Primula an amazing colorful flower for great home and garden decoration

From the few blooming ornamentals flowers in the winter, flowering of the Primula begins in February and lasts for some varieties until June and besides the colorful flowers, ornamental value is the foliage with dark green embossed side and “velvety” texture large leaves .

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It is a perennial plant, although after the end of its flowering and throughout the summer, the shoots are still lonely and begin to fill again with leaves and buds towards the end of autumn.

It belongs to the most suitable plants for planting in small and shallow planting pots, since its growth is limited and can reach up to 20-30 cm at the height and side-by-side, depending on the variety.
Hybrid varieties are too numerous and vary in both flower-size and color, covering the full spectrum of hues in pink, purple red, yellow, orange, with more striking two-color or three-color flowers.

Just because of their small growth very beautiful are the different variety and hues plants in small pots, casks, baskets etc. placed together in the same place, as well as combined with higher and larger plants in the same flower pot.

In addition to flower pots, it can of course be planted directly on the ground to create edgings or to decorate low flower beds in gardens.

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Primula does not need any special care as long as you can ensure a semi-clear position without direct exposure to the intense sun and water it regularly. He especially loves the cool environment and needs a lot of water and moisture but also good drainage, so it is preferable not to use a saucer in the pot or never to leave a quantity of water in it that will result in the roots rotting gradually. The wetting of the leaves is also something that does not favors it, so water with a watering can and the more carefully so that the water remains exclusively in the soil around the roots.

A general fertilizer for flowering, in liquid form will further enhance its intense flowering.


















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