I’ve recently been getting into sewing more Activewear. It’s something that has happened organically in my career. Perhaps it’s because I’m a runner or the boom in athleisure wear. I’ve found as I’m sewing more active apparel there isn’t much information on the topic. So I wanted to start creating more content on sewing Activewear for those interested in it like myself. As I’ve been learning, it’s not the easiest to create at times. When fit, support, and comfort all play a role, but also fabric like spandex can be tricky to sew with. It’s also essential to use the right supplies from Dritz and techniques to produce quality Activewear. So let’s start with a basic sports bra, which is a wardrobe essential. Get the full tutorial below and make your own. 
For the cycling shorts which can work as a Capri or make the hem shorter for a spandex short go here.


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