Unconventional, pink and filled with fresh and fun ideas, these three uplifting modern home interiors are set to inspire in a whole new way. The minimalist mindset will love home number one, where pink microcement floors bring in the candy coloured accent, and pop art posters add quirky personality. Admirers of classic elegance will love the crown moulded teal and pink combo of home interior number two, which features steel cased glass wall bedroom and kitchen designs and a lively chequerboard accent motif. Our final featured home interior is a must see for colour enthusiasts that love to add bold pattern and texture into a mix of multifunctional space.

Visualizer: Maria Nych  

A deep yellow modern sofa makes a colourful combination with pink microcement flooring in our first unconventional home interior.

The microcement floor covering floods the entire open concept, creating a sea of pink beneath the lounge and an adjoined kitchen diner space.

The modular sofa arrangement facilitates the open flow of the room layout by creating a multi-sided seating solution. A textured grey rug lightly buffers the strong contrast between the yellow sofa upholstery and the pink floor treatment.

Baseboard LEDs cause a glow over the pastel pink cement.

White storage units fall back from the colourful decor scheme, melding quietly with the surrounding white walls. A colour themed poster of Michelangelo’s David blowing pink bubblegum resembles a quirky Slasky style.

Another pink poster print adds unique personality to the pink bedroom scheme. Baseboard illumination is extended to the theatrically stepped base of a platform bed design here. Two understated modern wall sconces provide focussed reading light up by the pillows.

Floor-to-ceiling windows open up a sprawling ocean panorama.

A snug mustard bedcover wraps tonal contrast over a crisp white bed set.

A minimalist wardrobe rail descends from ceiling mounts.

Flowering indoor plants set down a tropical vibe.

Plant beds are set directly into the concrete floor, creating a natural garden feel.

An obscure glass partition wall allows the indoor garden to be appreciated from both sides. An illuminated base brightly highlights the feature.

Recessed closets stow away the larger clothing collection behind unassuming flat white handle-free doors.

A freestanding bathtub is positioned by the glorious view, amidst a mini tropical forest.

Designer: Anna Ignatova  
Visualizer: Alina Anufrieva  

Our next home design is a visualization of a colourful apartment in Russia. A prussian blue channel tufted sofa adds a deep note against walls of soft blush pink.

A unique floor lamp places white marble accents between a pair of parallel windows with fresh white window blinds. Radiators have been painted to perfectly match the rosy walls.

The TV stand creates a sudden stand-out moment with a blast of textured turquoise. An underwater photographic print matches the bold hue.

Black and white chequerboard fabric patterns four modern chairs around a small dining table. Black metal framework complements the living room’s steel cased panel doors.

Hot pink cables thread a vivid accent through a clear chandelier.

The steel cased doors slide open to give access to the neighbouring bedroom.

Out in the entryway, teal paintwork colours a rich first impression.

Another glass partition wall divides the entryway from the kitchen.

On the other side of the glass, a small pink kitchen glows warmly against the teal backdrop.

Dark blue backsplash tiles create a thread of colour cohesivity with the living room sofa.

A black metalwork pendant ties in with the steel cased kitchen doors.

A neat bistro table establishes a comfortable spot for taking coffee.

Back out in the hallway, a bank of bespoke cabinets bed into the teal wall.

A fun chequerboard vanity stool is paired with a full length mirror by the front door.

Inside the glass wall bedroom, ribbed gypsum panels create texture under pink paintwork. Colour gradient side tables create contrasting hues on either side of the platform bed.

A light teal ceiling and deep crown moulding make gorgeous contrast with coral pink bathroom decor. Grey and white terrazzo brings a celebration of pattern.

Black and white mosaic tiles fashion a decorative chequerboard shelf recess in the shower.

The shower enclosure causes a convenient nook in which to tuck the toilet, as well as a white towel warmer that camouflages with the shower wall.

Visualizer: Chrystoffer Hatschbach  

Our final home design is a unique melting pot of colour, style and texture. A spotted rug unfurls beneath the lounge area of an open plan layout. A pair of nesting round coffee tables dot the centre of the space, creating a fun coordinating motif with the floor covering. Sculptural geometric form attractively encases a bathroom “cube”.

A row of ribbed pink wall cabinets and a matching pink desk define a home workspace at one side of the lounge arrangement. A coordinating pink TV stand stripes the candy colour across the adjacent wall, whilst a mauve woollen throw adds a pastel accent to the modern sofa.

Stylish modern dining chairs and a bespoke dining table introduce an earthy dark walnut and pale grey element to the pink kitchen. Hot pink cables drop an eye-catching industrial style lighting feature over the unique dining area.

A luxe marble backsplash cuts between the upper and lower pink kitchen cabinets. A black kitchen tap, a coordinating black sink, and a matching cooking hob weigh down the powdery pastel colour scheme. Wooden kitchen utensils bring in natural accents.

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