Are you looking for a fun and easy hairstyle for the new year? For the guy that takes life as it comes, medium length haircuts are an excellent option. Medium length haircuts are versatile, masculine, and just plain sexy. A full head of hair is synonymous with youth, health, and vitality. In the following article, we will show you 10 outstanding medium length haircuts that will help bring out your features and have you feeling and looking top notch.

Medium hair length is any hairstyle that reaches from the chin to as far as a few inches past the shoulders. Medium length haircuts help define the shape of the hair while leaving a natural feel to it that is versatile because it can be styled in so many ways. We have selected a varied group of medium length haircuts that range in style from vintage to modern, so no need to worry as we are sure you will find one that fits your personality.

What Is a Medium Length Haircut

A medium length haircut is a perfect choice for a guy that doesn’t want the hard lines of a short haircut and doesn’t want to look like Tarzan either. It’s a good compromise. Medium length haircuts are also very manageable, and most guys prefer them because they show off a full head of hair. Medium length haircuts don’t require as many trips to the barber and while products are required, the styling is part of the fun aspect. Medium length haircuts give you choices.

A medium length haircut is always a good time and ladies love running their hands through a full head of hair.  A little cream, pomade or gel can really help add moisture to your hair and keep it feeling and looking great. You can add some leave-in conditioner and let your locks be free for a breezy style that is relaxed and playful.

Hair Product & Equipment Required

While medium length haircuts really show off the features of your hair, they also require some attention. No need to worry as you won’t have to see your stylist as often and won’t need to spend hours in the mirror. For guys that are used to having short hair, then this will be a change, but it should be a welcomed one. Stocking up on products is a good idea, but be sure to have the adequate choices for the texture of your hair. Coarser hair will do well with finishing creams, while straight and finer hair does well with gels. Feel free to style it up because you’ve got something to work with now.


When your hair is a little longer, you may want more than just product to keep it styled the way you want. Investing in a solid comb is a good idea as it can help you define your look and keep stray hairs from ruining it. You can always have your barber taper the sides so you have less to deal with. If your hair is quite coarse, consider having it texturized.

10 Medium Length Haircuts for Men

The following styles were chosen carefully to show you the versatility of medium length haircuts. We also described each one in detail so you can ask your barber for the one that you feel will fit you best. Remember that some of these styles will require more maintenance than others. Every style here is unique and worth a look.

Slicked Back Hair and High Fade Medium Length Haircuts

For the man that wants to style his hair in a classic way but not deal with too much fuss, the slicked back and high fade look is it. Ask your barber for a high fade on the sides and back and leave a medium length on top that can be slicked back with some finishing cream or pomade. This look is modern due to the fade effect, but it also has a vintage feel with the slicked back medium length. This look is the best of both worlds.

The Textured Long Fringe Medium Length Haircuts

The textured long fringe hair ideas are for the guys that want rebellious looks that are also clean and modern. To get this look, you will want to have the sides and back shaved with either a single length undercut or a fade. Have the hair on the top left long, a medium length but texturized. The hair closer to the crown should be a medium length and as it comes forward, it can be long and angular. This style is youthful and full of power.

The Scissor Cut Medium Length Medium Length Haircuts

For the guy that wants to have a more natural look and let the locks flow, the scissor cut medium length is the way to go. The look is effortless and is simply a trim of the hair without clippers for an easy and laid-back look. The conditioner is key here as you will want to keep your locks nicely moisturized. Return to your barber every three months for trimming.

The Quiff Medium Length Haircuts

The quiff hairstyle is timeless and has its roots in the 1950s but really stood out in the 80s through urban styles. The quiff is fun, but it takes work. For this look have the barber shave the sides nicely and leave a good chunk of hair on the top that gradually gets longer as it gets closer to the front. With a decent head of hair on top, you can either curl the hair at the front or leave it a fringy mess that gives a great contrast with the neatly shaved sides. The quiff is old school but has a very modern feel to it nowadays.

The Classic Slicked Back Style

This look is one for the ages.  It consists of medium length hair that is nicely slicked back with a touch of pomade. Have your barber trim your hair nicely, getting rid of any dead ends or stray unruly hairs and let the product do the rest. You really can’t go wrong with this look and if you pair it with some nice jeans, an aged belt and a nice white button up, you are ready to hit the town.

The Textured Crop Medium Length Haircuts

The textured crop is a youthful easy look that requires little to no maintenance. The textured crop lets the thickness do the talking and is perfect for coarser hair. The sides and back are left as thick as the top and the sideburns can be shaved closer for a clean look. You can add some volume products such as cream or even mousse for maximum thickness and fringe.

Mid Fade Comb Over Medium Length Haircuts

The mid fade comb-over is a straight shooter kind of style. The sides here are shaved to a cool mid fade while the hair on top is left long and is swept to the side. You can add some product to this look to help it hold better and give it a nice sheen. If you are looking for a hairstyle that is tested and won’t require much maintenance then this is the look for you.

The Waved Pompadour Medium Length Haircuts

The pompadour always looks great and the modern pompadour is done with shaved sides and back, but the waved pompadour is a great throwback. The waved pompadour tapers the hair on the sides and leaves quite a bit of length on top that can be styled high and back like a classic pompadour but can also have a wavy look to it. The waved pompadour calls attention, but in a subtle way.

The Under-Hawk Medium Length Haircuts

The under-hawk is for the anti-establishment guy, ok maybe not so harsh. The under-hawk is edgy and is an undercut hairstyle that leaves the hair long enough on top that it can be spiked with product for a medium length mohawk style. You are going to need more than the usual cream to get this look. A firm-hold gel will do the trick here. This is not your typical style, but it has a bite to it and is definitely trendy.

Low Bald Fohawk Medium Length Haircuts

Another edgy style, the low bald fohawk makes a statement each time. The sides and back are shaved to the skin while the hair on top is left at a medium length that can be molded into an impressive fohawk. This haircut is cool, risky and stylish all at once. Some light products will do the trick here, likely a pomade or some light cream can get the job done, don’t use too much product or you will lose the natural feel on top.


You can see why these medium length haircuts are not only fun, but also modern and classic at the same time. Medium length haircuts are the perfect compromise and are easy to rock with a variety of outfits for any occasion. Be sure to be specific with the look you want and even try a few different ones to see which one works best for you. We are all about experimenting and encourage you to try things out, carry yourself with confidence, and live your life your way.  

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