minimalist sculptural vases

minimalist sculptural vases

It’s often the small details that bring a room to life.  One of my favourite ways to add little details are with  sculptural vases.  Sculptural vases can be found everywhere at the moment and there are loads of designs to choose from.  Sculptural vases are, well… like mini sculptures.  They look just as beautiful without flowers or greenery as they do with.  They are decor objects in their own right so you never feel like you have to add stems to them.

There is so much choice out there so I thought I would share a few of my favourites that are all minimal in design and are ideal for the neutral home.  Each of these vases can be placed anywhere to add a little interest to your decor.  Think coffee tables, open shelves, dining table, bathroom and kitchen counters… practically anywhere that you feel needs a little something to add interest.

As always, I have included a range of ideas for every budget.  The good news is that you don’t have to spend a lot to get one of these vases.

best sculptural modern minimalist vases

Best modern minimalist vases with a sculptural look

1. reena vase – this black vase is hand-decorated with a detailed grid pattern. The upper part of the large round vase tapers at the top to a smooth and narrow neck, giving it a distinct look.

2. balloon vase – with it’s beautiful and gently rounded design, this vase has an elegant simplicity.  It comes in a range of tones and sizes.

3. sphere bubl vase – inspired by traditional Chinese vase styles but with a sculptural expression that adds a stylish touch to any space. As the name bubl suggests, its body is round – but only from the front. From the side, it’s flat.

4. stripe vase – made of ceramic in a cylindric shape, this vase reminds me of those beautiful pillar candles. The vase adds an eye-catching detail to any room with its vertical lines and looks lovely with twigs or colourful bouquets.

5. celeste vase – this vase has a playful design with the look of undulating bubbles. Wherever placed, the vase will be eye-catching and will add a little extra to the interior.  The simplistic design makes it fit into most home and interior styles.

6. kupol vase – sleek and minimal, this Nordic inspired vase has almost a concrete like look. Simple enough to compliment any style of interior in any room in the home.

7. seedpod vase – this ceramic vase has a shape which looks like a seed capsule and has a coarse sanyou texture. Display the gorgeous vase with a few dried reeds or display it with other vases or candlesticks made of the same material.

8. vulca vase – the fluid form and textured surface of this vase is inspired by the harsh beauty of volcanic bedrock. Made from stoneware, the vase features distinctive, tiny grains that make each piece unique. Fill it with your favourite flora, or let the piece make a statement on its own.

9. long vase – this range of ceramic vases has an extra handmade feeling.  It brings back the feeling that you get from holding an old urn but with a modern touch.

10. pillar vase [affiliate link] – this vase has an elegant design in ceramic with a sculptural look and a silky smooth surface perfect for the table setting. There are a few different colours to choose from.

11. stain vase – this vase gives your home a personal touch. It’s handmade and has a pattern created with a comb, which makes each vase unique, beautiful to look at and wonderful to touch. Display it either indoors or outdoors with beautiful flowers or green twigs.

12. stoneware vase [affiliate link] – this stoneware vase has an organic, wavy shape and a fluted finish. Use the vase to display your favourite flowers or as a stylish addition to your decor on its own.

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