SoCal-Inspired Home

Southern California, also known as SoCal, is common for its hot weather condition. With such high amount of heat, you can only enjoy the area you match it with a suitable home. This implies that the home should be perfectly designed to let you embrace the weather without finding it uncomfortable.

Top designers Jason and Laura O’Dell show off their classiness in their home, which they designed themselves. This home brings out the real Southern-Cali theme, and every room has been decisively designed. Here is a look at how the O’Dells pulled off the design on this breathtaking home.

The Redesigning

When Jason and his wife decided to purchase this home, they had to make some few changes that would suit their preferences. For instance, two new fire pits were installed, a new guest house, as well as various brickworks. Some areas were already designed to appeal to the prospective buyer. The garden, for instance, already had an appealing fountain, which didn’t need any refurbishment.

The light fixtures, wallpaper hung, and paint were altered to make the place brighter than before.

The primary theme of the house

Mr. and Mrs. O’Dell are both designers, who have a relatively similar taste of art. Since they have two kids, they designed the house with them in mind. The entire house focuses on functionality, uniqueness, and comfort. Natural fabrics and textures have been used around the house, along with a touch of vibrant colors. Other stuff like pillows, rugs, and artwork have also been included to enhance the elegance of the house.

Unique aspects of the home

One feature you will easily notice about this house is the round design on the front door section. The plantation around the home also makes it extra welcoming and create a nature-friendly ambiance. On the inside, the design features a rustic touch with colorful rooms.

The pendants and chandeliers around the house are also eye-catching, especially because they are unique in the design.

The backyard and the garden are spectacular in their appearance. For the garden, the fountain and the outdoor couch are the major points of focus. There is a swimming pool that is protected by a wooden fence, and some lighting fixtures are installed inside the plantation and the pool to make it bright when darkness creeps in.

A lounge has been reserved to act as a patio under a palm tree for relaxation in the evening. There are couches that surround a fireplace, perfect for a family moment.
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This house has been designed with some elegance and uniqueness that make it stand out of the already beautiful neighborhood. What do you think of this house? How spectacular is it? And what makes worthwhile?

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