Travelling Iceland on Tour: Travel Vlog with John

Travelling Iceland on Tour: Travel Vlog with John

You’ve followed John as he travelled through Italy and Morocco, but now we’re turning the temperature down a few notches! On this 8-day tour of Iceland operated by GJ Travel, you can join John as he explores volcanic craters, fjords, and the world-famous Golden Circle. If you’re dreaming of exploring the Land of Ice and Fire for yourself, or you just can’t get enough of John, keep watching and enjoy!

So much of Iceland’s charm lies in its incredible natural beauty. Join John as he explores the waterfalls that make this island so popular! Godafoss, the waterfalls of the Gods, are the legendary site of an ancient uprising – but today, they’re just beautiful waterfalls, and an important part of Iceland’s history.

It’s not a trip to Iceland without a dip in a hot spring or two! The natural minerals in every hot spring on the island boost skin’s appearance, and the cozy water makes for a relaxing and revitalizing end-of-day excursion. After all, you can’t explore fjords and glaciers without resting up between adventures!

Speaking of adventures, what about exploring the world-famous black sand beaches that are so iconically-Iceland? John has your back, of course, and you can follow along as he discovers icebergs, arctic wildlife, and even horseback riding along the black sand!

Iceland’s natural raw power is on full-display everywhere you turn! From massive waterfalls to powerful geysers and everything in between, watching John fall in love with Iceland is almost as good as falling in love with it yourself – almost!

If you’re ready to experience all that Iceland has to offer for yourself, head over to TourRadar and check out this itinerary, or other Icelandic itineraries, to start planning your own adventure. There’s never a bad time to explore this incredible country, so what are you waiting for?

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