Superheroes are one of those pop culture interests that nobody really grows out of. Even if you don’t want to go all out with superhero decor in the living room, these accessories are perfect for a home office or bedroom – appealing to mature comic fans and enthusiastic children alike. Many are inexpensive enough to work as themed party decorations, while others would make wonderful gifts for dedicated and knowledgeable collectors. Need more ideas? Make sure to check out our other “geeky” accessory guides too, including this collection of Star Wars decor and this Game of Thrones collectibles mega-list.

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Captain America Shield: Glossy, bright, and substantial, this 24-inch replica of Captain America’s shield is sure to make an impression alongside your Marvel collection – and cosplayers will be glad to know that it includes the arm straps too.

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Avengers Throw Pillows: Add some color and character to your living room with this modern range of pillows featuring Avengers members past and present. The full collection includes other favorites like Nick Fury, Hawkeye, Scarlet Witch, and so many more. The entire series color coordinates pretty well so you can assemble your own dream Avengers team.

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Superhero Alphabet Throw Pillow Cover: Not only does this pillow bridge the unique intersection between superheroes, typography, and 8-bit style artwork. And where else can you find decor that combines Marvel and DC Comics characters all in one tidy design?

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Minimalist Superhero Throw Pillow Cover: Are you looking for decor that speaks to your inner comic book buff without raising questions from guests that aren’t quite as savvy. This pillow cover would also make a nice compromise if your housemate has banned pop culture memorabilia in the living room.

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Iron Man Poster: This pair of prints is part of a series that juxtaposes iconic superheroes with the “face behind the mask” at least as far as recent box office hits are concerned. Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man definitely made an unforgettable impression on comic fans – and introduced a whole new generation to the series in the process – which is more than worthy of a little fine art recognition.

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Bat Man Poster: Here’s another pairing from the same print series, this time featuring Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016).

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Minimalist Batman Vs Superman Poster: Sweet and simple, two familiar profiles in one clean minimalist print. The printmaker can accommodate any size upon request, but the listed price is for a 13″ x 19″ print.

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Batman & Catwoman Posters: These beautiful watercolor-style prints would look good anywhere. It often proves especially difficult to find tasteful prints featuring Catwoman – and home decor showing this mysterious duo together is even harder to find.

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Batman – Arkham Origins Poster: Gamers and Batman fans alike are sure to appreciate this poster featuring Batman against a backdrop of villains. This poster is sized at 12″ x” 21, not too big but large enough to stand out even in a lavishly decorated game room.

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Justice League Minimalist Style Poster: It’s hard to go wrong with minimalist artwork, and this poster is just perfect for a Pop Art deco style. Plus, if you’re excited about the new long-awaited Justice League films in the making, this poster will keep that anticipation topped up to the max.

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Avengers Minimalist Style Poster: Here’s a similar poster in an even more minimalist style, this time for Marvel fans. This poster reduces each character to only their most recognizable features – easy for longtime fans to identify. The colors are bold and modern, and the price is low enough to serve as decor for a one-off event like a birthday party or perhaps a viewing party for the anticipated 2018 film.

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Wolverine Poster: Featuring official movie poster artwork from the 2013 film, this poster’s distinctive ink wash style is a nod to the film’s setting in Japan. It’s stylish and simple but most of all it’s a must-have for fans of the film or even just the character.

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Superhero Shadows Die Cut: How cute are these? If you’re searching for superhero-themed artwork to hang in a nursery or child’s bedroom, it would be hard to find a more inspiring choice than these incredible die cut prints by Jason Ratliff. Each one is precision cut from thick aluminum and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

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Realistic Superhero Figurines: Kotobukiya is a Japanese figure manufacturer known for quality and attention to detail, easily surpassing anything else in a similar price range. Each officially licensed figure includes a magnetic base for easy display – a great choice for serious collectors. Koto has created figures for each of the most popular Avengers in both classic and modern costume styles.

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Iron Man Bookends: These stylish bookends are made of weighty plate metal stamped into the shape of Iron Man’s profile as he blasts off into the sky. Check out the other options for Hulk and Spider-Man options too.

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Batman Bookends: Encourage kids to read along with Batman with this minimalist pair of black bookends.

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Hulk Mug: This 12 oz. ceramic mug is perfect for people who really need to have their morning coffee before playing nice with others in the morning. When coworkers see the big green fist, they’ll know not to mess with Hulk when he’s angry.

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Iron Man Helmet Night Light: These lights are too cool! The 3D effect is an optical illusion – the panel is actually flat, but the creative geometric wireframe style makes it appear to stand out like a hologram. Change the light color to suit your decor, or smoothly cycle between all seven options with the automatic color change mode.

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Iron Man Night Light: Here’s another version in the same style as the previous light, this time featuring Iron Man’s entire bust. Both models come with USB adaptors so they can plug right into your desk at work or at home.

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Hulk Fist Wall Light: “HULK SMASH!” Kids and adults alike can appreciate useful collectibles like this one. This battery-powered wall light can affix to just about any surface, perfect for use as a bedside lamp or convenient nightlight. The 3D cracked-effect decal completes the package for a more convincing look.

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Thor’s Hammer LED Night Light: Thor’s Hammer Mjolnir is powerful enough to destroy mountains. But in this case, Thor (mercifully) just wanted to redecorate a little. It looks just like any other piece of 3D wall decor in the daytime – nobody would even know that it’s a light until you turn it on.

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Captain America Shield Night Light: One of the most versatile offensive and defensive weapons in the Marvel Universe, Captain America’s shield is truly an icon. This piece provides soft directional light ideal for a nightlight or accent, but it’s not so bright as to keep children awake at night or distract from the screen in a media room.

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Iron Man Hand LED Night Light: Repulsors might be Iron Man’s primary weapon – and a powerful one at that – but they make a wonderful accent light as well. Crafted from the same lightweight plastic as the other superhero lights mentioned previously, this piece is light enough to hold secure with screws or even ordinary sticky tape for easy attachment anywhere.

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Superhero Wall Lights – Iron Man: In addition to the glove, this series also includes a mask light for anyone who wants to go all out with an Iron Man theme. The glove and mask look awesome together!

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Superhero Wall Decal – Avengers Bedroom Wall Mural: Can an accent wall get any cooler than this? This mural kit ships in sturdy strips for easy application. The full size comes to just over 12 feet in width and 8 feet in height but can easily be trimmed to fit a smaller wall.

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Superhero Comforter – Avengers: This comforter features striking full color characters from the Avengers Assemble animated series. The logo even glows in the dark!

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Superhero Rug – Justice League: Classic character logos, bright colors, and super appeal… this large rug is the perfect piece to tie together a superhero themed room. Looped nylon design and strong non-slip backing makes it easy to clean, and the 54″x39″ size is impossible to overlook.

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Superman Bottle Opener Ring: Impress your friends with your super strength by opening bottles with your bare hands! This bottle opener ring is stylish enough on its own, but the party trick potential makes it worth a look. This item would also make a nice gift for the friend who has everything.

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Batman Multi Tool: It may not come close to the incredible array of gadgets that make The Dark Knight so effective at his job, but this handy multi-tool will take you a step closer. This keyring includes a bottle opener and two screwdrivers (Phillips and flathead).

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Batman Power Outlet Sticker (US): Okay, so this is awesome. Electrical outlets are a little boring once you get over the cute surprised face thing, but this simple sticker instantly turns this ubiquitous fixture into the ultimate crime fighter. It’s extremely subtle as far as decor goes but Batman-loving friends are sure to lose it when they finally notice the Caped Crusader as an outlet.

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Beautiful Batman Statue: Rendered in a modern low-poly style, this geometric Batman statue combines fandom and fine art. It’s crafted from ceramic plaster and stands 14 inches tall – simple and stoic but nonetheless impressive.

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Batman Laptop Decals: Available in a huge range of styles and sizes, laptop decals are a great non-permanent way to make an impression at work or school. While the light-up Apple logo makes these decals even cooler, many would look just as good on any other type of laptop or appropriately sized device. Don’t forget to consider other flat surfaces like phone cases, mirrors, and car windows!

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App Controlled Bat Mobile: Now THIS is the ultimate toy for superhero fans. This rugged RC recreates the speed, sounds, and lights of the Tumbler Batmobile as it appeared in Batman Begins.

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Captain America Wall Clock: This small plastic wall clock is just the right size to go near a desk, in a kid’s room, or inside of a collector’s curio cabinet.

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Captain America Waffle Maker: Are you looking for a housewarming gift but want to make absolutely sure it’s something the recipient doesn’t already own? This waffle maker is the ticket. It makes a single round waffle with the standard grid pattern on one side and imprints the design of the Cap’s shield on the other side.

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Superhero Cookie Cutters: Goodies from these delightful Avengers cookie cutters would bring a happy smile to any fan’s face.

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Batman Bathroom Set: Deck up your bathroom with this 12 piece set that includes bath & hand towels, wash cloths, wastebasket, toothbrush holder & soap dispenser.

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Superhero Shower Curtain: Get the best of both the comic universes in this one cool shower curtain!

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