Travelling Morocco on Tour: Travel Vlog with John

If you couldn’t get enough of John on his whirlwind tour of Italy, fear not! He’s back and ready to bring you on even more adventures with TourRadar. This time, John’s travelling Morocco, and you can follow along as he visits all the must-see spots (along with some hidden gems!) in amongst the country’s natural world. If you’ve always dreamed of trying out everything an incredible country like Morocco has to offer, or if you’re looking for inspiration for your next trip, look no further than John’s Moroccan adventure!

Morocco is home to uniquely beautiful nature: there aren’t many places in the world that boast jagged cliffs, wild forests, and a piece of the Sahara Desert. Follow John as he ventures to the Todgha Gorge, a series of limestone river canyons known for their striking orange hue. There are few better ways to see Morocco than by hiking it — except, perhaps, via camel! Travelling Morocco wouldn’t be complete without a ride on one of these unusual animals.

Between climbing sand dunes and hiking through the desert works up an appetite! Luckily for John, Moroccan hospitality is second to none. He has the chance to meet with a local and enjoy a glass of traditional tea — and you have a chance to see it all. Follow John from desert to Kasbah as he walks in ancient history’s footsteps.

Travelling Morocco means there’s always an opportunity for adventure and culture. While this North-African country’s urban markets and bustling city centres are certainly something to marvel at, “the scenic route” takes on a whole new meaning here! We hope you’ve enjoyed watching John explore Morocco’s untouched nature, and, most importantly, we hope you’re excited about having a Moroccan adventure of your own!

From stark deserts to ancient cities and everything in between, travelling Morocco is always a good idea. Whether you’re getting excited about an upcoming trip or just daydreaming about those bucket-list destinations, it’s ever too early to start planning your own dream Moroccan tour. So what are you waiting for?

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