Having a cool and beautiful home is the dream of many people, unfortunately not everyone has the time or is diligent in caring for plants. As we know, the presence of plants always manages to make any room feel refreshing, so what’s the easiest way to add a green scheme to the room? Fortunately, now there are many easy and practical solutions to still provide a green feel without having to bother caring for plants, one of which is using artificial grass.

At first glance, artificial grass almost looks like real grass, but this is a material made from synthetic fibers and is often used as an alternative to provide grass in homes. The ideal lawn idea is ideal for spaces where grass cannot grow or where lawn maintenance is nearly impossible.

If you are interested in bringing these natural elements into your interior style, here we want to share some easy tips that will make any space feel greener and fresher. Get inspired!

1. Living Room Rug

Add green vibes to the most central space in the house, namely the living room, using an artificial grass carpet. Apart from adding aesthetic value to the interior, using this grass rug will also provide comfort for you and your guests.


2. Wall Decoration

Take advantage of the empty area on the wall by installing a grass carpet which gives freshness to the room. Place it in any area on the wall of the house when you want a cooler feel and wall. It could be in a corner of a room, or even a narrow room in the house.


3. Outdoor

This is a practical solution for those of you who want your garden or outdoor area to be covered with natural grass and plants. Just use grass carpet as natural grass. Apart from providing more or less the same cooling effect, artificial grass carpets are safer and cleaner because they do not attract insects.


4. Kids Playroom

Installing grass carpet in a kids playroom is a safe and effective solution. Besides providing coolness and a beautiful natural feel, this grass carpet also protects your little one when they fall while playing.


5. Kids Room

Similar to kids playrooms, artificial grass carpets are great as a floor protector in children’s rooms. Apart from being safe for younger children, this area can also be a comfortable floor play area.


6. Balcony Decoration

The balcony is the smallest area that is directly connected to the outside. So, adding grass decorations can make it blend with the surrounding environment. You can line the walls or add floor coverings using artificial grass depending on the style of balcony you have.


7. Bathroom Walls

The bathroom is a damp area that is often exposed to splashes of water, so adding a little green scheme to the bathroom walls can be done to make the room fresher and anti-stuffy. Line the bathroom walls with artificial grass, then enjoy the natural sensation when you shower or just relax in the bathroom.


8. Bedroom Rug

Waking up in the morning feels more enthusiastic surrounded by various refreshing plants. Apart from decorating the bedroom with various types of plants, natural wall decorations, you can also equip it with a beautiful artificial grass rug.


9. Workspace Rug

Everyone needs a cozy workspace to be more focused and productive. Grass carpets are an ideal decoration to give a homey impression, make you feel comfortable while working so that they can stimulate your creativity.


10. Kitchen Rug

The kitchen can be thought of as the heart of every home. So, the kitchen must feel comfortable and enjoyable when used for cooking. Pamper yourself with a grass carpet while preparing your and your family’s favorite dishes.


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