Creating a cat-friendly balcony is not as easy as you think, it must combine the fun and safety of cats to avoid the uncommon accidents that often occur. That is why you need to consider several factors to take safety precautions before allowing your cat to roam around the balcony.

After all, if you’re one of the lucky ones with a balcony, the last thing you want is to relax in the company of your furry friend. Cats are known as pets who are skilled at falling from great heights, but that doesn’t mean they won’t get hurt if they fall.

So how are you going to keep your cat safe from the balcony? And how to keep cats happy without worrying about playing on the balcony? Let’s take a look at 12 creative ways to create a cat-friendly balcony.

1. Cat-proof your balcony


Having a cat-proof balcony is high on my list for starting a cat-friendly balcony. So check your balcony and add anything to keep your cat safe from accidents and unwanted things.

2. Cat-friendly plants


Cats sometimes like to eat grass or certain plants, that’s because some types of plants are very good for their health and digestion. Choose balcony plants that are not only beautiful, but also non-toxic, which are safe for cats to eat.

3. Use a cat net for the balcony


Shelter netting is the safest way to give your cat freedom without causing unwanted risks. This is a favorite way to secure a balcony as cats can move freely around the balcony.

4. Cat tree on the balcony


Cats are animals that like to climb and play, this is their nature so they don’t care if it’s dangerous or not. So creating a cat safe tree is great at keeping them active.

5. Cat-friendly shelves and cabinets


Making a cat-friendly balcony as well as a storage area is certainly a challenge. Luckily, there are lots of ways to create cat-friendly shelving or cabinets that still work well on a small balcony. Like this functional balcony shelf idea that cats also like.

6. Cat sun loungers


You probably already know that cats love to bask in the sun. That’s why adding a cat sun lounger on the balcony will be their favorite area each morning. Apart from being a great place to take a nap, you can also enjoy some relaxing time with comfortable furniture.

7. Cat grass


Pamper your cat by providing the place they want. Add some cat grass, it doesn’t have to be big but enough for a cat play area. Instead of synthetic turf, you can always use real grass growing on your balcony.

8. Cat climbing wall


For a tiny balcony, you have to think more creatively. Instead of creating a large playground or cat tree, turn an empty area of the wall into a fun cat climbing wall.

9. Cat playground


Luckily for those of you who have a wide balcony with a high fence. Here you can easily build a cat playground that can be used for together. In addition to a neat playground design, choose materials that are safe and sturdy for outdoor use.

10. Add plants or shrubs for shade


Cats are also animals that like shade. Adding shrubs or potted plants is the best solution for creating a cat-friendly balcony. There are many types of ferns and palms that are ideal, but roses are still prettier.

11. Window seat


For closed or small-sized balconies, a cat perch or window seat is highly recommended. Most of them attach to the window with suction cups, which you can adjust as you wish. Another idea, you could consider a cat window box that is safe for them.

12. Build a secure catio


Catio is a popular way to provide cats with outdoor space in a safe way. When building a catio for a balcony, the most important thing is to ensure safety. They can range from simple wire frames to complex multi-level structures.

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