Who ever thought that living like the Jetson’s is slowly becoming our immediate present, with all the smart home technology available in the market. In fact, simply buying a Sony 65-inch TV from Harvey Norman makes you one step closer to having the house of tomorrow just considering its chromecast and screen mirroring features.

Indeed, technology for our house is becoming even more convenient and smarter than ever. If you used to worry about dividing your time between managing utilities, taking care of your kids, and dividing the house chores, you wouldn’t have to stress over it with these gadgets.

To help you start turning your house into a smart home, here are some of the tech you should get first.

Smart TV

Other than the Ultra HD resolution that allows you to view every intricate detail of a show or film you’re watching, smart TVs like the Sony 65-inch x8500e also comes with chromecast and mirroring features. These will enable you to mirror your mobile or tablet content on your television. For instance, if you want to show the whole family a video of your child’s dance recital, you can just use the TV’s casting feature.

More than that, you can connect to Internet using your TV. Stream your videos on Youtube, Netflix, or Hulu without the hassle of opening up an app on your phone or computer. Some smart TVs also come with a virtual assistant, literally giving you your own AI help.

Smart doorbell

We’ve all experienced having neighbours who are too comfortable with us that they decide to drop-in all willy-nilly whenever they want. However, if you’re particular about who you want to invite in your house, then a smart doorbell like the Nest Hello Doorbell is right for you.

It comes with a video camera which sends a live feed to your phone so you can check who is at your door. But its most exciting feature is the built-in microphone and speaker so you can talk to whoever rang your doorbell, even if you’re not at home.

Intelligent room heating

If you live in a country where the heat can be unbearable, but the cold even more so, then an intelligent room heating like Bediator should be installed in your home.

Apart from giving you the ideal room temperature during those bitter winter nights, it is also energy efficient. So you can use it for long hours at a time without worrying about a surge in your electric bills. At the same time, it turns into a bed with one flip of a switch. Its LED screen also display the current date and room temperature so for easy monitoring.

Door and window sensors

One of our worst fears are intruders, which is why we usually put out all the stops to make sure that our house remains safe and secure for everyone in the family. For this reason, the most helpful tool to have is the Z-Wave wireless automation.

Their window and door sensor picks up any intrusive activity. It can also send you text messages and emails whenever activity is detected, and if the doors are indeed safely locked, so that you can monitor the house remotely.

Other than the Roomba (which is a great cleaning tool, by the way), make sure you get these smart technology for your home and make maintenance and upkeep easier for you and your family.

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