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Knit yourself a quick cowl that doubles as a hood - a snood! The Checked Snood is a colorful, geometric knitting pattern that uses 3 colors of Berroco Brielle to create a stunning, versatile accessory you'll wear from fall to spring. Bonus: it's a free pattern!

Pictured knitwear: Checked Snood

It’s so funny. I just re-read my last two blog posts, the ones where I asked for your input in the 2018 reader survey and discussed plans for 2019. In those posts, particularly the second, I feel like I sound so confident. Like this 30-something chick who is her own boss and can, again, with total confidence run around and do things like try new, scary things with her creative career and business without a care in the world. Before we dive into survey results and pie charts, I think it’s important for me to emphasize something: I’m not that confident girlboss that has everything together. Some days, I’m just listening to my gut, speaking from my heart, and faking it til I make it. On those days, even I can sound like I totally know what I’m doing (because I’m convincing myself I can). So if you’re reading this blog and think I’ve got it all sorted out, I assure you I don’t, but I’m trying my best. And you can too.

Ok, good talk! On to the pie charts! 😉

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2018 Reader Survey Results!

2018 Hands Occupied Blog Reader Survey Results

What crafts do you do?

For this question, you could select from the following: knitting, crochet, latch hook, punch needle, macrame, weaving, sewing, [other].

Here’s what y’all get up to: knitting 93%, crochet 61%, latch hook 8%, punch needle 5%, macrame 6%, weaving 11%, sewing 46%. 

Most common [other] responses: cross stitch, embroidery, spinning, painting, quilting, & jewelry.

The preceding numbers indicate what percentage of survey respondents listed as the crafts they do.

2018 Hands Occupied Blog Reader Survey Results

How much do you think a knitting or crochet pattern should cost and why?

Good on you, folks! Those who have the means to support indie designers tended to agree that $5-10 was a reasonable range for independently-produced patterns. To you, I say, “Muah! Muah! Thank you!”

2018 Hands Occupied Blog Reader Survey Results

If you’ve purchased a Hands Occupied pattern, where did you purchase it?

No surprises here! Ravelry 74%, Craftsy 5%, LoveCrafts 13%, Hands Occupied Shop 14% 

Do you want to see non-knitting or crochet content on the Hands Occupied Blog? (For instance, last summer’s latch hook tutorial series.) If so, what?

yes 63% / no 29% / neutral 8%

Do you listen to the Very Serious Crafts Podcast? (Heidi co-hosts this bi-weekly podcast with two other craft designers.) If yes, could you share some feedback? If not, what would make you listen?

I’ve definitely got some educating to do here! 1. Only 5% of respondents reported listening to the podcast, and lots of people didn’t realize it existed. It’s a newer project from 2018 that I’d worried about spamming you folks with. I have learned I can do a much better of communicating about Very Serious Crafts in the future thanks to this survey!

2. Speaking of communicating about the podcast, lots of you expressed an interest in listening, but weren’t sure how. Since many are interested in giving Very Serious Crafts a try, I definitely think some kind of tutorial is in order. Stay tuned!

2018 Hands Occupied Blog Reader Survey Results

If you’ve participated in a Read Along, which one was it, and what did you like and dislike about it? What do you think would improve the Read Alongs?

I LOVED everything you all had to say about the Read Alongs! Here are some of the highlights:

  • interested in seeing more discussion from more folks in the Ravelry Group
  • would love to see Instagram discussions next time! (I spend more time on Insta.)
  • Always wanted to make socks. The read along was incredibly helpful, I never felt overwhelmed.
  • It was so much fun to read and knit at the same time, it would have been nice to have a few more people on Instagram taking part as that’s the one I use the most
  • maybe a day/time when the discussion is more live each week, for Q&A on the project and the book? With like a book piece you know we’re going to talk about (Part I and Clue 1-2 live at 2p on Sunday) or something?
  • great book and fun pattern – not too involved or spendy
  • The first one and I thought that it was wonderful. What a great idea being able to read (hear) a book and keep your eyes on your knitting. I love to read (at least 1 if not 2 British detective & mysteries a week) and I love to knit so you solved that predicament but Amazon’s charge for the audio service and the books are not always available on audio are the only drawbacks. Definitely a great idea.

I have a million more questions, but your time is precious! The space below is a great place to let me know any other ideas, feedback, gripes, encouragement, etc. you may have. Thank you so much!

For this last question, some of the responses were personal, so I’ll leave those between us. But to put a bow on this trilogy of turn-of-year posts, I just wanted to say thank you. Genuinely, thank you to each and every one of you who took the time to fill out the survey, leave kind words, and maybe most especially those who found a way to say something that connected with me in a legitimate way!

Some favorite feedback (or common feedback), plus hints about more to come: 

  • Criticism that was truly constructive (and somehow worded so kindly that I was like, “challenge accepted!” and not “I better quit this crafting thing, eh?”)
    • In particular, I hear the chorus of folks who want to see macrame and weaving (random coincidence or trend alert? Time will tell!). And I really hear the knitters who want to see even more knitting in the coming year. Consider yourselves heard. 😉 
  • The folks that said variations on, “Hey, I don’t know you, but I’m glad you exist!” really made my day. More than once!
  • To avoid bias, I made a point to look at all of the survey feedback blind to the author. I want to give a special shout out to the lovely soul who wrote, “I thought latch hook was goofy until your series and now I kind of want to try. Anything can be interesting if the person presenting it is passionate about it. If something strikes you, I’d love to see content about it.” I think you get what I’m all about, friend!

Giveaway winner!

Congratulations to M! You were randomly selected to win the $75 gift certificate for KnitPicks. Details are in your inbox!

2018 Hands Occupied Blog Reader Survey Results