The appearance of the house facade is the first thing that people see when they pass or come to our house. So, don’t underestimate the front door paint because a front door with a beautiful color can make the exterior appearance of the house more aesthetic. Apart from focusing on the shape of the front of the house, the front door is an attraction that can be made with unique colors and designs.

The part of the house that functions as entry and exit can be changed in such a way that the occupants are comfortable when passing through it. You don’t need to be afraid to play with colors, because sometimes a bold color can actually make the facade of a house look prettier.

If all this time you thought only neutral colors were suitable for front door, it turns out that there are many other color inspirations that are no less interesting. Everyone agrees that a house is a reflection of its owner, so choosing a color that suits your mood has proven to be effective in making you happy. Here we’ve rounded up 12 of our favorite front door paint color ideas worth trying at home!

1. White House Door


White is a neutral color that is timeless. This color is the best choice for minimalist occupancy. White is perfect for those of you who like calm and simplicity.

2. Gray House Door


Gray is a popular color choice used in furniture, house paint, and front doors. It has a neutral look that is warm and far from being industrial. Gray has the power to create elegance and effortlessness.

3. Black House Door


This basic color is often associated with the impression of glamor and masculinity. Add black paint to the front door to create a modern, luxurious feel.

4. Orange House Door


Orange depicts a beautiful spring and summer. This color also gives a bold and warm impression. If you are a cheerful person, then don’t miss this color. Use a slightly dim color and then mix it with a neutral color like white or gray.

5. Salmon House Doors


The color salmon always manages to bring beach vibes to the front door of the house. This color is a type of bright color that is suitable for young families. You can combine it with a white base color or place some ornamental plants around the door.

6. Dark Blue House Door


The dark blue front door paint color represents serenity representing the ocean. There are several choices of dark blue that tend to be dark or towards light, depending on your taste.

7. Pastel Pink House Doors


Pastel pink is one of the color choices with a soft appearance. This color gives your front door a feminine style without being flashy.

8. Misty Blues House Doors


Misty blues or pale blue colors make the occupants feel comfortable, especially when applied to the front door. This color evokes a feeling of calm and peace, a feeling that anyone wants to get when they first walk into their home.

9. Purple House Door


Purple is a popular retro color for home exteriors, especially front doors. This color can give off a mysterious impression but can also be interpreted as a luxurious color. Purple is included in a strong color type according to the character of its inhabitants.

10. Yellow House Door


Yellow is indeed one of the striking colors that easily becomes the main attraction of your front door. Yellow can be interpreted as joy that will always make its inhabitants excited. You can apply this color to urban dwellings to reduce fatigue.

11. Brown House Door


If you don’t really like solid wood paint colors, you can use brown. As a neutral natural color, brown can complement other elegant colors and create a warm impression for your home.

12. Green House Door


Green front door paint color is perfect for those of you who like beautiful and fresh nuances. This green that displays serenity can be harmonized with the atmosphere around the house.

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