Stairs are one of the important design elements for houses with two or more floors. The presence of this staircase in addition to being access to the top floor also makes the interior look more luxurious. However, there are several elements that support the comfort and beauty of the stairs in the house. In addition to the shape and material of the stairs, stair railings cannot be separated from the overall staircase design. This is because the stair railing functions as a safety or handrail when you and your family want to go up or down the stairs.

Besides being able to make stairs safer, stair railings can also be used to add aesthetic value to the interior. The right stair railing design can blend with the concept or theme of your room. Do you like a minimalist, Scandinavian, modern, or futuristic look? Here we have collected 10 of the most popular stair railing designs for you to get inspired!

1. Wood Railing Stair


With a natural look made of wood, this stair railing looks modern and minimalist in any room. In addition, the material for the stairs is the same as the railing, creating a warm and comfortable impression.

2. Glass Railing Stair


If you like a futuristic and more minimalist railing design, you can choose a glass stair railing with a transparent appearance. This stair railing also makes the room in the house feel more spacious.

3. Metal Railing Stair


Metal is a type of material that is often used for today’s housing. Like metal stair railings which are lightweight but have strong durability so they are suitable for use as safety.

4. Iron Railing Stair


If you want a stair railing that is sturdy and able to last for a very long time, iron stair railing is the best solution. Currently there are many craftsmen who make iron stair railings with a more modern shape, you can also add color so it doesn’t seem monotonous.

5. Wire Railing Stair


Wire stair railings may look unusual. However, there are several types of wire made of steel so it is very safe to use on stair railings. In addition, the wire railing makes the stairs in the house more aesthetic.

6. Stainless Steel Railing Stair


Stainless steel stair railings are among the most popular of people. Stainless steel material certainly gives an exclusive appearance to any space. This type of stair railing is also more budget friendly than metal or iron ones.

7. Cable Railing Stair


With cable stair railing, the appearance of the stairs in the house at first glance looks like a bridge. It looks unique when combined with wood elements. Unlike cable railings, cable materials have a thicker thickness so they are safer to use.

8. Alumunium Railing Stair


Aluminum stair railing is lighter and more practical. That is why aluminum stair railings are most often found in offices or schools. However, you can use this stair railing by combining the right elements.

9. Steel Railing Stair


For occupancy of more than two floors, the stair railing must really pay attention to the safety and security factors. Steel stair railing is a great choice because it has a material that is stronger than any material on our list.

10. Gold Railing Stair


You can highlight the impression of luxury and modernity if you apply the golden stair railing at home. It doesn’t have to be really made of gold, alternatively you can choose brass or paint it in gold.

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