Counting down to start decorating my home for Christmas, or at least the kids do. I am not that much in a hurry but enjoy seeing what some of my talented blog-colleagues, favorite brands- and shops have done for Christmas and have gathered a few photos for inspiration for how I want my home to look like. Above, simple branches decorated with paper- and brass ornaments by Oslo Deco. I recognize the brass ornaments from Ferm Living, and I know I have the same from last year, in a card box somewhere. You dont even need many to make it look beautiful! 

Jennifer Hagler/A Merry Mishap lives in the US but her style is all Scandinavian and simple. A single twig of pine and the golden angel is everything that is needed in the windowsill to make it look a bit festive. Love the simplicity. 

Lighted candles is of course a part of decorating for Christmas and Ferm Living makes it look super stylish yet simple with three candles on a shelf and a small fig tree in a vase. Make it pine instead and it instantly looks like Christmas. 

Another one I need to search for in my card boxes in the attic. The candle holder for advent in brass was new in a year ago and I can easily see this be used for years and years on. This year its even available in black – looks beautiful too if brass is not a good fit. 

The table setting above has everything. Brass candle sticks, beautiful off-white ceramics, glass and linen. With lighted candles this is festive to me. Beautiful mood and light. By photographer Renee Kemps. 

Photography © Bjørn Johan Stenersen / styling Hege Barnholt

Super duo Hege and Bjørn from makes the most inspiring editorials. She’s a stylist and he is a photographer, and you can see by the photos how well they work together. The origami flowers Hege made for a styling assignment makes beautiful Christmas ornaments. See more here. 

Friend and colleague Katerina made this wreath for Christmas last year. The eucalyptus smells so good – and even looks good when it has dried too. Twine and green branches on a metal ring (lots of them in stores now) is all you need to make a wreath like this. 

Photography © Katerina Dima/Only Deco Love

I´ve had different trees for Christmas over the years but this year I have decided on a traditional fir. I have the height needed for a big one, but not that much room – a tall, narrow one it has to be then. Jennifers tree looks gorgeous decorated with golden ornaments and lights. 

Photography and styling © Elisabeth Heier


Wrapping is one of the things I really enjoy during advent. You know, lighted candles, gløgg and Christmas carols. The photo above is my own and I tend to make the presents look somehow the same from one year to another. Grey, white and beige/brown paper, ribbons in pastels – or twine, and some green twigs. Some things becomes traditions too. 





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