When it gets cold outside, it’s the best time to be in front of the fire. I don’t think there’s anything more comfortable than the rustic charm of a wood-fired fireplace. Maybe today there are many fireplaces using modern systems but still not being able to provide the comfortable atmosphere of the crackling sound and smoky aroma of real firewood. To get the perfect look and avoid clutter, you need a firewood storage bin that’s really stylish.

Storing firewood is very important to keep it dry. The goal is to make firewood usable whenever you need it, while avoiding the humid temperatures that make firewood difficult to burn. The storage of firewood in the room must be carefully considered so as not to damage the interior appearance. From rustic firewood storage to modern styles, find more of your favorite storage inspiration below!

1. Wall-mounted firewood storage idea


Firewood storage utilizing walls is a good idea for confined areas. Make a wall shelf or buy a ready-made one and then apply it to your room. Consider combining it with the interior style so it doesn’t look cluttered.

2. Bench as well as firewood storage


This is an easy and practical way to take advantage of space limitations. It is ideal to combine two functions in one piece of furniture. The firewood storage bench is a unique storage solution that will not take up much space in your home.

3. Firewood storage side table


Some people like to spend time in front of the fireplace. And if you’re alone then you don’t need a big firewood storage area. This side table not only blends into the interior but also makes a beautiful firewood storage idea.

4. Firewood storage basket


Any basket is a storage area that can give a rustic feel. Firewood stacked in a basket will add an eye-catching look to any style of fireplace. Choose whatever basket model you like. It can be made of woven rattan, wire, or wooden baskets.

5. Aesthetic firewood storage on the wall


Bring an aesthetic impression to your room with firewood storage ideas on the wall. Besides being a storage area, its unique shape will attract the attention of every guest who comes. This firewood storage idea can be round, square, or according to your taste.

6. Decorate the fireplace with firewood storage


Currently, many fireplace designs are equipped with an area to store firewood. Usually this firewood storage area is the area that is attached to the fireplace and can hold a dozen or more logs. So, if your fireplace is not yet equipped with a firewood storage area then this idea is worth considering.

7. Firewood storage cabinet display


This is a multifunctional idea where you can combine two functions in one piece of furniture. With a display cabinet as well as a firewood storage area, you can create an attractive rustic look.

8. Stylish magazine holder for firewood storage


Want a stylish firewood storage? Use magazine holders and turn them into firewood storage ideas. This firewood storage is very practical because it does not require a large space.

9. Industrial-style metal firewood storage


With metal firewood storage you can create a masculine impression. The metal material is very sturdy and can hold more firewood. In addition, this storage idea gives a thick industrial feel.

10. DIY firewood storage


DIY firewood storage designs are easy enough to make from wood and basic tools. If you’re creative enough, this is a budget-friendly project.

11. Built-in firewood storage


At first glance the built-in firewood storage really looks like it blends into the wall. This storage idea gives a pattern to the wall so that it seems natural. The built-in firewood storage is also more space efficient.

12. Wall-mounted firewood storage


Wall storage is indeed very popular for any room style, and firewood storage is no exception. Create a wall-mounted firewood storage that gives a modern yet minimalist feel. Install metal shelving or any shelving style that suits your taste.

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