Do you love a newsletter? For the past many months, I’ve been sending my newsletter, The Stitch, on a weekly basis. Each edition of it features embroidery and fiber art that I can’t get enough of. (Subscribe here!) The newsletters often revolve around a loose theme, one of which was about thread—specifically thread with an organizational flair.

Like many of us, I suspect, I am comforted by things organized neatly. Embroidery floss is one of my favorite things to see meticulously arranged in storage bins and on clothespins. It’s aspirational but also feels attainable. Plus, it’s always interesting to see how people choose to group the hues of thread. I am someone who organizes my thread by the DMC floss number, while others prefer to pair similar hues together, no matter how far apart they are in numbers.

Scroll down for some soothing photos of thread organized neatly.

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