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There are plenty of words we could use to describe Joan and Jess’ experience with Tour The World so far: life-changing, incredible, magical, stressful, the list goes on! But we can all agree that one of the main words that comes to mind is whirlwind, and what a whirlwind adventure it’s been so far! If you find that your head is spinning trying to keep track of what everyone’s favourite travel pair has been up to in Peru, we don’t blame you – but we can help! We’ve put together a highlight reel of some of the very best of Tour The World so far, to make sure you’re completely ready when the second leg kicks off.

Did Joan and Jess hike the Quarry Trail or the Inca Trail? What kind of food did they eat? Did they master the art of the perfect pisco sour? If you’re having trouble keeping it all together, or if you just need something to tide you over before the second leg of Tour The World begins, we have you covered.

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