While a designated room to call your office is a possibility for some, not everyone is blessed with a spare room to turn into a home office. This doesn’t mean you have to resort to your sofa, kitchen, or dining room table with your laptop, because if you have spare closet space, this means you can create an office inside a closet, also called a ‘cloffice’.

While a walk-in closet can easily be transformed into an office, a niche space in your floor plan or next to a bigger furniture piece can be a great spot for an office nook.

A closet office with a door is great for work-life balance, as you can physically close the space after you finish your workday. If you’re tight on space, you can install a sliding barn door, yet even a curtain can do the job just fine and hide your desk away when it’s not in use.

In the list below, I have gathered the most interesting closet desk ideas to get inspired to create a dedicated workspace out of a small space.

A double desk space built inside of a custom bedroom wardrobe for a seamless effect

Let’s start with my personal favorite of the closet office ideas on this list. The entire wall space in this bedroom is used for built-in cabinets providing the interior with a lot of storage space.

The middle of the custom-built wardrobe is turned into a two-person desk with open shelving on the top which is great for storing paperwork, a green plant, or even small framed photos if you are looking to make it more personal.

Two desk lamps underneath the shelves provide the work space with task lighting and two classic black chairs contrast nicely against the white cabinets.

A double desk built into a custom wardrobe solution in white

via Entrance Makleri

A shelf system next to a wardrobe module makes use of vertical space available

In a niche space in between a large wardrobe module and a window, a floating desk paired with wall shelves creates a functional workspace that looks light and airy. The wall shelves can be used for deco objects, but they are also great for paperwork and other office supplies.

While it’s important to ensure proper lighting in your office nook, having natural light from a nearby window is even better.

a home office spot in a niche space next to a bedroom wardrobe

via Alvhem

A custom oak home office section inside a kitchen module

In this example, a kitchen module is extended to a wall of closet modules, with an integrated closet office in oak wood inside. Having a dedicated space is a great alternative to working at the kitchen table and the shelves above the desk can be used to store all your office essentials.

A custom storage module with a built-in desk in oak wood

Home Story shot in Kristina Line’s home for Ferm Living

Walk-in closet office ideas that make use of an existing space

This simple office closet with white walls and white floating shelves makes use of what used to be a closet room. A floating desk top attached to the wall paired with wall shelves and a simple chair creates a designated space for working from home.

A floating desk inside a walk-in-closet

via Historiska Hem

A work top on trestle legs serves as the perfect home office spot in what used to be a closet space in the example below. The white walls of the hallway and closet office stand out against the beige walls of the adjacent living room and the black accents in the furniture and accessories add a beautiful contrast to this home office.

Styled by Annica Clarmell for Stadshem

A large built-in closet office that includes a bedroom window

This is one of the more elaborate closet office ideas on the list, as the solution requires building an entire space inside the room. The assymetric floor plan of this large bedroom is fitted with a wardrobe with sliding doors next to the bed and a small room by the window which includes a beautiful window sill desk with storage underneath it.

By painting the walls of this larger space yellow, a unique and personal style element is added and bulletin boards just like the one used on this desk are great for keeping personal notes.

via Entrance Makleri

A bedroom wardrobe with an integrated desk and a spot for the TV

The back wall in the middle of a custom bedroom wardrobe is used for mounting a TV that can be watched from the bed. The area below the TV holds a table top that goes from one closet to the other and provides the space with a spacious home office spot which is great when you need a large space to work from.

A custom wardrobe with a built-in desk with a TV on the wall

photographed by Henrik Linden, sold at Alvhem

A wardrobe with an integrated home office spot

When you don’t have so much space available, it’s a great idea to build your wardrobe around an office table just like in the example below. This way you don’t have to sacrifice storage opportunities below the ceiling and there is enough space for a desk in between the wall and the main wardrobe module.

The whole room features beautiful wallpaper and elegant wainscoting, which matches the style of the custom wardrobe. The desk itself is made from green marble and is paired with a beautiful desk lamp and a leather chair that finishes the look off perfectly.

A custom wardrobe with a built-in desk underneath with a green marble table top

Styled by Grey Deco, photographed by Jonas Berg via Stadshem

Closet offices separated from the rest of the space with a curtain

Half of the entryway closet is turned into an office space paired with an eye-catching light blue chair to add a playful effect. The white curtains replace a closet door on the office side of the cabinet and the extra room on top of the desk can be used for storage as well.

A hallway closet with a built-in closet desk and a light blue chair as a focal point, curtain to close

Styled by Apartment Studio for Stadshem

A tiny office in an entryway niche spot separated by a curtain

When you don’t have an unused closet that you can turn into an office spot, a niche area in your room can be a great spot for turning into a workspace as well. The end of the entryway in the example below is fitted with shelves and a floating desk, which provides just enough room to work from home.

It’s important to add light fixtures so you can ensure good lighting in your home office space and adding a curtain is a great way to be able to close your workplace from the outside world when you’re ready to end your workday.

A home office behind a curtain in an an entryway niche space

photographed by Krister Engström, styled by Livindeco, sold via Kvarteret Mäkleri

A walk-in closet office with a second level for storage space

Since you can access this closet office from both the hallway and the bedroom, it doesn’t feel claustrophobic or cramped at all. This larger storage closet fits a desk, chair, and wall shelving comfortably and a lowered ceiling divides the closet into two levels.

The upper level is great for storing luggage pieces or winter clothes storage in summer and vice versa.

A closet desk with a lowered ceiling for two-level storage oportunity

A closet desk with a lowered ceiling for two-level storage oportunity

via Historiska Hem

A luxurious custom wardrobe module with an integrated desk in oak wood

I absolutely love this gorgeous custom wardrobe and office module in this bedroom with greige walls. This is probably the most elegant of the closet office ideas on this list as the compact desk and storage module in the middle is made out of a beautiful oak wood that is lit up with LED lighting on the sides, making this element a true focal point in the bedroom.

The vertical space underneath the ceiling is used for storage and the two closet doors on either side of the desk add symmetry to the entire room.

A custom-built bedroom wardrobe with an integrated desk

Styled by @vasakvadrat, sold via Sjöman Frisk

A small home office section inside of a hallway closet space

In this entryway, where there could easily be a full wall of closets, the bottom part of the closet is left out and replaced by a tabletop, providing the space with an impromptu home office spot. Notice that there is a plug built into the wall of the closet office, which is a crucial element for a workspace.

A built-in home office spot in a hallway

via Alvhem

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