Creating the perfect home décor is the dream of most people. Some prefer to hire the services of a professional while others go the DIY route. But one thing cuts across every home design – a message. The way you order your furniture, designs and colours have a lot to say about your personality.

If you are like me, an ardent lover of colours and different designs, then you’d love to decorate your home in an eclectic way. But if you a more conservative type, then a lot of solid colours and perfectly matched furniture will work for you.

So, for people like me with a crazy personality, eclectic means deriving ideas from different sources. It is a mixture of traditional, modern, antique and handcrafted items to create a unique design.

The use of contrasting items to achieve the perfect look may seem very easy but it’s often an uphill task. Sometimes, it’d come out looking great. Other times it’s just a great mess.

The fact that anything goes in an eclectic design doesn’t mean you just throw in stuff together. You have to be purposeful and deliberate about what you want to achieve. So if you love the look but are unable to achieve it, keep these tips in mind:


This is a major cause of design failure. Mixing the wrong colours in your home can cause a disaster. As much as being eclectic means using different colours in this context, they just have to match to avoid hurting the eyes. Getting the right colours for your home is not difficult. There are just certain things to note before choosing your colours.

First, you need to paint your background with a neutral colour. Once the background is set, you can blend couple of colours to suit it. Also it is important to always include a bright colour in your design. This way, your room doesn’t look dull and cluttered.


Using different furniture in your eclectic decor always work. You can use furniture from different period and countries and still nail the awesome look.

But you still have to be cautious. Avoid using too many colours and patterns. Try to be consistent and keep your patterns similar. Always go for contrasting colours for your finishing. Also try to repeat furniture and colours. And don’t go all in by using different colours for every furniture piece.

For your throw pillows, you can use handmade or patterns – but they should flow together. Avoid using dull colours only. Table pads should match with whatever finishing you use.  You can check out Sentry to get the best colours and textures for your table pads.


According to Lisa Koehler “The correct placement of a rug depends on how big the room is and what sofa configuration you have. It’s really important to get the balance right.”

It is imperative to aim for symmetry when placing your rugs. Do not place a rug in such a way that the distance between one part of the rug to the wall is 15cm while the other is 20cm. Also, when there are two sofas, align the rug to be symmetrical.

Rugs are used as buffers for tables. You can use them to sector spaces especially in an open planned area. When using patterned rugs, avoid using furniture that will contrast with the rugs. Usually, solid coloured cushions go with patterned rugs.

But if you absolutely have to use a patterned rug with patterned cushions, the size of the patterns should be considered. The rugs should have the bigger pattern size and designs while your cushion’s should be smaller.


The importance of lighting in home decoration is usually overlooked. But it plays a crucial part in giving your home the picture-perfect look. Whether it’s the natural light rays from the sun or floors, table or ceiling lamps, the right placement matters.

Each room has its own unique lighting, so play it down. As much you try to give your house an eclectic feel, there are certain spots and areas where the lighting should be extra great. Areas like the stairways and hallways need the best lightning for safety.

And if you have kids, keep your lightings as far away from them as possible.

Kitchen space

This is one of the best rooms to show off your design instincts and skills. You can either make it or ruin it. There’s no middle ground here. So to get the perfect look, you can go bold, bright or charming. A mixture of traditional wooden drawers with modern electric appliances never goes wrong.

Also remember, space is very important in your kitchen. You don’t want to bump into things while cooking. Safety is very key.  Bear in mind also that colours can also contrast in the kitchen. And like the furniture in other rooms, there should be a repetition of certain patterns and colours to even out the room tone.

Paintings and wall decors

One of the major features of an eclectic room is the wall decoration. The use of paintings, carcasses of dead animals and other exciting art has been in place for centuries past. It’s very rare to go wrong with wall decorations.

Although in the case of paintings, hanging them in the wrong place can kill the vibe in the room. Be strategic in hanging decors. Some wall hangings need light to illuminate their beauty. Ensure to hang them close to a source of light.


This is one essence of beauty that cuts across every home décor. Placing your flowers by the windows allows for growth as they require sunlight and water. Do not forget to water them every day. Also when choosing flower vases, consider the furniture patterns to avoid mismatch. You can also go for artificial flowers if you do not have the time to care for the natural ones.

So, for your eclectic décor, a lot of patterns and designs work. But it is important for you to strive for one thing – balance. This way you send out the beauty message you want to; and not a mess.


photo via apartmenttheraphy

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