The month of Ramadan will arrive soon, and it is the month most awaited by Muslims. Not only in preparing yourself to worship, but the month of Ramadan will feel more festive by adding beautiful Ramadan decorations. We have inspired you a lot with indoor Ramadan decorations, so today we will turn to the outdoor space as the center of attention. Outdoor Ramadan ideas will catch the attention of anyone who passes by your house, and this is the best way to share the joy of this blessed month.

Like other holiday celebrations, the month of Ramadan is also filled with ornaments as part of the decoration. Usually inspired by Middle Eastern cultures such as Morocco, Greece, Egypt and Persia, all of which have a strong Islamic nuance. Ramadan decorations also depict a calming atmosphere such as moon ornaments, stars and beautiful lighting. Apart from that, the use of bright colors dominates, such as in furniture, textiles, rugs, and so on.

Below we have collected some of the most creative Ramadan decoration ideas for your outdoor space. This decoration will make your outdoor space even more festive and of course fun. Let’s take a look!

1. Outdoor Living Room


Decorate the living room with Ramadan decorations such as lanterns and Middle Eastern ottoman chairs. A calm atmosphere when receiving will be even more perfect with an open space concept.

2. Ramadan Front Door


Welcome every guest who comes, both friends and family, with Ramadhan front door decorations. You can hang Ramadan wreaths on the door, lanterns, or place flower pots at the front door.

3. Ramadan Lanterns


If you’re creative enough, make your own Ramadan lanterns that will attract attention on the front porch. Install a candle in the center which will provide warm lighting at night.

4. Outdoor Dining Area


Every month of Ramadan, every Muslim is required to fast. To make the breaking of the fast more enjoyable, try creating an outdoor eating area and invite friends and family to break the fast together.

5. Ramadan Moon Garden


The moon is a characteristic feature in every Ramadan decoration. You can use this shape as part of an outdoor garden.

6. Ramadan Balcony


Enjoy relaxing time while waiting to break the fast on the comfortable Ramadhan balcony. Decorate the balcony with moon and star lights, lanterns, and other Islamic decorations.

7. Backyard Retreat


The backyard can also be turned into a comfortable retreat during the month of Ramadan. Decorate it with various your favorite Ramadan ornaments, or it can also be a fun area to break the fast.

8. Outdoor Patio


The outdoor patios is the most functional area during the month of Ramadan. Here you can enjoy quality time with your family, receive guests or relax after breaking the fast.

9. Ramadan lighting


Ramadan lighting is a must-have item that you should not miss. Ramadan nights will feel brighter and more festive with various lamps, lanterns, candles or other Ramadan lighting ideas.

10. Outdoor Sitting Area


There is nothing more enjoyable than relaxing outdoors on a Ramadan evening. After a day of fasting you can enjoy all your favorite foods while sitting on the most cozy bench.

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