An IKEA kitchen is a great solution to consider when remodeling your home on a budget. The IKEA Bodbyn kitchen cabinets allow you to achieve a classy shaker kitchen look. For this reason, they have won popularity over time.

IKEA Bodbyn cabinets come in an elegant off-white white or soft grey finish. They are not the cheapest cabinet fronts in the IKEA range, yet still very affordable. They allow you to achieve a shaker-style kitchen look on a budget, which is hard to find with other vendors.

To give the Bodbyn fronts a more unique look, you can pair them with elegant hardware and countertops. In the list below, I gather the most inspiring Bodbyn kitchen designs for you to get started.

Off-white Bodbyn cabinets

White kitchen cabinets are a timeless option and they will never go out of style. Bodbyn white is a subtle off-white cabinet color, which adds a subtle sophistication to your kitchen design.

According to this source, Soft Wool paint from the brand Valspar is a great color match for Bodbyn off-white if you are looking to paint your walls in the same color.

A white Ikea kitchen enhanced with black countertops and black hardware

The layout of this corner kitchen catches all the daylight coming through those large historic windows. The white subway tile backsplash stands out against the black granite countertop. As the cherry on top, the chrome and black hardware adorn the cabinet doors.

The white trim underneath the ceiling stands out against the subtle greige wall color on the kitchen walls. The paint color also accentuates the white and black IKEA kitchen design.

A white Ikea Bodbyn kitchen with black countertops, chrome hardware and a white subway tile backsplash

Styled by Grey Deco, photographed by Fredrik J Karlsson for sale via Alvhem

An IKEA kitchen is the perfect match next to a historic pantry cupboard

In the example below, you can find Bodbyn off-white cabinets paired with historic kitchen elements. Because the Bodbyn fronts have a shaker impression, they match the historic style perfectly.

The drawer fronts are plain, just like in the original pantry and the paint color on the original cupboard is matched to the paint color on IKEA’s cabinets.

White Bodbyn cabinets next to a historic kitchen pantry

via Alvhem

A lower kitchen layout with drawers in white

This spacious kitchen doesn’t include upper cabinets, giving it a very light appearance in the space. By selecting wide drawers exclusively, a minimal effect is achieved.

The white tile backsplash is paired with a cool grey wall color and putting the classic stove in the middle of the drawers gives the kitchen design a classic touch.

A white IKEA kitchen with Bodbyn cabinets and black countertops, brass hardware and a white subway tile backsplash

styled by Grey Deco, photographed by Henrik Linden, for sale via Alvhem

Bodbyn off-white cabinets in a black-and-white setting

The white cabinets with black countertops are paired with a white-painted brick backsplash that provides the space with a rustic touch. The wood accessories and mustard-yellow kitchen towel add warm tones to the setting, which pop out of the white walls.

a white IKEA Bodbyn kitchen with black countertops and a brick backsplash

Styled by Grey Deco, photographed by Frederik Karlsson for Alvhem

A white kitchen with fully tiled walls

This white kitchen is built in front of a backdrop of white tiles with black grout, for an impressive butcher-style kitchen look. The minimal black hardware adds a modern elegance to the classic lines of the Bodbyn cabinet fronts.

A white IKEA Bodbyn kitchen with with black countertops and impressive white tile walls

via Historiska Hem

Grey IKEA Bodbyn kitchen cabinets

If you are looking to make a bit more impact with your kitchen design, you can select your Bodbyn cabinets and drawers in a grey color. Light grey kitchen cabinets will have a more modern effect in your space and they create a beautiful contrast with white walls.

Cancolour produces a color-matched paint color for the IKEA Bodbyn grey if you want to paint your walls or other furniture in the house the same color.

A Bodbyn kitchen spread across a single wall

Depending on the lighting, the grey Bodbyn cabinet color can look light or darker. In the example below, the grey appears darker in the space. The upper glass cabinets allow for a lighter layout.

The Bodbyn glass fronts are great for creating a classic effect and a bit of variety in your upper layout.

A dark grey IKEA Bodbyn kitchen with terrazzo countertops and stainless steel hardware in a loft apartment with grey walls

via Alexander White

Soft grey IKEA cabinets used as a room divider

The IKEA cabinets in this small space also function as a studio apartment divider. The placement of the L-shaped kitchen separates the living area from the bedroom smartly and elegantly. The bedroom wardrobe is painted in the same color as the Bodbyn doors for a cohesive look.

A studio apartment with the IKEA kitchen block as a separator between rooms

via Alvhem

A modern grey kitchen finished with dark materials

The combination of the black appliances, grey tile backsplash, and grey cabinet fronts creates a modern aesthetic in the space. The white countertop stands out against all the grey and the rail for hanging pots and pans adds a unique touch to the kitchen design.

An IKEA kitchen with grey Bodbyn cabinet fronts and grey tile walls

via Nya Kvadrat

A traditional kitchen look with gold hardware and a farmhouse sink

The Bodbyn range allows you to create a classic kitchen look with its shaker-style fronts, as you can see in the example below.

By pairing the fronts with a white porcelain sink, gold hardware, and classic glass cabinets on the top, a traditional aesthetic is achieved.

An IKEA kitchen with grey Bodbyn cabinet fronts, a white farmhouse sink, brass hardware, black countertops and a white subway tile backsplash

via Alvhem

A grey kitchen with tick white counters and wood finishes

The neutral color palette of the grey cabinet fronts and drawers and the tick white counters in this kitchen are paired with a subtle tile backsplash. To add some warmth, the oak peg rail and open shelving are added against the opposite wall.

An IKEA kitchen with grey Bodbyn cabinet fronts and tick white countertops

sold via Stadshem

A grey Bodbyn kitchen stands out against white walls and a light wood floor

Through the living room door, you can catch a glimpse of the beautiful grey kitchen with white countertops on the other side. A layout including cupboards drawers and upper cabinets reaches up to the ceiling for an impressive effect.

The kitchen walls are completed with a white subway tile backsplash in between the upper and lower cabinets.

An IKEA kitchen with grey Bodbyn cabinet fronts, brass hardware and a white subway tile backsplash

via Stadshem

Connected upper cabinets with a custom top

This L-shaped kitchen is finished off with upper cabinets above the stove and a bright white tile backsplash. The gap in between the upper cabinets where the hood is installed is filled with a custom top painted in the same color as the Bodbyn cabinets.

The bottom layout consists of drawers only, giving the kitchen a very balanced and symmetrical look.

An IKEA kitchen with grey Bodbyn drawers, glass upper cabinets and white countertops

via Entrance Makleri

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