Mint green is a light, lively color that adds a fresh yet subtle appearance to the kitchen. While this color might seem unconventional, it can easily add a beautiful new element to this important part of the home. This vibrant shade of green is a gorgeous way to make any style kitchen stand apart from the crowd.

A modern kitchen with mint green accents is a wonderful way to bring a cooking space a fun new look. If you’re thinking of making some kitchen updates, read on for a list of the most inspiring mint green kitchen ideas to help you get started. This beautiful hue can turn any kitchen into a lovely and chic space.

Pair Mint Cabinets with Marble Countertops

This kitchen features stunning mint green cabinets on the upper and lower sections for a perfect match. The subtle gray veining in the white marble countertops complements the color scheme. A section of matching marble backsplash runs along the wall for added protection and style.

Note how the wood herringbone floors help the mint green cabinets stand out. Cut-out handles on the lower cabinets allow the focus to remain on the cabinet’s color rather than adding flashy hardware. The upper flat panel cabinets feature smooth fronts so that everything is seamless and clean.

A minimal mint green kitchen with white marble countertops and integrated handles in the bottom cabinets

via Fantastic Frank

Use Extremely Light Mint for a Subtle Pop of Color

This kitchen showcases how to integrate mint shades in a subtle, effective way. The white subway tile backsplash and white farmhouse sink coordinate nicely together for a rustic farmhouse vibe. Dark stained wood countertops help to give this kitchen a warm finishing touch.

While this kitchen is certainly rocking mint shaker cabinets, it’s done in a very easygoing, subtle way. By choosing an extremely light shade of mint, the kitchen has just the right amount of extra color without being too much.

A subtle mint green shaker kitchen with wood countertops and a farmhouse sink

via DeVOL Kitchens

Create a Funky Kitchen with Two-Toned Cabinets

While the bulk of this kitchen features pale mint green kitchen cabinets, darker blue cabinets on the opposite end add a fun, bold pop of color. Leather handle hardware adds a softer element that plays nicely with the stainless steel appliances. The oversized white tile backsplash runs almost to the ceiling, adding a high-end look.

Because this is an eat-in kitchen, the homeowner also added a dining table and chairs. Notice how the chairs boast an even darker green color, giving this mint blue kitchen a fun mixture of colors for a funky, modern style.

The dark blue cabinets make the blue undertones in the mint section of the kitchen come out, transforming the space into a catchy mint blue kitchen.

A two-tone kitchen with dark blue cabinets and mint blue cabinets

via Stadshem

Create a Cohesive Kitchen with Matching Mint Green Cabinets

If you prefer things to be a bit more cohesive and monochromatic, this beautiful mint-green kitchen is an excellent example of how to design a seamless space. The mint green paint color is added to every single cabinet from the upper flat panel cabinets to the lower cabinets.

Sleek gold hardware lends this gorgeous yet simple kitchen a subtle touch of modern style. The white and gray stone countertops and backsplash tie everything together for a warm, harmonious look.

A muted mint green kitchen with brass hardware and white marble countertops

via Bosthlm

Incorporate Mint Green for a Retro Kitchen

This lovely mint green kitchen features a retro-inspired vibe. The black and white checked tile floor gives it a diner-inspired aesthetic, but modern features like sleek handle hardware and subway tile bring it into this decade.

A black accent wall and large dividing window with ribbed glass and black trim help to take this kitchen to a whole new level. Smooth white stone countertops work well with the extremely pale tone of the mint green cabinets. Two large upper cabinets with glass doors and lighting round out the charming look.

A modern mint green kitchen with a black accent wall and glass upper cabinets

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Elevate a Classic Space with Mint Green and Stainless Steel Appliances

This large mint green kitchen is accented with decorative upper crown molding, stainless steel appliances, and a large window for natural light. The light hardwood floor adds warmth and a plethora of cabinets allow for plenty of storage. Mint green shaker cabinets bring this beautiful kitchen a playful touch.

The use of black wall sconces works well in this room and looks gorgeous alongside the matching black wood table and chairs. This kitchen is a perfect example of how to incorporate just the right amount of color into a space. Instead of choosing brighter green cabinets, a light shade of mint gives this kitchen the perfect amount of lively color.

A mint green shaker kitchen with lots of natural light and a black dining table, stainless steel appliances

via Entrance Makleri

Use Design Elements to Create a Mint Green Scandinavian Kitchen

Flow, function, and a minimalist aesthetic are all elements of Scandinavian design. In this stunning mint green Scandinavian kitchen, the stainless steel countertops help the cabinet color stand out. A modern pendant and large window add just the right amount of light to create a bright and lovely space.

Notice how this kitchen doesn’t have a backsplash, which keeps it minimalist and clean. The creative placement of plants adds an earthy, comforting vibe to the kitchen. Overall, this unique kitchen is packed with unique features while remaining light and airy.

A mint green kitchen with stainless steel countertops

via Historiska Hem

Add Several Elements to Create an Electic Mint Blue Kitchen

In this mint green kitchen with shaker cabinets, the creamy and white tones of the countertops help the mint blue cabinets stand out. Cool pendant lamps in a curved, modern silhouette add a fun, contemporary touch. Sleek brushed gold faucets and hardware add a bright metallic element to the space.

The dark stone tile backsplash behind the stove gives this kitchen even more unusual features, but the molding above it in the same mint blue color ties everything together. While many of the elements in this kitchen feature different styles, they all work nicely in perfect harmony.

A mint green shaker kitchen with white marble countertops, green tiles behind the stove and gold details

via DeVOL kitchens

Use Texture to Design a Striking Kitchen

Rather than adding shaker or flat panel cabinets, this kitchen with mint green cabinets incorporates cabinets boasting lines in different directions to add texture. Sleek metallic gold handle hardware brings the eye directly toward the colorful cabinet choice.

The white marble backsplash and matching countertops help to give this kitchen a clean, classic component. Note how the faucet and bottom trim both have the same gold finish to tie everything together.

A mint green kitchen with textured cabinet fronts, white marble countertops and gold hardware

via Superfront

Add Just the Right Amount of Mint Green for a Subtle Update

A white subway tile backsplash extending to the ceiling sets the tone for this cozy corner kitchen with shaker cabinets. The stained butcherblock countertops add even more warmth, and the choice to use mint green cabinets is beautiful yet understated.

Since there are no upper cabinets, the homeowner chose to install open shelving. Neutral countertops and touches of black and stainless steel lend it a clean and modern look. This mint green kitchen proves you can still enjoy a pastel color palette without doing too much.

A mint green shaker kitchen with a butcher block countertop and tiled walls

via Stadshem

Create Subtle Styling with Mint Green Flat Panel Cabinets

This modern, clean kitchen with mint green cabinets has just the right amount of color. Instead of large light fixtures, the oversized window allows natural light to flow into the space. A gorgeous white and grey granite backsplash adds texture and depth.

The cabinets here are almost a sage green, giving it another layer of earthy style. Note how the upper area only has two main storage cabinets. A matching green floating shelf sits alongside the upper cabinets for a perfect spot to store and display spices, coffee mugs, and more.

A minimal mint green kitchen with white marble countertops, open shelf, green dining chair

via Petra Bindel

Freshen Up a Kitchen With Lively Mint Green

A white tile backsplash with gray and white stone countertops gives this kitchen a lovely, classic look. Incorporating mint green on the cabinetry adds a fresh, new look and feel to this versatile cooking space. Elegant cabinets with glass doors help to open up the space.

Notice how the cabinet surrounding the refrigerator also features the same mint green hue. A large black range hood gives this mint green kitchen a dramatic touch, and the gray and white tone countertops lend it an elegant enhancement.

A mint green kitchen with white stone countertops, chrome hardware and a tile backsplash

via Bjurfors

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