Working on crochet jewelry mostly composed of flowers, leaves me with a large amount of very small yarn balls. I am talking about tiny balls less than 10 grams. These, as you can imagine, are very difficult to store, so a practical solution that works wonders for me is to store them in glass bottles and jars. That way I always know what colors I have available at hand. 

I store slightly large balls and cakes in wicker baskets I have in several sizes and this cute bamboo chest above I got from my mom.

Looking for ideas on the internet I found this image posted by Shelley of yarn-filled trays  placed one of top of the other and I just love it! This looks like a huge space-saver.

Wool Free also loves to use jars, but she has her sorted out by colors, while Kristin repurposes egg cartons to stash away her yarn balls. 


How do you store your small yarn balls?