Persimmon April color of the month

As a neutral-obsessed person, I am generally much more attracted to subdued cool tones than bright, warm shades. Lion Brand’s color of the month for April, however, may have me changing my tune. The firey welcoming mood that is captured in the persimmon color family has me so excited for burning summer sunsets and backyard bonfires. On a recent trip to New Mexico, I also fell in love with the hints of coral and clay popular in the art, homes, and style of this beautiful state. Until April 19, all of these yummy yarns are up to 30% off, so make sure to grab your favorites in time!

I’m happy to report that two of my kits – the Shades of Indigo Poncho and the Swallowtail Cardigan – are also part of the promo, as well as some of my favorite kits from fellow bloggers. Read on below to see my picks for kits and the full range of yarns available on sale.

Shades of Indigo Poncho

It’s been a little over a year since I released the Shades of Indigo Poncho design, and it’s still one of my favorites. In my opinion, it’s the pops of Jeans Topstitch in the form of patchwork and bobbles that really makes the piece.

Swallowtail Cardigan

The Swallowtail Cardigan was my first (and so far only) design using the ever popular Mandala yarn. I love the sunset effect created with this colorway and I can’t wait to try other colors in the Mandala family.

All About Ami Star Stitch Purse.jpg

All About Ami’s Star Stitch Purse is a great example of how to incorporate a pop of persimmon without having to make a bold statement. This chic purse design is elegant and stylish with just a touch of quirk and personality.

Hopeful Honey Cinnamon Roll Pullover.jpg

There is something delicate and effortless about Hopeful Honey’s Cinnamon Roll Pullover, and I love the way she’s paired the somewhat bold Jeans Topstitch color with an otherwise neutral outfit. This is my favorite way to incorporate the persimmon shades.

Make and Do Crew Warm Welcome Blanket.jpg

I’ve adored Make and Do Crew’s Warm Welcome blanket since the moment I saw teases of it on her instagram feed. I absolutely love the colors and juxtaposition of them in this charming baby blanket!

One Dog Woof Adirondack Wrap.jpg

I’m always blown away with One Dog Woof’s ability to design mathematic, angular designs that are so interesting yet wearable and tasteful. The Adirondack Wrap is no exception, and the way the Mandala colors travel with the angles of this piece is so striking.

How would you incorporate persimmon into a future project? Have a look at the color possibilities below and drop a note in the comments with your ideas!

247 Cotton Camel.jpg

247 Cotton Tangerine.jpg

Baby Soft Apricot.jpg

Baby Soft Boucle Coral.jpg

Cotton Bamboo Persimmon.jpg

Feels Like Butta Orange.jpg

Homespun Candy Apple.jpg

Homespun Corinthian.jpg

Hometown USA Fort Lauderdale Coral.jpg

Hometown USA Syracuse Orange.jpg

Hometown USA Tampa Spice.jpg

Jeans Topstitch.jpg

Landscapes Bazaar.jpg

Landscapes Coral Reef.jpg

London Kaye Highlighter.jpg

London Kaye Lipstick.jpg

Mandala Centaur.jpg

New Basic Pumpkin.jpg

Shawl in a Ball Restful Rainbow.jpg

Shawl in a Ball Zen Azalea.jpg

Superwash Merino Coral.jpg

Superwash Merino Persimmon.jpg

Vannas Choice Terracotta.jpg

Wool Ease Thick and Quick Pumpkin.jpg

Wool Ease Thick and Quick Spice.jpg

Woolspun Tomato.jpg

The full list of yarns on sale is as follows:

24/7 Cotton Camel
24/7 Cotton Tangerine
Baby Soft Apricot
Baby Soft Boucle Coral
Cotton Bamboo Persimmon
Feels Like Butta Orange
Homespun Candy Apple
Homespun Corinthian
Hometown USA Fort Lauderdale Coral
Hometown USA Syracuse Orange
Hometown USA Tampa Spice
Jeans Topstitch
Landscapes Bazaar
Landscapes Coral Reef
London Kaye Highlighter
London Kaye Lipstick
Mandala Centaur
New Basic Pumpkin
Shawl in a Ball Restful Rainbow
Shawl in a Ball Zen Azalea
Superwash Merino Coral
Superwash Merino Persimmon
Vanna’s Choice Terracotta
Wool Ease Thick and Quick Pumpkin
Wool Ease Thick and Quick Spice
Woolspun Tomato

Check back next month’s for May’s color and all of the beauties that come along with it! 



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