Rain and bad weather can be unpredictable sometimes, and when it comes to washing jobs it can really seem overwhelming. The solution is that you have to create a laundry room that can work optimally without neglecting decorations, starting from providing a clothesline area, an ironing room, or even if you want to bring a natural accent to the laundry room. Instead of feeling cramped, this minimalist laundry room idea will bring convenience to a green space.

Many people feel lazy when faced with washing jobs, especially if you don’t have extra space that only mixes the laundry room with other rooms in the house. However, the design of the laundry room is inspired by nature, creating freshness and beauty with its green thumb.

So, if you are interested in bringing the outdoors into the laundry room, here I have collected 10 minimalist laundry room designs filled with natural accents. Let’s see!

1. This corner laundry room is very functional with the right garden setting. Don’t forget the organized storage area from the wall to the clothes rack which makes it easier for you to wash or dry clothes.


2. Small space is not a barrier to creating a comfortable laundry room. Place a ledge shelf on the wall right above the washing machine for easy access to whatever you need, then decorate other wall areas with beautiful hanging plants.


3. A transparent roof is the best solution for uniting the washing room and drying room. In addition to placing some ornamental plants, choose a unique storage area with wicker baskets.


4. This laundry and drying room is perfect for minimalist living. The combination of indoor plants and hardwood floors makes it feel like the outdoors.


5. This bright laundry room looks aesthetically pleasing thanks to the white exposed brick walls. With a gray floor that feels contrasting but still refreshing with houseplants.


6. This laundry room is in a tiny enclosed backyard. The open concept makes your work more enjoyable, while there is a small garden that becomes part of the landscape.


7. Cottage style is synonymous with indoor gardens, and uniting it with a laundry room is the best choice.


8. The boho-style laundry room features an open concept with lots of houseplants.


9. This laundry room design is very cool with dominant black and white colors. In order not to look monotonous, the use of ornamental plants gives a refreshing green feel.


10. The balcony area is often neglected, but this area is very suitable as a laundry room because it is connected to the outside. Apart from adding a natural accent, choose a wooden wall that blends in with the natural feel.


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