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Although it’ll make you happy every time you open its doors, switching from supermarket to refill station isn’t just about your pantry, people. We’re talkin’ ’bout a revolution that sees  society’s rampant consumption and waste consigned to the past, while we all enjoy the wide reaching benefits of a slower, kinder, healthier lifestyle.
Wholefoods refillery GoodFor, for one, envisages a future in which the throwaway approach is no longer our cultural norm, and is doing its utmost to make it a no-brainer for us all to act right now. Since its inception in 2017, it’s grown to include seven stores nationwide, which are replete with more than 400 ingredients — many at supermarket prices — alongside speciality items and lifestyle products that align with the philosophy of consuming less and consuming quality. Every buy contributes towards the planting of a native tree, and even their online orders are delivered in plastic-free and home-compostable packaging. 

ATTENTION, SHOPPERS GoodFor stores (this one’s in Takapuna, Auckland) are light and airy troves of basics and special treats. Their affordably priced Everyday Essentials range removes cost barriers to purchasing plastic-free, high-quality and organic products; you may even find you save through buying only what you need when you’re more mindfully refilling, rather than plonking packaged products into a trolley.

Shopping more sustainably is an ongoing feel-good form of self-care, and your pantry could be set up to support that without over-complication or expense. So what are you waiting for? Well, there’s little sense creating waste by throwing out your existing stuff willy-nilly, but when it’s ready to be replaced…
Let’s begin Keeping your pantry organised and well-stocked provides a satisfying feeling of security and comfort, and you can start by giving yours a clean-out. Make it manageable by doing a bit each week, starting with your herbs and spices, say, then moving onto cereal, pasta and other staples. 

Make your pantry prettier GoodFor sells refillable glass jars and bottles, wooden scoops and whatnot that are good for you, good for the environment and look good too. Use planet-friendlier paper washi tape to label your containers or write directly on the glass. Having ingredients on display also makes what’s-for-dinner decisions easier and gives you a handy snapshot of what requires replacing on your next shop. 

Clean green While you’re at it, extend the sentiment to encompass other household essentials as well. GoodFor stores stock Ecostore personal hygiene and cleaning liquids and concentrates in bulk, so you can say “Nah” to buying more plastic bottles when yours run out and “Yeah!” to the good life of responsible refilling and reusing.

Styling Alice Lines
Photography Larnie Nicolson

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