13 Farmhouse sink kitchen ideas for a timeless appeal

Farmhouse kitchen sinks are the perfect blend of functionality and practicality resulting in a classic design that complements a wide range of interior designs. The hallmark deep basin makes them a must for accommodating large pots, dishes, and pans in a busy kitchen. However, there are several design options available that feature a more shallow depth and a variety of designs on the apron front.

Below, you can find the most inspiring kitchens with farmhouse sinks for you to explore and inspire your remodel.

Pair a Farmhouse Sink with a Green, Tan, and White Color Scheme

As mentioned above, farmhouse kitchen sinks aren’t limited to large basins, meaning that there are shallower designs available for a more subtle look. The white square backsplash in this farmhouse kitchen design coupled with the bright white of the sink provides perfect contrast to the darkness of the olive green cabinetry without taking too much away from the overall style.

An olive green kitchen with white tile backsplash, dark butcher block countertops and a white farmhouse sink

via Alvhem

Choose a Deep Farmhouse Kitchen Sink With Brass Hardware and Soft Tones

For a classic, understated style, square farmhouse sinks with a deeper basin paired with soft, earthy tones are the perfect choice. The gentle shade of sage green in this kitchen design couples with the cream walls and light butcher block countertops. In addition, the pop of the brass hardware on the sink and small to medium accessories work together to complete the look.

Sage green kitchen cabinets combined with warm elements and black accent pieces, farmhouse sink kitchen

Styled by Living Deco, photographed by Jonas Berg for Stadshem

Combine Dark Brown and Forest Green With a Unique Farmhouse Sink Design

Anyone looking to transform their kitchen with a more dramatic and one-of-a-kind design will love this next idea. From the coloring to the detailing, the cabinetry, and the walls, this kitchen draws heavily on classic farmhouse styles typically only seen in historical dramas these days.

This farmhouse sink in particular is a key element of this room. Featuring a ridged design on the apron for extra personality, this is the perfect sink for this space.

A forest green farmhouse kitchen with a white apron front farmhouse sink against a burgundy wall

via DeVol Kitchens

Place a Farmhouse Sink in an Off-White and Natural Wood Kitchen

If sleek, medium-sized farmhouse sinks are more your style, try surrounding it with natural woods, solid white cabinetry, and stainless steel appliances and hardware.

This blend of materials and tones can transform an outdated kitchen into a timeless space, full of functionality. For example, the open shelving with exposed dishes allows for easy access when entertaining.

A beige farmhouse kitchen with butcher block countertops and a white farmhouse sink

photographed by Mia Borgelin for Historiska Hem

Create a Peaceful, Modern Farmhouse Kitchen With Sandstone and Polished Gold Hardware

This next kitchen is ideal for anyone wanting a breezy, modern kitchen. The sandstone backsplash and countertop feature tones from both the painted walls and subtle gold accents, and the addition of a shallow farmhouse sink with a subtle apron is the perfect touch.

The minimal decor also allows for the sandstone to be the focal point, showcasing its unique pattern.

A narrow white farmhouse sik in an off-white kitchen with beige stone countertops

via Nordiska Kök

Pair Sage Green, White, and Black Accents for an Airy Farmhouse Kitchen

The palette of white, sage-green, and pops of black with stainless steel appliances in this kitchen works to blend both modern and classic design elements.

In addition, the shiplap backsplash provides the perfect backdrop to the open shelving and greenery while the farmhouse sink adds just enough pop when placed in the black countertop.

A sage green kitchen with dark wood countertops and horizontal shiplap on the walls, white farmhouse sink

Styled by Linnéa H. Manaberi, photographed by Anders Bergstedt for Alvhem

Showcase Your Personality With a Unique Marbled Farmhouse Sink

This kitchen design offers a fresh take on multiple styles. With touches of both Tuscan and cottage design ideals as well as mid-century modern elements, this kitchen checks all of the boxes.

Additionally, farmhouse kitchen sinks are typically only seen in white finishes. However, this farmhouse sink featuring the same marbled pattern as the countertop introduces a bit of visual interest and uniqueness not often seen.

A beautiful marble farmhouse sink in an elegant grey farmhouse kitchen

via DeVol Kitchens, kitchen design and photography by Our Food Stories

Redesign Your Small Space With a Small Farmhouse Sink, Brass Hardware, and Distinctive Tile

A small kitchen area doesn’t have to limit your design choices. When working with a smaller space, practicality is key. Fortunately, farmhouse sinks are known for their usability and versatility. Simply choose a farmhouse sink with a narrower width and a smooth, straight apron for a simple, timeless upgrade.

Combine this with a distinct tile pattern or finish and classic hardware to complete the look.

An narrow farmhouse sink kitchen with a beautiful tile backsplash

via Historiska Hem

Pair Olive Green With a Marbled Farmhouse Kitchen Sink

This kitchen design incorporates many of the elements we’ve seen already into a unique yet cohesive space. The olive green cabinetry contrasts well with the white upper cabinets and walls while the marbled countertop provides a great touch point for both colors. Adding matching marble farmhouse sinks in this setting provides eye-catching detail to keep your eye traveling through the room.

A white marble farmhouse sink in an olive green kitchen with brass hardware

via Cupboard and Goods

Create an Unparalleled Farmhouse Kitchen With a Sky Blue and White Palette

For a kitchen that is truly your own, explore bright colors that are often overlooked. This sky blue and white kitchen features a deep farmhouse sink that’s perfect for washing large pots and pans. The use of gold faucet hardware adds a pop that breaks up the white tones and adds a breakpoint to the countertop.

The collection of both small and medium items in black and white provides another layer of visual interest and a touch of fun.

A sky blue kitchen with gold hardware and a white marble farmhouse sink

via Cupboard and Goods

Embrace a Traditional Look With Off-White Cabinetry, Natural Wood, and a Copper Farmhouse Sink

For a truly timeless, traditional kitchen, copper farmhouse sinks are a no-brainer. This sink with an old-style faucet adds a layer of warmth to the room that stainless steel and porcelain sinks can’t quite match.

The extra width and depth of this sink are showcased by the aged copper apron and is guaranteed to be a conversation starter at your next gathering.

A muted green kitchen with a coper farmhouse sink and copper hardware

via Kitchen and Beyond

Combine White and Pastels for a Bright, Welcoming Kitchen

Pastel tones and touches of dark shades are a staple in modern kitchen design. However, adding farmhouse kitchen sinks into the mix can add an extra level of timelessness to the space. These sinks are a wonderful addition to any minimalist design too, further increasing the versatility in such a space.

A sage green kitchen with a white marble countertop, kitchen island and a farmhouse sink

Styled by Clindholm Design, photographed by Jocke Ono for Historiska Hem

Refresh Your Farmhouse Kitchen With Ocher Cabinetry and a Deep Basin Sink

Finally, for a design that is sure to wow, choose a color that isn’t commonly used for the main coloring of the kitchen. This shade of ocher is the very definition of warmth, and the neutral tones of white and grey surrounding it allow it to shine without being overwhelming. This paired with the large farmhouse sink pulls you into the space.

A yellow farmhouse kitchen with brass hardware, a beige stone countertop and a white farmhouse sink

via Cupboard and Goods

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