Fridge is one of the household appliances that you must have at home. However, when buying a refrigerator you will mostly get a fridge with an ordinary appearance and color. The refrigerator is important because without this equipment, food ingredients will quickly wither and rot so that they cannot be cooked again. In addition, the refrigerator can also be used to make fresh snacks such as ice or ice cream.

Unfortunately, the various functions of the fridge are not matched by an attractive design, and even tend to be monotonous in color. It’s still rare for refrigerator products to be available along with decorations. Well, to make it look different, there are several unique and creative ways you can do it.

From adding stickers to painting them in your favorite color, to adding cool fridge magnet decorations. In the following, I have collected some refrigerator decoration ideas that you should try at home yourself. Enjoy!

1. Choose your favorite color and paint all parts of the fridge. Meanwhile, on the fridge handle, give it a different color to add an aesthetic impression.


2. There are currently many refrigerator wallpapers available with various motifs and patterns. You can buy it to be applied to the refrigerator at home, like this terrazo patterned wallpaper.


3. The cool and fresh feel of the kitchen certainly makes you more comfortable doing activities in it. So, you can also add various types of decorative plants to the top of the fridge.


4. If you like to capture all your life’s journey in photos, then display it in a stylish way on the refrigerator door. Apart from being cool, this decoration will make you always remember every memorable moment in your life.


5. These framed fridge magnets look trendy as a part of home décor. Choose from a few different frame sizes to give it a slick look.


6. Chalkboard paper not only looks unique on the fridge door, but also makes it easier for you to take notes or just add memos.


7. This fridge is already pretty in yellow, but this sticker with a smiley face will really make your day more cheerful.


8. A floral fridge magnet idea gives a shabby chic look that blends in with the room around it.


9. If you like to paint, take a moment to give a touch of your work on the refrigerator door at home.


10. From decorating photos, notes, to the aesthetic appearance of cutlery. Turn your fridge into a display cabinet that attracts attention.


11. If you can grow your own ingredients or herbs, try sticking a pot of herb plants on the fridge.


12. The unused side of the fridge is now made more useful by lining it with pegboard. Keep your kitchen more organized with this fridge pegboard.


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