinet fronts.

The hanging light fixtures, the floating wood shelves, and the wooden cutting boards add a natural touch to the setting that balances everything out in a nice way.

Simple white kitchen cabinets with a grey countertop, subway tile backsplash and subtle black pulls

via Stadshem

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